Dues Increase & State of the Union

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Dues Increase &

State of the Union
Dear Member,

First, let me get the tough news out of the way. Effective March 1st, we are raising monthly dues by five percent (5%).

I know a dues increase in never palatable, particularly in this difficult economic time. Actually, inflation in golf industry expenses ran nearly 7% in 2008. Increases in food, fertilizer, chemical, and gas costs were quite alarming. The dues increase helps us keep up with most of these increased costs and enables us to offer you the same great club experiences you enjoyed last year - at a time when most clubs in the area are dramatically cutting back on member service, activities, and course maintenance.

With the dues increase, Alpharetta Athletic Club remains the most affordable first class private club in North Atlanta. All the other clubs comparable to AAC charge at least twice as much. It is this tremendous value that keeps your club healthy and moving forward when everyone else is taking big steps backward.

Speaking of changes, we have two major improvement projects underway. At the West course, the new Junior Olympic Pool is under construction and should be open in time for the swim season. Even more exciting is the Ping Fitting Center also under construction at the East. It will be a state-of-the-art fitting center – one of the best in the country – and will include high tech cameras, launch monitors, fitting software, and a Ping museum. In fact, this is a joint venture with Ping and represents their first fitting center of this magnitude outside the Ping factory in Phoenix. We are trying to find a date for the grand opening in early June when PGA Tour player Bubba Watson can attend along with Ping CEO and owner, John Solheim. More news and dates to follow.

The merger of the two clubs one year ago has been a big success. Integration of the various groups and golf associations is nearly complete. The old Crooked Creek and Alpharetta Country Club names are fading from local vernacular as we are become known as Alpharetta Athletic Club. Thank you for your patience as last year as we married these two great clubs together.

Please know Alpharetta Athletic Club remains healthy and in a good position to tackle this recession and while continuing to offer you a great club experience.

Thank you.

Tom Ridge

General Manger

P.S. If you don’t know what is happening at the club, then we don’t have your email. Please send it to Ms. Betty Smith at betty.smith@alpharettaac.com.

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