Dunham lost Civilization: Aegean, Legacy of Atlantis

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NAME: ____________________ WORLD HISTORY

PERIOD: ___________________ MR. DUNHAM

Lost Civilization: Aegean, Legacy of Atlantis
1. The island of Thera, which was destroyed by an earthquake, may have been the origin of the myth of ____________________________.

2. The island was destroyed when the people became ____________________________.

3. Thera (now called Santorini) was in the _________________________ Sea.

4. _________________________is the source of many myths; he wrote the Odyssey and the Iliad.

5. Helen of Troy had ‘the ______________ that launched a 1000 ships.”

6. The Greeks got into the city of Troy by using a ______________________________.

7. Heinrick Schlieman searched far and wide in Turkey for ______________________.

8. Agamemnon was the king of Mycenae. When he returned home, he was _______________ by ______________________ and _______________________.

9. Schlieman found __________________ and ___________________. He thought the mask must have belonged to _______________________________.

10. On the isle of Lesbos, a ______________________ is sacrificed. It is the symbol of _____________________________. It is based on ancient ____________________.

11. Minos demanded ________________from his subjects. He would send children into the underground labyrinth. Who broke the tradition? _________________ How? ___________


12. In 1883, Arthur Evans was looking for seal stones in Athens. The Greeks sent him to ______________________. Those local women sent Evans to ____________________.

13. He found a ________________________ and a _____________________. It was build around ______________________.

14. What were the subjects of the frescoes?
15. What was the athletic event involving bulls?
16. What kind of life did the Minoans seem to lead?
17. What makes the scientist think that Knossos might have been Atlantis?
19. What famous Greek philosopher described Atlantis?
20. The hole left by the explosion on Thera was about as big as ___________________.

21. The explosion took place in _________________.

22. Evidence of the explosion has been found in which other civilizations?
23. What was unusual about the homes discovered on Thera?
24. What civilization ultimately conquered the Minoans?

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