Durable Function

verify that always on is enabled

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verify that always on is enabled

  • modify the trigger to use signalIR trigger

  • ensure that the function has a retry configured

  • modify the trigger to use consumption mode instead of app Service plan

    You are developing an application that uses several Azure functions the functions use authenticated HTTP triggers you need to ensure that you can revoke access to a single function as needed. Which authorization level value should you use?

    1. Function

    2. anonymous

    3. admin

    4. master

    You are developing a workflow that uses Azure durable functions. the functions use the built in HTTP API's to start and monitor and orchestration. which HTTP response code indicates that orchestration is still in progress?

    1. 200

    2. 202

    3. 400

    4. 500

    You are developing an Azure function that must run whenever a change is made to resources within an subscription. which type of trigger should you use?

    1. BLOB storage

    2. event grid

    3. table storage

    4. service bus

    You are designing a web application to manage user satisfaction surveys. The number of questions that a survey includes is variable. application user must be able to display results for a survey as quickly as possible. user must also be able to quickly compute statistical measures including average values across various grouping of answers. which Azure cosmos DB API should you use for the application?

    1. Core

    2. mongo DB

    3. gremlin

    4. table API

    you are developing a service that stores sensors regarding for an earthquake detection network. when a sensor registers activity that indicates a possible earthquake, the service must analyze all other sensor reading within a specified distance from the initial sensor reading. which Azure cosmos DB API should you use for the service?

    1. Core

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