Durable Function

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Durable Function:
You plan to create an Azure durable function to manage an online subscription process. the process must call an external API to perform an action. which type of Azure durable function should you use?

  1. Client

  2. Orchestrator

  3. Activity

  4. Triggered

you are developing an Azure function that should run every two hours. which type of expression should you include in the function trigger?

  1. Cron

  2. csharp date time

  3. ticks

  4. ISO 8601

you are developing an Azure function that runs whenever a PNG image is uploaded to an Azure BLOB storage containers named images. which code segment should you include in the Azure function trigger?

  1. BlobTrigger(“images/(name)”);

  2. BlobTrigger(“images/*name*”);

  3. BlobTrigger(“images/(name).png”);

  4. BlobTrigger(“images/*name*.png”);

You are developing a web app that uses Azure durable functions. the app will allow users to create images for use on social media. user upload images of themselves and then the app will superimpose the uploaded images on up to 20 different background images. you need to develop a app. which pattern should you use?

  1. function chaining

  2. fan out fan in

  3. monitor

  4. human interaction

You are developing an Azure durable function to manage and online shopping process. you use an external API to query for current promotions. the API returns a work item GUID that represents the query. query result can take upwards of five minutes to appear. you need to periodically check for every result while minimizing Azure cost. what should you do?

  1. configure a timer in the function that returns on the caller thread

  2. configure a timer in function that returns on a different thread

  3. use the durable function SDK to create a timer

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