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Interaction Desktop (framework)

Printable Help

Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC)

2016 R3

Last updated March 15, 2016


This document is a printable version of the Interaction Desktop framework online help. It explains the Interaction Desktop interface. Online help is available within Interaction Desktop by selecting Getting Started or CIC Client from the Help menu.

Table of Contents

Interaction Desktop (framework) 1

Abstract 1

Interaction Desktop 1

Get started with Interaction Desktop 1

Feedback, support, and other information 1

What’s new in Interaction Desktop 2

Copyright and Trademark Information 3

Log on, log off, or exit 4

Log on 4

Log on to a secure system 4

Log on automatically 5

Select a profile and log on 5

Select a language 6

Logon profiles 7

Logon connection settings 7

Logon options 10

Logon dialog box 10

Single sign-on 11

Command-line parameters 11

Remote logon 12

Answer the first call to a remote location 13

Call from a remote location 13

Remote station types 14

Interaction Desktop and remote locations 15

Log off 15

Exit 15

Change station 16

Change password 16

Password Policies 16

Interface basics 17

Interaction Desktop interface 17

Menus 19

Quick Keys 20

Modules 21

Module licensing 21

View modules and licensing 22

Toolbars 22

Show or hide a toolbar 23

Navigation pane 24

Dock the Navigation pane 24

Minimize the Navigation pane 24

Hide the Navigation pane 24

Automatically hide the Navigation pane 25

Workspaces 25

Create a custom workspace 26

Delete a custom workspace 27

Display a workspace in full screen mode 27

End full screen mode 27

Start a workspace slide show 27

Workspace tabs 28

Change tab order in the Workspaces pane 28

Views 29

Add a view to a workspace 29

Add or remove view columns 31

Close a view 31

Rename a view 32

Customize views 32

Arrange views 32

Docking architecture 32

Arrange views in a workspace 34

Display a view in a floating window 34

Create groups of views 34

Resize a view 35

Index 37

Interaction Desktop

Get started with Interaction Desktop

Important: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) supports several interaction management client applications. This documentation uses the term "CIC client" to refer to these applications, which include Interaction Connect, Interaction Desktop, and Interaction Client Web Edition. The full product name appears at the top of each help topic. The full product name may also be used in a help topic when necessary to distinguish between CIC clients.

Interaction Desktop provides a user interface for easy access to the features of application modules such as the CIC client. For help with a specific area within a Workspace, click anywhere in the Workspace and press F1. For help with CIC client, from the Help menu, select Interaction Client.

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Interaction Desktop interface

Log on



Navigation pane




CIC 2016 R3, March 15,2016

Feedback, support, and other information

Options on the Interaction Desktop Help menu enable you to learn more about Interactive Intelligence products and promote or share ideas about Interactive Intelligence software. You can also access technical support or submit feedback about bugs and enhancement requests.

Note: You must have Internet access to visit the Interactive Intelligence website or submit feedback.

Interactive Intelligence home page

To visit the Interactive Intelligence home page, do one of the following:

  • Go to

  • Click Help > Interactive Intelligence > Home.

Interactive Intelligence technical support website

To access the Interactive Intelligence technical support website, do one of the following:

Note: Log on to this site before accessing technical support.

  • Go to

  • Click Help > Interactive Intelligence > Support.

  • Click Help > About Interaction Desktop, then in the About - Interaction Desktop dialog box, click the Support link.

Interactive Community

Interactive Community is a free and public service provided by Interactive Intelligence to promote an online community devoted to the sharing of ideas and information regarding Interactive Intelligence software. To visit the Interactive Intelligence Interactive Community, do one of the following:

  • Go to

  • Click Help > Interactive Intelligence > Community.

  • Click Help > About Interaction Desktop, then in the About - Interaction Desktop dialog box, click the Community link.

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