Dying, Dying World

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Dying, Dying World

We're the children of a crumbling world

You're the son of an always cocked gun

Heavy in your pocket, like the fear you hide in your chest

that you masked as anger, always one second away from exploding

and your face looks like it's

counting down a rocket

I am the daughter of a disaster

Nightmares hidden between too much make up

So no one can see

How my eyes are always dark

and my heart's even darker

Our song is one of those drunken fights

When we pour our hearts

Between hate words and hurt

that's slowly tearing us apart

Because we know no other way

To face who we really are

Without losing who we thought we are

We're the children

of the end of the world

Of panic attacks in the kitchen floor

And bruises from our father and hate from our mother

Of hiding in too wide and mocking smiles

And pretty instagram posts, while we scream because no one can see how painful everything is

We're the children of a dying world

And little do we know

We are also dying along with it

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