Eastern regional coal archives

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Accession List

Craft Memorial Library

600 Commerce Street

Bluefield, WV 24701

(304) 325-3943


Accession List

81-1 Randel Bond 20 ft.

Records and photographs of the Pocahontas Operators Association, 1880-1950.

81-2 Maxine Hornick 1 ft.

Tonnage and royalty payment ledger books from the Crozer Coal and Land Company, 1888-1957.

81-3 C.R. Davis 1 ft.

Oil portrait of John J. Lincoln, coal operator at Crozer Coal and Land Company, Elkhorn, West Virginia.

81-4 Mrs. L. E. Tierney, Jr. 2 ft.

Manuscript materials and photographs of the Tierney family, coal operators of Powhatan Coal & Coke Company, 1884-1970.

81-5 Charles F. Brooks 10 ft.

Sales Catalogues from Superior Supply Company, Superior-Sterling Company, and photograph of N&W electric locomotive.

82-6 Lena French 1 ft.

Civil War correspondence, Concord College publications, legal papers of D.E. French.

82-7 Steve Tobias 2 ft.

Aerial photograph of Welch, West Virginia, ca: 1950.

82-8 John E. Biggs 5 ft.

Photographs of Norfolk & Western #607 J model locomotive, New River, 1950; Amonate coal tipple, 1950.

82-9 Mrs. Charles F. Brooks 2 ft.

Historical materials from Superior-Sterling Company, photograph of Eckman, West Virginia 1922, map of southern West Virginia coal mining operations.

86-10 W.E. Smith 6 in.

Payroll records of Lake Superior Coal Company, Superior, West Virginia, 1941; UMWA Journal, 1949-1959; other scattered issues.

86-11 Various donors 3 ft.

Oral History Collection of cassette tapes, collected at various times and locations.

86-12 Luella Dye 16 ft.

City Directories of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1897-present.
86-13 Charles F. Brooks 2 ft.

Historical materials, clippings, publications, and photographs of Charles F. Brooks, president of Superior-Sterling Supply Company, and collector of Pocahontas Coalfield memorabilia. Subjects included are Norfolk & Western Railway, Pocahontas Operators Association, Virginian Railroad, Pocahontas, Virginia, McComas, West Virginia.

86-14 Southern Virginias Coal Association 1 ft.

Administrative and financial records of the Southern Virginias Coal Association, 1970-1975.

86-15 Pocahontas Coalfield Centennial Celebration 6 ft.

Administrative and financial records of the 1983 Pocahontas Coalfield Centennial Celebration.

86-17 Robert H. Moore, Jr. 3 in.

Bound ledger book from company store of J.E. Hale, Freeman, West Virginia, 1901-1907.

86-18 W.W. Hoskins 2 ft.

Scrapbooks of Bluefield, West Virginia clippings, 1978-present.

86-19 William Z. Maratta 7 ft.

Records of William Z. Maratta, Director of Plans and Development for the Pocahontas Fuel Company, 1940-1974.

86-20 WVVA-Television 1 ft.

Videotapes of six thirty-minute programs produced by the station during the 1983 Pocahontas Coalfield Centennial Celebration. Subjects include Pocahontas, Virginia; Bramwell, West Virginia; Coalwood and Caretta, West Virginia.

86-21 James R. Shanklin 6 in.

Photographs and memorabilia of company doctor, in Gary, West Virginia, 1908-1930, including company baseball materials.

86-22 George W. Gilliam 6 in.

Photographs of Pocahontas, Virginia, 1913-1919.

86-23 Alfred E. Garrett 1 in.

Ten dollar bill, 1917, issued by Bluefield National Bank.

86-24 Joseph Hundley 6 in.

Correspondence between Thomas Felts and James Elwood Jones, 1908; UMWA memorabilia, and miscellaneous coalfield memorabilia.
86-25 Eugenia Hancock 6 in.

Coal company scrip collection, 1919-1951.

86-26 Edward C. Page, Jr. 3 in.

Records and annual reports from Crozer Coal & Land Company, Page Coal & Coke Company, thesis on geology of Pocahontas Coalfield.

86-27 H.D. White 2 ft.

Framed photographs of Norfolk & Western railroad accidents, 1916.

86-28 the archivist 15 ft.

Clipping files, containing secondary materials on many regional communities, companies, and subjects. Subject list is available in control folder.

86-29 Lane Murphy 1 in.

Photographs of Upland, West Virginia, 1908-1912.

87-30 James L. Foster 6 in.

Records of Bluefield Sanitarium hospital, 1921-1960.

87-31 W.A. Wolfe 2 ft.

Records, photographs, memorabilia, of Norfolk & Western railroad, 1908-1980.

87-32 Henry F. Warden 1 ft.

Personal papers and photographs of Henry F. Warden, coal operator of Mill Creek Coal & Coke, American Coal Company, Atwater, Pocahontas Fuel Company, and mayor of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1913-1956.

87-33 David E. Johnston 2 ft.

Papers of David E. Johnston, attorney, judge, and author. Subjects include Flat Top Land Association, miscellaneous legal papers and land transaction deeds, 1889-1908.

87-34 Helen Steele 3 in.

Photographs of Northfork, and Keystone, West Virginia, 1901-1907.

87-35 Pocahontas Land Corporation 20 ft.

Photographs, records, letter-press books, correspondence, maps, and other files of the Pocahontas Land Corporation, 1885-present.

87-36 Bluefield Daily Telegraph 20 ft.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph newspaper, hard copy and microfilm dates vary, 1896-present.
87-37 Mrs. Paul Miller 2 ft.

Photographs of Maybeury, Barlow, and Bottom Creek, West Virginia, and Boissevain, Virginia.

87-38 Bernard Wills 3 ft.

Photographs and scrapbook albums of Bluefield, West Virginia sign painter, 1930-1980.

87-39 William Y. Cooper 3 ft.

Photographs and memorabilia of John Cooper, and family, coal operators of Mill Creek Coal & Coke Company, Bramwell, West Virginia, and McDowell, West Virginia, 1884-1930.

87-40 Roland Luther 1 ft.

Photographs and memorabilia of Luther family, coal operators of Peerless Coal & Coke Company, Vivian, West Virginia, 1898-1940.

87-41 R.W. Wilkinson 8 ft.

Historical material and records of First National Bank of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1891-present, including Bank of Bramwell, West Virginia.

87-42 M.T. Mooney 1 in.

Photographs of Gilliam and Roanoke, West Virginia, 1919-1925.

87-43 Gayle Hicks 2 in.

A collection of coal company stickers, 1970-1980.

87-44 James A. McQuail 1 ft.

Photocopy of deeds and scrapbook of McQuail family, southern West Virginia coal operators of McQuail Coal and Coke Company, Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Company, Ennis Coal & Coke Company, and Crane Creek Coal & Coke Company, Mercer County, West Virginia, 1890-1950.

87-45 Gladys Fowler 6 in.

Checkbook of UMWA Local #6120, Crystal, West Virginia, 1949-1959.

87-46 CONSOL 30 ft.

Corporate records, ledgers, maps, annual reports, minute books, land transaction accounts, and other materials from Pocahontas Fuel Company, Crozer land Association, Pulaski Iron Company, Bottom Creek Coal & Coke Company, Powhatan Coal & Coke Company, Crane Creek, American Coal Company, Rolfe Coal & Coke Company, and town of Pocahontas, and town of Bishop, Virginia, 1890-1950.

87-47 Roy Lowe 4 ft.

Wide-angle photograph of work force of miners at Litwar, West Virginia, 1930.

87-48 Hattie Cruise 3 in.

Photographs of Keystone, West Virginia, 1910-1930.

87-49 Ethel Nester 6 in.

Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, Norfolk & Western Railway locomotives, regional photographs.

87-50 Jean Foster 2 ft.

Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, and personal papers of Miss Foster, local journalist and historical enthusiast, 1903-1990.

87-51 H.E. Steele 3 in.

Scrapbook of Bluefield Fire Department, 1928-1933.

87-52 Ernest Poe, Jr. 2 in.

Sales receipts from Bluefield retail businesses, 1898-1914.

87-53 Ray Heldreth 4 ft.

Wide-angle photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1911; records of the Clover Club of Bluefield.

88-54 Mike Hornick 30 ft.

Historical materials relating to Gary, West Virginia, United States Coal & Coke Company, including photographs, payroll ledgers, secondary sources, memorabilia, corporate account books and other sources, 1900-1950.

88-55 T.A. Warden 3 in.

Photographs of Nemours, West Virginia; Bluefield, West Virginia, 1920-1923.

88-56 Hazel Schultz 1 ft.

Mine scrip, lunch bucket, photograph of Pocahontas, Virginia, 1941.

88-57 the archivist 1 ft.

Photocopies of manuscript material from United States Coal Commission, 1922.

88-58 Francis Huffman 6 in.

Photographs and historical materials from Bishop, Virginia, 1930-1957.

88-59 Sidney Kwass 3 in.

Receipts, photographs, and personal memorabilia, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1897-1924.

88-60 Jake Kipfinger 18 in.

Mining memorabilia and certificates; photographs of Bartley, West Virginia explosion, 1940.

88-61 Cela Burge 2 ft.

Records of Mercer County Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1987.

88-62 the archivist 2 ft.

Records of Bluefield's commemoration of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, 1987.

88-63 Katherine Barringer 6 in.

Records of Buckeye Coal & Coke Company; family materials from Hewitt, Freeman, and Pritchard families, Bramwell, West Virginia, 1889-1913.

88-64 Don Fogus 10 ft.

Historical records of Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, 1919-present.

88-65 Matt Sarrel 2 in.

Historical survey and building inventory of Keystone, West Virginia, 1988.

88-66 Robert Bruch 4 in.

Norfolk & Western Railway memorabilia and records, 1920-1960.
88-67 the archivist 1 ft.

West Virginia Bureau of Mines Annual Reports, 1893-1980.

88-68 Mike Meador 1 ft.

Research files for Even the Heavens Weep documentary film about West Virginia labor strife, 1987.

88-69 the archivist 3 in.

Photographs of coalfields, 1987.

88-70 Otto Stroupe 1 in.

Mine payroll scrip account book from Havaco, West Virginia, 1940.

88-71 James L. Monroe 1 in.

Photograph of Itmann, West Virginia, 1922; miscellaneous mining memorabilia.

88-72 John McGhee 3 in.

Archival film footage of Island Creek, photograph of Holden, West Virginia, 1930's.

88-73 Jim Dent 2 ft.

Historical materials from Bluefield Police Department, 1897-present.

88-74 Jewell Ridge Development Corporation 30 ft.

Historical materials, photographs, corporate records and ledgers, newspapers, and memorabilia from Jewell Ridge Coal & Coke Company.

88-75 John Rankin 1 in.

Manuscript typescript of "History and Early Development of Bluefield, West Virginia."

88-76 Skyland, Incorporated 6 in.

Miscellaneous railroad memorabilia.

88-77 various 5 ft.

Collection of MAPS from regional coalfields, 1880-present.

88-78 Robert Hicks 2 in.

Bluefield water company records and map, 1970's.

88-79 Mrs. Fred Burton 3 ft.

Masonic sword belonging to C.O. Stahlman, Bluefield mayor, 1921.

88-80 Main Street Bluefield 3 ft.

Records of downtown development efforts in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1965-present.

88-81 Leonty Durkett 6 in.

Records of St Mary's Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, Elkhorn, West Virginia, 1911-1935.

89-82 Ernie Reynolds 6 in.

Personal memorabilia and clippings, reference materials of coalfield historian.

89-83 Harold Schutt 1 ft.

Photographs, postcards, clippings, municipal records, of Bluefield, West Virginia, Pocahontas, Virginia, Pinnacle Rock, 1922-1934.

89-84 Harry Finkelman 1 in.

Clipping of "Coal Page" from 1893 Harpers Magazine.

89-85 Eva Easley 3 in.

Historical materials of Bluefield College; photographs of Granada Theater and visit of evangelist Billy Sunday in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1909-1950.

89-86 Jim Bailey 1 in.

Deed for land in Bluefield to Richard Bailey, 1793.

89-87 Richard Smith 6 ft.

Railroad station signboard from Matewan, West Virginia.

89-88 Page Coal & Coke Co. 20 ft.

Payroll books, store records, and blueprints from Page Coal & Coke Company, Pageton, West Virginia, ca: 1920-1940.

89-89 Tim Honaker 1 ft.

Sales ledgers from Graham, Virginia, 1890-1905.

89-90 George Wolfe 3 in.

Photocopies of correspondence from Wolfe, a mining engineer, to his son detailing his career in the coalfields, 1939.

89-91 Bill Fox 50 ft.

Administrative records of the Superintendent's Office, Pocahontas Division, Norfolk & Western Railway, ca: 1900-1950.

89-92 Francis Rush 4 in.

Scrapbooks and photograph albums of Bramwell, West Virginia, ca: 1910-1920.

89-93 Edwin Elliott 2 in.

1939 Bluefield City License plate for automobile.

89-94 C.W. "Wilson" 4 ft.

Wide-angle photographs of Concord College, 1930; UMWA conventions, 1936-1942.

89-95 Claude Blankenship 4 ft.

Records of the Bank of Matoaka; coalfield league baseball uniform; historical materials from Matoaka, West Virginia.

89-96 Raymond Branham 18 in.

Historical materials, photographs, manuscripts from Bluefield, West Virginia, 1890-1920.

89-97 the archivist 2 ft.

Records of the Alliance For the Arts organization, which operates the Bluefield Area Arts Center, 1975-present.

89-98 Frank Holyroyd 2 ft.

Scrapbook from Concord College, 1920's.

89-99 Lyle Gage 2 in.

Postcard photographs of Bluefield, Princeton, and Thurmond, West Virginia.

89-100 USX 100 ft.

Payroll books and company records of United States Coal & Coke Company, Gary, West Virginia, 1901-1950.

89-101 Bob Barnett 20 ft.

Records of Keesling movie theater company, 1940's.

89-102 the archivist 1 ft.

Materials documenting the 1988-1990 Pittston/UMWA strike, including clippings and videotape.

89-103 East River Mountain Garden Club 5 ft.

Scrapbooks recounting organizational activities, 1947-1981.

89-104 Joyce Hewitt 2 in.

Photographs of Buckeye Coal & Coke Company, materials from Hewitt family of coal operators, ca: 1900.

89-105 H. Edward Steele 2 ft.

Annual Reports of Bluefield Supply Company, 1955-1983, and other company materials.

89-106 Mrs. A.R. Matthews 2 ft.

Personal and professional papers of A.R."Army" Matthews (1902-1960), last president of Pocahontas Fuel Company, including correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia.

89-107 Mrs. Emma Yost 1 in.

Photographs of Bluefield, donated by the "Bride of the Bluefields."

89-108 Stuart McGehee 5 ft.

Administrative and organizational records of the 1989 Bluefield Centennial Celebration.

90-109 Jennifer Fox 6 in.

Personal and professional materials of Dr. J. Franke Fox, pioneer Bluefield physician, 1900-1938.

90-110 George Shrader 6 in.

Postcard photographs of Bluefield, Williamson, Keystone, Eckman, Kimball, and Vivian, West Virginia.

90-111 Jeff Sparks 3 in.

Miscellaneous historical material concerning Bluefield, and Matoaka, West Virginia.

90-112 George Evans 3 in.

Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, and Norfolk & Western Railway, 1905-1930.

90-113 Eleanor Hall 3 in.

Photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1912-1928.

90-114 Eula Barnhill 1 in.

Brochure from Bluefield Coal Show (Southern Appalachian Industrial Exposition), 1935.

90-115 various 4 ft.

Bluefield, West Virginia "Centennial History" Collection of materials donated during the 1989 Centennial Celebration, including photographs, publications, memorabilia, artifacts, maps, and records.
90-116 Edward Jarrett 3 ft.

Complete set of editions of The Mountain Mirror (1951-1953), a weekly newspaper tabloid published in Bluefield, West Virginia by Southern Office Supply Company.

90-117 various 6 in.

Records, photographs, and memorabilia from the 1987 Mercer County Centennial Celebration.

90-118 J.K. Sult 1 in.

Six postcard photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, ca: 1920.

90-119 Ira Smith 3 ft.

Map of Bluefield, West Virginia, 1889.

90-120 Paul Chryssikos 2 in.

Clippings and programs from the 1976 dedication of a Bicentennial time capsule in Bluefield, West Virginia, donated by the Civitan Club.

90-121 Claude Brooks 2 in.

Historical material from Tri-City Traction, the Southern West Virginia interurban public transportation railway system, 1925-1975.

90-122 Al Skinner 2 ft.

Miscellaneous coal mining photographs used in Coal People Magazine.

90-123 WVU 6 in.

Five rolls of microfilm records of the Smokeless Operators Association, including tonnage statistics, historical materials, and coal industry information.

90-124 John Fleming 20 ft.

Records of Ramsey School, and Beaver Pond School District, in Bluefield, West Virginia, 1889-1938.

90-125 Janet Herring 4 ft.

Memorabilia, photographs, and records of a McDowell County, West Virginia, mine inspector, 1919-1940, including substantial collection of safety lamps.

90-126 George Cochran 1 in.

Photographs and mining memorabilia including Greenbrier Coal & Coke Company, and Jairus Collins.

90-127 Jim Bailey 6 in.

Miscellaneous receipts, papers, notebooks, and unidentified photographs, possibly family materials found in a trunk in Hinton, 1897-1909.

90-128 Dixon Jones 6 in.

Photographs of downtown Bluefield, West Virginia, 1952-1956.

90-129 H.C. Lewis 3 ft.

Papers of Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency founder Thomas L. Felts relating to the Matewan Massacre, including newspapers clippings, photographs, trial transcripts, and secret memoranda, 1920-1921.

90-130 Bluefield Municipal Parking Commission 3 in.

Historical material, photographs, and clippings of the Bluefield Municipal Parking Commission, including the 1947 Scott Street Garage, the nation's third urban tiered parking building.

90-131 Donald Wren 1 in.

Photographs of Mother Jones, ca: 1910; miscellaneous coal mining memorabilia.

90-132 Cathy Jones 3 ft.

Framed map of the Pocahontas Coalfield, 1933, produced by the Pocahontas Operators Association.

90-133 Willie Walters 3 in.

Account Records of Black Wolf Coal & Coke Company, 1907; miscellaneous mining memorabilia.

90-134 Ammar's, Inc. 1 ft.

Corporate history, memorabilia, clippings, and photographs from the Ammar family, Syrian immigrant pack peddlers in the coalfields, who founded Ammar's, Inc., and Magic Mart merchandise stores, 1920-present.

90-135 H. Edward Steele 2 in.

Three issues of Sam Pennington's Feature Stories magazine, 1932.

90-136 Ellen Elmes 1 in.

Photographs of mural depicting coal history in Richlands, Virginia, 1988.

90-137 Bluefield Sanitarium Clinic 6 ft.

Records and signage from the Bluefield Sanitarium Clinic hospital, 1966-1975.

90-138 Wanda Gumm 3 in.

Yearbook Annuals from Welch, West Virginia, 1927-1929.

90-139 Arnold Porterfield 18 in.

Records of the West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers, 1954-1967.

91-140 Mrs. William Maxey 1 in.

Photographs of Pocahontas Fuel Company officials, n.d.

91-141 Thomas Sizemore 1 ft.

Personal papers and photographs of the Ratcliff family, ca: 1900-1930.

91-142 Luella I. Dye 1 ft.

Records, clippings, photographs, memorabilia of the Craft Memorial Library, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1920-present.

91-143 Margaret Ann Murphy 3 in.

Promotional sales book of the Hannah Pocahontas Coal Company, 1936, Bluefield City Traffic Rules, 1922.

91-144 Susan Childs 3 in.

Photographs of the Bolen, Kell, and Leckie families, including Carter Coal Company, Jenkinjones, Bluefield, West Virginia, 1906-1988.

91-145 Dave Ledgerwood 3 in.

Miscellaneous photographs of Bluefield, West Virginia, n.d.

91-146 Helen Warden Black 18 in.

Photographs, clippings, and memorabilia of the American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps, and Bluefield Beaver High School, 1935-1945.

91-147 James E. Singleton, Jr. 3 in.

Federal regulations of prices and wages, Semmet-Solvay Coal Company, 1942-1946.

91-148 the archivist 2 ft.

Records, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia of the Lemonade Escapade, 50th anniversary celebration of the "Nature's Air-Conditioned City" free lemonade promotional program of the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, 1941-1991.
91-149 Ken Bowen 2 in.

Photographs and memorabilia of Goodwill Coal & Coke Company, 1900-1957.

91-150 Marilyn Gregory 1 in.

Photographs and correspondence of John Ferguson, victim of the Matewan Massacre, 1920.

92-151 Albert Carl Rudd 1 in.

Correspondence and photographs from Wenonah Coal & Coke Company, Dott, West Virginia, 1906-1942.

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