St Albans Abbey Bibliography

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St Albans Abbey Bibliography

(Maintained by the Archivist, Abbey Muniment Room; published on-line March 2012 on the web site of the St Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural & Archaeological Society
Primary Sources – in the British Library

Cotton Claudius, A. VIII, f.195 (charges for the tomb of Humphrey Duke of Gloucester 1447).

Cotton Claudius, D. I. f.1 (letters and acts of John of Wheathampstead and John of Amundesham, rental of S Julian’s hospital 22 Hen, VI).

Cotton Claudius, D. XIII (Charters of Binham Priory).

Cotton Claudius, E IV (Gesta Abbatum and many other items)

Cotton Cleopatra, E. IV ff.42/3, f.213 (Report to Cromwell on a visitation of abbot Borman, 1538)

Cotton Julius, D III (Register of Deeds of abbey property, Robert of Dunstable verses)

Cotton Nero, C VI (f.147r Granarium of John of Wheathampstead, first part).

Cotton Nero, D I (Vitae Abbatum, Gifts 145, Regist. Chartar 148, Privilegia 157, Obits 1216-52 165, re Pré S.Julian, Sopwell 173, Cartae 196-196b)

Cotton Nero, D V (Chronica Majora to 1255)

Cotton Nero, D VII (Book of Benefactors).

Cotton Otho, D III (Cartulary of St Albans Abbey, c.1370, damaged)

Cotton Tiberius, D V (Part of John of Wheathampstead’s ‘Granarium’) Burnt, but largely restored.

Cotton Tiberius, E I (Life of Christina of Markyate).

Cotton Tiberius, E VI (Register of St Albans).

Cotton Titus, B. I, 80 (Benefactores) plate given to Abbey by Wolsey.

Cotton Titus, D XX(extracts from John of Wheathampstead’s ‘Granarium’)

Cotton Titus, C. VIII (Charters, grants, etc. to Wymondham Priory)

Cotton, Faustina, B. IV (Martyrdoms of Alban and Amphibalus 1170) William the monk.

Cotton, Faustina, B. IX 75-144 (Ryshanger’s chronicle, 1259-1366).

Cotton, Vitellius, B. IV, 95 (to Wolsey re death of abbot and licence for election of successor).

Cotton xi. 6, 8. (Gaufr[idus de Gorham], (Witness with the prior to the foundation of Markyate Priory, 1145).

Lansdowne, 260 (Some interesting papers concerning the Abbey of St Albans).

Lansdowne, 375 (Register of the Almoner, ca. 1370-1416, also lands, tithes, etc..).

Lansdowne, 763 f.97b (Account of musical notes, ?Walsingham, precentor).

Lansdowne, 825 f.62 (Verses re visit of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough).

Lansdowne, 863 (Foundation charters of the cells).

Harl. 28, (Indenture, x4, concerning solemn anniversary and prayers for the King, the Royal Family and the Realm)

Harl. 43. A. 24 (Papal confirmation of covenant with see of Lincoln, super processionibus, 1161).

26 (Papal grant de non appelando a justicio abbatis nisi ad Romanam Curiam, 1188).

27 (Papal confirmation of covenant for non-subjection to see of Lincoln, 1188).

28 (Papal inhibition concerning subvention for Holy Land, 1193).

49 (Assault on Fr. Joh. de Stopelea, 1397).

16. (Monuments in the church, 1427).

Harl. 139, 97. (Pedigree of John Bostock) ?Cotton Otho D IV?.

Harl. 247, (?first part of Harl. 6217).

Harl. 602 (John Moote’s (Prior’s) memoranda, 1352). Copy in Jesus Coll, Oxford.

Harl. 604 (Sir Richard Riche to Cromwell, supression of Binham Abbey)

Harl. 688 (Chronicon of John Wallingford, creation to 1258. Copy of Julius D VII, 61).

Harl. 3775, (f.8 Fraternity names, f.10 an ‘infamous petition’ to H D of G, f.12 Abbot of Westminster usurps precedency in Parliament, f.14 of the Dedication of the church f.16 monuments as in 1429, etc.,).

Harl. 6217, (various incidents, inc. burning of a brewhouse, &c).

Harl. 6853, 86. (Extracts from the register of the monastery of St Albans).

Royal, 1, A, x (A St Albans Abbey breviary)

Royal, 14, C, VII (M.Paris Historia Anglorum 1070-1259, and 13-century St Albans Calendar).

Lat. 13 E. ix, f.116 (Part of an inventory of relics, c.1400).

Additional, 11880 (De Miraculis S Alban, 9-C)

Additional, 11880, (De Miraculis S. Alban), C9 [also MS Aurum 34, C9]

Additional, 19590. (Concerning Aston church and the parish of Shephall, 1151-4).

*Additional, 19279. (Covenant of St Mary de Pré to submit to jurisdiction, c.1220).

Additional, 62777 (Matthew Paris. Cult of St Alban, 1360-70).

Additional, 27118. (A quarry held in Totternhoe, Beds., 1391).

Additional, 27951 (Itinerary of an Irish clergyman includes St Albans. 1761-2).

Additional, 28802 (Itinerary, includes St Albans, 1821)

Additional, 34360, ff.65v-67 (Lydgate’s appeal to the Duke of Gloucester for money).

Additional, 39848, f.28. (Contemporary account of first Battle of St Albans, 1455, Paston letters).

Additional, 40625, f. 158 b. (Court book of Park; Bequest to an anchorite at St Albans Abbey, ?1410).

Additional, 52359 (Mentions St Christina)

*Additional, 6223, f.10v (History of Cotton Nero D VII).

Additional Charters, 7370. (Royal mandate for relief, from an aid, 1303).

Additional Charters, 19958-63 (St Albans Abbey and St Mary de Pre, 1190-1450)

Arundel, 11. (Part of John of Wheathampstead’s ‘Granarium’).

Arundel, 34. (Register of lands &c, Wheathampstead and Ramryge).

Arundel, 391. (Part of John of Wheathampstead’s ‘Granarium’).

Cole 5828 (f.153, analysis of the monastery, f.188, a list of the Cellarers of the Abbey).

Cole 5836 (f.32 ff. Describes St Alban’s shrine, and tells of Duke Humphrey).

Cole 5843 (f.153, Historia Aurea) latter part a ‘leiger book of the Abbey of St Albans’.

Stowe 1055 (Robert Shrimpton’s a/c of ceremonial at St Albans Abbey before the Dissolution).

Augmentation-Office in Hert. Rot. (Account of the possessions of the late monastery, 1544)

Cott. xvii. 21. (Lands late held by St Albans Abbey in St Albans, 1563).

Ch. Br. B. iv. 6. (Brief for repairs to the Abbey church, 1764).

The National Archives

C 1/5/179 Thomas Bromsale, late chaplain of the Fraternity of the Charnell in St Albans v. Thomas Bardale, Richard Fuller and John Adam, friars of the same Fraternity.: Petitioner’s heritage in St Albans pledged till the recovery of certain charters and muniments. 1386-1486.

C 1/216/10 Thomas Ramryge and Gaol keeper re occupation of a room in the Gate House. 1490-1529

C 47/12/6/5 To leprous nuns of St Mary de Pré, 1204

C 47/12/8/41 To Abbot and Convent of St Albans, at Woodstock, 17 May 1248

C 47/37/3/5-11 Contemporary accounts of the Battle of St Albans, 1455

C 54/526 m.3 grant of church and buildings to Richard Borman (gate house had been granted to the gaol.) 1556

C 66/675 m.32 installation of Richard Borman. 1538

C 66/676 m.23 installation of Richard Borman. 1538

C 84/1/10 to C 84/51/11 Various charters, St Albans Monastery, 1235 to 1476.

C 85/212 St Albans Abbey 1252-1516

C 89/4/17 Act for Richard Borman clerk to erect a school in St Albans, Act 2 & 3 Ed VI no.53

C 143/128/7 St Mary de Pré to appropriate Earls Barton 1318

C 143/312/9 Abbey to grant advowson of chapel of St Julian to the lepers there 1354

C 143/426/3 Abbey to appropriate the chapel of St Julian 1389

C 270/7 Reply of the Abbot of St Albans and Prior of Binham to the King’s requests for corrodies. 1333

C 270/12 Reply of the priors of Tynemouth and Wymondham to the King’s requests for corrodies. 1333

E 6/256 f.143r payments of 100 marks to Cromwell, 1539.

E 33/26/2 St Albans: with skippet, not engraved. 1504

E 33/4/1 St Albans of the third part. 1504

E 36/120 ff.65r-68r charges against William Ashwell (monk), 1535.

E 36/143 ff.1r-22r Catton informs against townspeople who slandered the King. Cromwell gets copy of Abbey’s foundation charter. 1533.

E 40/1183 Grant by Abbey to nuns of St Mary de Pré 1188-95

E 40/5461 Release of corrody in Abbots Langley. Westminster 14 Feb. 1365 (See muniment room, An Indenture between the King and Thomas, Abbot of St Albans, about a corrody. 1364.)

E 40/11069 Charter of St Mary de Pré

E 40/11538 Fragments of the Foundation Charter of St Mary de Pré

E 40/14572 St Mary de Pré, enrolled copies of 6 charters (f. 1194), mostly of the Gorham family.

E 40/15365 Fragments of the Foundation Charter of St Mary de Pré

E 41/214 Abbey property 5 Sep 1532

E 41/215 Abbey property 1 Nov 1532

E 41/327 Dame Margaret Vernon, Prioress of St Mary de Pré, to Wm Jakeman, Manor of Wing. 1517

E 41/338 Confirmation of charters of St Albans Abbey, 1292

E 41/518 Prioress of St Mary de Pré, Isabel Benyngton, pardon for all offences. 25 Oct 1450.

E 42/549 Confirmation of a grant of a yearly Fair to St Mary de Pré, 1377

E 101/399/14 List of tradesmen in St Albans and Hertford c.1350

E 117/11/32 County: Hertford: Monastery of St Albans

E 135/5 m.8 installation of Richard Borman. 1538

E 314/20/5 Costs for repairs to the king’s stables at St Albans, 1549

SC 6/867/21 Accounts of St Mary de Pré and job description of Keeper. 1327

SC 6/867/22 Accounts of St Mary de Pré 1328

SC 6/HENVII/274 Account of the Prioress of St Mary de Pré, 2-4 Hen VII, 1486-1488

SC 6/HENVII/275 Account of the Prioress of St Mary de Pré, 6-9 Hen VII, 1491-1494

SC 6/HENVII/1057 Household accounts, Hertford / St Albans Abbey (mutilated) 1485-1509

SC 6/HENVIII/1631 Monastic possessions of St Albans Abbey, 37-38 Hen VIII, 1546

SC 7/2/9 'Brief' for St Mary de Pré 1256

SC 7/2/20 'Brief' for St Mary de Pré 1256

SC 7/3/51 'Brief' for St Mary de Pré 1256

SC 7/12/6 Appointment of Thomas de la Mare as Abbot, 1349

SC 7/15/30 Order to Woburn and Dunstable to cease exactions from St Mary de Pré 1232

SC 7/19/14 Order to Rochester to restore tithes etc. to poor leprous women of St Mary de Pré 1204

SC 7/30/10 Appointment of John de Berkamsted as Abbot, 1291

SC 7/35/20 Dunstable Priory ordered to restore rents of St Mary de Pré.

SC 7/64/50 'Brief' for St Mary de Pré 1256

SC 8/20/955 Abbot re charters destroyed in Peasants Revolt 1319

SC 8/142/4283 Foundation of St Mary de Pré.

SC 8/142/7075 Petition from the lepers of St Julians.

SC 11/1027 Part valuation of Abbey lands temp Robert Catton 1509-47

SC 12/8/38 St Mary de Pré Priory rent roll 1319

SC 12/8/39 Survey of Abbey, (Surveye of the scite of the Abbey of S. Alban’s, 2 Edw. VI. Feb. 1), 1548

SP 1/76 f.15r Cromwell entertains Catton at his home in Norwich.

SP 1/86 ff 28r-29r Catton grants estates to ‘friends’.

SP 1/91 f.93r, 105r Thomas King (Chaplain of St Andrews) reported to Cromwell.

SP 1/98 ff.47r-48r elderly monks may remain at St Albans.

SP 1/98 f.98r John ap Rice suspicious of monks at St Albans, 1535.

SP 1/101 f.138r Catton writes to Cromwell 1536

SP 1/105 f.265r Abbot Catton released Ashwell for examination.

SP 6/9 f.1 Articles objected by Abp. Cranmer against Thomas King, vicar of St Andrews in St Albans, for denying the validity of the king’s marriage to Anne Boleyn. 25 Apl 1535

SP 34/21/102 John Gape to Earl of Dartmouth, on annexation of Much Munden, and ‘the exposing of the body of the Duke of Gloucester’, 30 July 1713

STAC 2/17/208 Rowlatt & Maynard v. Raynshaw re pew in St Albans and other matters, 1509-1547

STAC 2/32/120 Raynshaw v. Rowlatt re assault in St Andrew’s chapel, etc. 1509-1547

STAC 3/10/29 Rowlatt & Maynard v. Raynshaw re pew in St Albans and other matters, 1547-1553

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