Eating chocolate makes you happier

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  1. Eating chocolate makes you happier.

It's not your imagination. Chocolate contains over three hundred known chemicals, which stimulate areas of the brain that enable us to feel pleasure. Chocolate contains small amounts of theobromine, which help to enhance your mood,iand caffeine, which gives you more energy and is also found in coffee and tea.
2. Chocolate makes you fat.
Chocolate is commonly regarded as a fattening food that contains no nutritional value. In fact, cocoa beans 10 are full of antioxidants that are beneficial to health. However, they undergo a lot of processing to remove their distinctive bitterness, which also removes a large portion of the antioxidants. Most store-bought chocolates have high sugar and fat content, and only small amounts of cocoa. Eating these and other high-calorie chocolate desserts, like cakes and cookies, can indeed cause you to gain weight.

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