Edition # 69 june 2008

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MacKay Clan Courier

EDITION # 69 JUNE 2008


MacKay Clan Grand Council
Kenneth MacKay, Chieftain

Bob Sutton

Gary Martineck

Marvin Dunn

John MacKay

Roy McCready

Donald Martineck

Roger MacKay

Edward MacKay

Jim Sarra

Advisory Board

Ginny Clark

Marilyn Cash

Milford Dunn

Jerry MacKay

Mark McCready

Greg Sutton

Robert MacKay

Tom MacKay
Chaplain: Rev. Raymond Dunn

Historians: Dawn Sutton

Adele MacKay


The MacKay Clan Courier has been published since 1968 and will continue only with your support. It is each family’s responsibility to submit articles. Without these articles, there would be no Clan Courier. Please do your part to keep this tradition alive!

Condolences go out to Mary Jo and Ed Swan on the recent death of Ed’s father, Ed Swan, Sr.

Download 111.35 Kb.

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