Egeny Mironov (born 1966) is a Russian film and stage actor

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Egeny Mironov (born 1966) is a Russian film and stage actor.

He lives and works in Moscow.

Mironov as a child took acting classes, joined a dance group and graduated from music school as an accordion player.

He is successful actor.

“Burnt by the Sun”, “The Inspector General”, “The Idiot”, "The First Circle" are the most famous films with Egeny Mironov.

He is a Meritorious Artist of Russian Federation and People’s Artist of Russia.

He had a State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate.

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva (born 1949) is the most famous musical performer in Russia.

Her career started in 1965 and continues to this day.

For her "clear mezzosoprano and a full display of sincere emotions", she enjoys an iconic status. Alla Borisovna is the most successful Soviet performer in terms of record sales and popularity.

She has more than 40 albums in Russia and abroad.

Millions of recording and albums were sold.

She had concerts in most regions of Russia, in Europa and America.

She became a Meritorious Artist of the Russian, People's Artist of the Russian.

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev awarded Pugacheva with the 3rd Degree Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

I can not say that I am a fan of Alla Borisovna. But I adore her personality, her energy and passion.

Evgeni Plushenko ( born 1982) is a Russian figure skater.

He was sent to the ice-rink by his mother at the age of 4.

Pluschenko is one of the few male skaters to perform great spins and jumps.

She is very talented and hard-working sportsmen.

He is the Winter Olympics gold medalist, and two-time Winter Olympics silver medalist.

Three-time is World champion; seven-time is European champion, four-time Grand Prix Final champion and a nine-time Russian national champion.

I am proud, that Evgeni Plushenko is Russian.

Darya Dontsova (born 1952) is a well- known Russian writer of detective novels.

She produced about 150 successful books and also kitchen books and three autobiographies.

Her books are funny and sad at the same time. She is good at describing her characters add the places.

Dontsova is very popular writer especially among Russian women; being voted in the top 100 of Russia's elite in polls. She has plenty of literature prizes and nominations

Leonid Roshal (born 1933) is the most famous children’s doctor in Russia , expert for World Health Organization, chairman of International Charity Fund to Help Children in Disasters and Wars.

He helped many children in trouble.

Doctor Roshal treats children in dangerous places.

Dr. Roshal negotiated with Chechen terrorists during the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002. He also served as a negotiator in the 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis, working for the release of children.

After the events in the Beslan crisis played out, he also served as the advisor to the medical teams that had to treat burn wounds on hundreds of children.

He also took over the Moscow Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery & Traumatology, which is currently treating 60,000 children a year.

Since 2005 he is a member of the Public Chamber of Russia. He is also a member of the Presidential Commission on Human Rights.

For his action and his courage he got many awards: the European of the Year, the Doctor of Peace, and a National Hero of Russia.

I admire Doctor Roshal.

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