Embracing The Moment and Conquering Negative Thoughts

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Embracing The Moment and Conquering Negative Thoughts

By: Henrico Norris

Today, yesterday, tomorrow, it's all the same moment, the same opportunity for the decision to go wherever you please in life. The faster you realize that, the sooner you'll feel secure in your chances of conquering negative thought patterns that keep you stagnant.  Focus on embracing the moment.

Sometimes we play tricks on ourselves--sabotaging our own thoughts with negativity. The truth is our thoughts are agents for the creation of our world, our reality--this is "the secret".   

Embracing the moment means embracing your thoughts, so it is vital you fill your head with ones that are positive. The key to conquering negative thought patterns is to control your thinking. If you constantly think about what you don't have, what you don't want to happen, or what obstacles might come your way, you are all but assuring your failure. If you're constantly flooding your head with thoughts of loneliness or bitter memories, your world will begin to reflect that. Your demeanor will reflect it as well. Most of the things you used to worry about (yes used to, we are claiming victory NOW) are based on superficial constructs of happiness. It is imperative to base your emotions and mental state on substantial things like your passion for living, your life's purpose, the people and things you love, your future goals, and your motivations in life. Basing your emotions on things like money, circumstances, or other people’s perceptions is a one way ticket to disaster. Don't even waste your time with such things. It will only aid in your diagnosis as a clinically depressed, bipolar, temperamental, silly person. Superficial sources of motivation typically represent the prospect of immediate gratification at the cost of long term happiness. Don’t get drowned in foolishness and fleeting bouts of pleasure. We are focused on conquering negative thought patterns, not enabling them through misplaced faith and confidence.  

As mentioned earlier, we all exist within a single solitary moment. However, you cannot assume that because the moment is infinite, you are too.  That isn't how God chose to make this world.  God is infinite. So in reality, God is the only One capable of embracing the luxury of an infinite moment, a total non-existence of time-- and subsequently, the non-existence of death. With that said, time is your most valuable asset when it comes to embracing the moment. Conquering negative thought patterns starts with ridding yourself of the assumption you have plenty of time. The reality is you don’t. Like all living things, you will eventually die. For this reason, it would be fallacious to envision your life in the context of infinity. However, while you are on this earth, you can learn to make some headway, control this moment just a bit. Because no matter how you slice it, our life represents our portion of infinity, our slice of time. Embracing the moment is essentially embracing your life. Ultimately, your commitment to conquering negative thought patterns will determine the power you have over this moment, your moment.

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