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George William Wiggins, Jr. ("George Wiggins") who was born February 18, 1926 and married Patsy Griswell ("Patricia Griswell"?). George Wiggins, Jr. and Patsy Wiggins ("Patricia Wiggins") had a daughter named:

Yvonne Wiggins;

Minnie Myrtle Wiggins ("Minnie Wiggins") born October 17, 1898;

Henry Ivy Wiggins ("Henry Wiggins") born July 16, 1902, and married Ruth Loyd on May 26, 1937. Henry Wiggins and Ruth Wiggins had 2 children:

Mildred Louise Wiggins ("Mildred Wiggins") born May 16, 1939 and died in August 1939; and,

Dorothy Elizabeth Wiggins ("Dorothy Wiggins") born October 27, 1940, and married Charles Henkle;

James Robert Wiggins ("James Wiggins") born April 16, 1905, and married Virginia Conan. James Wiggins and Virginia Wiggins had 2 children:

James Robert Wiggins, Jr. ("James Wiggins") born August 15, 1943, and married Iris Wiley; and,

Emma Jane Wiggins ("Emma Wiggins") born June 8, 1945, and married Larry Houston ("Lawrence Houston"?);

Raymond Wilbur Wiggins ("Raymond Wiggins") born June 20, 1907, and married Ruby Pearl Wimpee ("Ruby Wimpee") on March 28, 1937. Raymond Wiggins and Ruby Wiggins had 3 children:

Gene Raymond Wiggins ("Gene Wiggins") born May 23, 1938 and had a son named:

Randy Douglas Wiggins ("Randy Wiggins") who married Carol Ingram;

George Spencer Wiggins ("George Wiggins") born January 29, 1940 and married Jerry Treadway. George Wiggins and Jerry Wiggins had 2 children:

Tony Wiggins ("Anthony Wiggins"); and,

Teresa Wiggins; and,

Linda Faye Wiggins ("Linda Wiggins") born January 5, 1944 and married Robert Griffith. Robert Griffith and Linda Griffith had a daughter named:

Lisa Darlene Griffith ("Lisa Griffith");

Mary Frances Wiggins ("Mary Wiggins") born September 20, 1910;

Ruth Rebecca Wiggins ("Ruth Wiggins") born October 12, 1912; and,

John Fincher Wiggins ("John Wiggins") born May 3, 1915, and married Alice Virginia Tillery ("Alice Tillery") on March 24, 1940. John Wiggins and Alice Wiggins had 5 children:

James Richard Wiggins ("James Wiggins") born June 7, 1941;

Laura Ann Wiggins ("Laura Wiggins") born September 14, 1944;

John Fincher Wiggins ("John Wiggins") born May 7, 1952;

Joyce Alicia Wiggins ("Joyce Wiggins") born August 8, 1960; and,

George Abel Wiggins ("George Wiggins") born January 15, 1862, married Emma Fincher, and died August 8, 1936. Emma Fincher was born January 17, 1871, and died June 17, 1959;

According to the 1900 census for Floyd County, Georgia, Emma Wiggins was listed as a widow, age 57, and was then living with her son, James Wiggins, and his family, which family also included his aunt, Mary J. Marbut ("Mary Marbut") then 54 years of age. George Wiggins and Emma Wiggins had the following children:

Emma Elizabeth Wiggins ("Emma Wiggins") born November 5, 1891 in Floyd County, Georgia; and,

Ida Wiggins born March 12, 1893; and,

an unknown Wiggins who married a Hiram Bryant and they had the following children:

Suzie Mae Bryan ("Suzie Bryan" & "Susan Bryan"?) born October 13, 1894, married Paul Dempsey August 14, 1921, and died October 26, 1956. Paul Dempsey and Suzie Dempsey ("Susan Dempsey") had 3 children:

Marshall Dempsey who had a daughter named:

Nadine Dempsey;

Julia Ann Dempsey; and,

Laura Denise Dempsey;

George William Bryan ("George Bryan") born December 23, 1896, and married Ellendor Conan September 25, 1923. George Bryan and Ellendor Bryan had a son named:

George William Bryan, Jr. ("George Bryan") born February 18, 1926, and married Patsy Griswell ("Patricia Griswell"?). George Bryan and Patsy Bryan had a daughter named:

Yvonne Bryan;

Minnie Myrtle Bryan ("Minnie Bryan") born October 17, 1898;

Henry Ivy Bryan ("Henry Bryan") born July 16, 1902, and married Ruth Loyd May 26, 1937. Henry Bryan and Ruth Bryan had 2 children:

Mildred Louise Bryan ("Mildred Bryan") born May 16, 1939, and died August 1939; and,

Dorothy Elizabeth Bryan ("Dorothy Bryan") born October 27, 1970 and married Charles Henkle;

James Robert Bryan ("James Bryan") born April 16, 1905, and married Virginia Conan. James Bryan and Virginia Bryan had 2 children:

James Robert Bryan, Jr. ("James Bryan") born August 15, 1943; and,

Emma Jane Bryan ("Emma Bryan") born June 8, 1945;

Raymond Wilbur Bryan ("Raymond Bryan") born June 20, 1907, and married Ruby Pearl Wimpee ("Ruby Wimpee") March 28, 1937. The children of Raymond Bryan and Ruby Bryan were:

Gene Raymond Bryan ("Gene Bryan") born May 23, 1938 and had a son named:

Randy Douglas Bryan ("Randy Bryan") who married Carol Ingram;

George Spencer Bryan ("George Bryan") born January 29, 1940 and married Jerry Treadway. George Bryan and Jerry Bryan had 2 children:

Tony Bryan ("Anthony Bryan"?); and,

Teresa Brian; and,

Linda Faye Bryan ("Linda Bryan") born January 5, 1944 and married Robert Griffith;

Mary Frances Bryan ("Mary Bryan") born September 20, 1910;

Ruth Rebecca Bryan ("Ruth Bryan") born October 12, 1912; and,

John Fincher Bryan ("John Bryan") born May 3, 1915, and married Alice Tillery March 24, 1940. The children of John Bryan and Alice Bryan were:

James Richard Bryan ("James Bryan") born June 7, 1941;

Laura Ann Bryan ("Laura Bryan") born September 14, 1944;

John Fincher Bryan, Jr. ("John Bryan") born May 7, 1952; and,

Joyce Alicia Bryan ("Joyce Bryan") born August 8, 1960;

Henry A. Wiggins ("Henry Wiggins") born January 1897;

Loura May Wiggins ("Laura Wiggins"); and,

Jessie Ann Wiggins (Jessie Wiggins") who had no children.

The children of Young Joshua Marbut ("Young Marbut") and Rebecca Marbut

(formerly "Rebecca Ann Diamond") were:

Mary J. Marbut ("Mary Marbut") born November 22, 1845 in DeKalb County, Georgia, did not marry, and died January 9, 1933. According to the 1900 census for Floyd County, Georgia, Mary Marbut was then 54 years of age and then living in the household of her nephew, James Wiggins, and his family and which household also lived his mother Elizabeth A. Wiggins ("Elizabeth Wiggins") then age 57 and a widow; and,

Samuel S. Marbut ("Samuel Marbut") born March 31, 1847 in Georgia, first married Mary Elizabeth Codwin ("Mary Codwin") on April 6, 1876, later married Nancy Minerva Codwin ("Nancy Codwin") on December 14, 1890, and died February 27, 1907. Mary Codwin was born March 13, 1850 in Poke County, Georgia, and died June 20, 1890 in Floyd County, Georgia. Nancy Godwin was born January 4, 1857, and died January 8, 1909. According to the 1900 census for Floyd County, Georgia, the household of Samuel Marbut comprised: Samuel Marbut, age 53; Nancy M. Marbut ("Nancy Marbut") , age 43 and had been married for 9 years, and was the mother of 2 children: Mary E. Marbut ("Mary Marbut") then age 8; and, Rebecca I. Cavender ("Rebecca Cavender") then age 5. Another 3 children of Samuel Marbut were listed in the household: Sallie Marbut, age 15; Walter P. Marbut ("Walter Marbut"), age 15; and, Henry D. Marbut ("Henry Marbut") then age 23 and his wife, Ida J. Marbut ("Ida Marbut") who he had married 6 months earlier. Samuel Marbut and Mary Marbut had 7 children:

Henry Diamond Marbut ("Henry Marbut") born February 25, 1877, married Ida Jane Collins ("Ida Collins") on December 24, 1899, and died June 2, 1952. Ida Collins was born July 4, 1880, and died August 28, 1959 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. According to the 1900 census for Floyd County, Georgia, Henry D. Marbut ("Henry Marbut") and Ida J. Marbut ("Ida Marbut") had then been married for 6 months and were then living with his father and stepmother. Henry Marbut and Ida Marbut had 8 children:

Robert Smith Marbut ("Robert Marbut") born November 24, 1900, and married Laura Gordon Powers ("Laura Powers") on August 3, 1933 who was born on January 16, 1900. Robert Marbut and Laura Marbut had a son named:

Robert Gordon Marbut ("Robert Marbut") who was born on April 11, 1935, and married Huberta Dodd on March 16, 1957 and who was born on November 27, 1936. Robert Marbut and Huberta Marbut had 3 children:

Robert Gordon Marbut, Jr. ("Robert Marbut") born May 5, 1960;

Laura Dodd Marbut ("Laura Marbut") born August 9, 1961; and,

Michael Powers Marbut ("Michael Marbut") born August 9, 1964;

Hugh Stone Marbut ("Hugh Marbut") born September 16, 1902, and married Emma Luisa Fonclara ("Emma Fonclara" & "Louise Fonclara"?) on March 23, 1940. Hugh Marbut and Emma Marbut had 2 children:

Ellen Louise Marbut ("Ellen Marbut") born September 20, 1944, and died the same day; and,

Mary Elizabeth Marbut ("Mary Marbut") born January 24, 1946;

Hamilton Dubose Marbut ("Hamilton Marbut") born September 12, 1906, and died on the same date;

Ida Marguerite Marbut ("Ida Marbut") born May 20, 1907, and married Van Bibb Saye ("Van Saye") on December 27, 1929 and who was born October 20, 1903 in Ruthlege, Morgan County, Georgia. Van Saye and Ida Saye had a son named:

Van Bibb Saye, Jr. ("Van Saye") who was born on December 25, 1930, and married Mattie Lois Strickland ("Mattie Strickland") who was born in April 1931 in Nahunta, Brantley County, Georgia. Van Saye, Jr. and Mattie Saye had 4 children:

Susan Elaine Saye ("Susan Saye") born August 11, 1955 in Richmond, Virginia;

Sandra Diane Saye ("Sandra Saye") born May 12, 1959 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana;

John Bibb Saye ("John Saye") born April 30, 1964 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and,

Joseph Saye;

Charles Henry Marbut ("Charles Marbut") born February 16, 1909, and died October 26, 1910;

Howell Diamond Marbut ("Howell Marbut") born May 10, 1910 and married Ola Glen Bishop ("Ola Bishop") on June 26, 1935 and who was born on October 27, 1913. Howell Marbut and Ola Marbut had 3 children:

Richard Howell Marbut ("Richard Marbut") born May 31, 1939 and married Sarah Alice Little ("Sarah Little") on February 12, 1966 and who was born on September 22, 1943. Richard Marbut and Sarah Marbut had 2 children:

Laurie Ann Marbut ("Laurie Marbut") born December 30, 1967; and, Richard David Marbut ("Richard Marbut") born May 31, 1969;

William Thomas Marbut ("William Marbut") born December 28, 1941, and married Carolyn Sue Dean ("Carolyn Dean") on September 26, 19?? and who was born on November 18, 1942. William Marbut and Carolyn Marbut had 2 children:

Susan Elisa Marbut ("Susan Marbut") born September 19, 1968; and, Margaret Ellen Marbut ("Margaret Marbut") born September 12, 1969; and,

James David Marbut ("James Marbut") born October 21, 1946, and married Mary Elizabeth Kirke ("Mary Kirke") on December 27, 1969 and who was born on March 1, 1947;

George Frederick Marbut ("George Marbut") born May 21, 1914, first married Emily Campbell on December 27, 1917, and later married Lilly Colquitt ("Lillian Colquitt"?) in June 1956 but had no known children by his second marriage. Emily Campbell died August 21, 1955. George Marbut and Emily Marbut had 2 children:

Chester Marbut born September 15, 1945; and,

Freddie Marbut ("Frederick Marbut"?) born September 21, 1949; and,

Samuel Alexander Marbut ("Samuel Marbut") born April 6, 1917, and married Mary Jane Richards ("Mary Richards") on June 13, 1943 and who was born on October 9, 1921. Samuel Marbut and Mary Marbut had 2 children:

Mary Ann Marbut ("Mary Marbut") born October 19, 1945, and married Curtis Alan Shirer ("Curtis Shirer") on February 18, 1967; and,

Karen Patricia Marbut ("Karen Marbut") born October 12, 1947, and married Charles West who was born on August 12, 1967;

Anna Marbut ("Ann Marbut"?) born June 23, 1878, married John A. Kidd ("John Kidd") on December 23, 1894, and died about 1937 in Brighton, Jefferson County, Alabama. John Kidd and Anna Kidd ("Ann Kidd"?) had 5 children:

Ester Kidd born March 5, 1897, married Paul Glenn Crawford ("Paul Crawford") on August 1, 1919, and died February 25, 1928. Paul Crawford and Ester Crawford had 2 children:

Mary Elizabeth Crawford ("Mary Crawford" & "Betty Crawford") born July 24, 1920, married Woodrow Paul Wentzy ("Woodrow Wentzy") on December 9, 1942 and who was born on September 16, 1914. Woodrow Wentzy and Mary Wentzy had 2 children:

David Albert Wentzy ("David Wentzy") born January 18, 1947; and,

James Richard Wentzy ("James Wentzy") born on October 21, 1952; and,

Paul Glenn Crawford, Jr. ("Paul Crawford") born July 23, 1922, married Mary Elizabeth Jackson ("Mary Jackson") on May 9, 1942, and died August 18, 1965. Paul Crawford, Jr. and Mary Crawford had 4 children:

Paul Glen Crawford, III ("Paul Crawford") born June 29, 1943, and married Darlene Reid who was born on March 29, 1945 in Alton, Madison County, Illinois. Paul Crawford, III and Darlene Crawford had 2 children:

Paul Reid Crawford ("Paul Crawford") born June 18, 1968 in Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana; and,

Dawn Michelle Crawford ("Dawn Crawford") born January 19, 1970 in Alexandria, Rapids Parish, Louisiana;

Jo Ann Crawford ("Jo Crawford" & "Joanne Crawford"?) born February 20, 1945, first married a Tucker and had no children by that marriage, and later married a Pancoast and had a daughter named:

J. Lynn Pancoast born in July 1968;

David Edwin Crawford ("David Crawford") born March 16, 1948; and,

Pattie Sue Crawford ("Pattie Crawford") born December 13, 1953;

Willine Kidd who married Olin Eugene Naylor ("Olin Naylor") and died April 9, 1937. Olin Naylor and Willine Naylor had 2 children:

John Marbut Naylor ("John Naylor") born May 3, 1922, and married Ora Jeanette Palmer ("Ora Palmer") who was born February 16, 1924. Marbut Naylor and Ora Naylor had 3 children:

Jeanette Ora Naylor ("Jeanette Naylor") born December 16, 1946;

John Wesley Naylor ("John Naylor") born January 18, 1949; and,

Richard Crenshaw Naylor ("Richard Naylor") born April 27, 1954; and,

Olin Eugene Naylor, Jr. ("Olin Naylor") born March 6, 1923 and married an Edna. Olin Naylor, Jr. and Edna Naylor had 2 children:

Dorothy Naylor; and,

Olin Eugene Naylor, III ("Olin Naylor");

William Marbut Kidd ("William Kidd") born June 23, 1901, and married

Hazel Halfacre on June 14, 1925. William Kidd and Hazel Kidd had 2 children:

William Marbut Kidd, Jr. ("William Kidd") born February 6, 1928, and married Grace Neyrey on June 28, 1947; and,

John Robert Kidd ("John Kidd") born on August 9, 1930, and married Rae Lather on June 27, 1952. John Kidd and Rae Kidd had a daughter named:

Karen Rae Kidd ("Karen Kidd") who was born June 19, 1953;

John Noble Kidd ("John Kidd") born June 1, 1904, married Jean Moore, and died August 14, 1952. John Kidd and Jean Kidd had a daughter named:

Anna Kidd; and,

Wilbur Stuart Kidd ("Wilbur Kidd") born June 16, 1919, and married Gearldine Marie Penner ("Gearldine Penner") on October 2, 1943. Wilbur Kidd and Gearldine Kidd had 3 children:

John Michael Kidd ("John Kidd") born October 6, 1944;

Joan Margaret Kidd ("Joan Kidd") born September 20, 1950; and,

James Kidd;

Lillie Godwin Marbut ("Lillie Marbut") born January 25, 1880, and married George P. Holbrook ("George Holbrook") on June 14, 1899. George Holbrook and Lillie Holbrook had 10 children:

Howard Holbrook born March 23, 1900, and died December 4, 1915;

George Marion Holbrook ("George Holbrook") born September 16, 1901 and married Ora Brandon. George Holbrook and Ora Holbrook had 2 children:

George Marion Holbrook ("George Holbrook") who married Norma Green; and,

Robert Brandon Holbrook ("Robert Holbrook");

Walter Alexander Holbrook ("George Holbrook") born March 29, 1003, married Annie Chapman ("Anne Chapman"? & "Ann Chapman"?), and died February 23, 1945. Walter Holbrook and Annie Holbrook ("Ann Holbrook"?) had 2 children:

Frances Ann Holbrook ("Frances Holbrook") who married Melvin Bartlett. Melvin Bartlett and Frances Bartlett had 3 children:

Lewis Lynn Bartlett ("Lewis Bartlett");

Candice Bartlett; and,

Francine Ann Bartlett ("Francine Bartlett"); and,

Charles Holbrook;

Hattie Inez Holbrook ("Hattie Holbrook") born March 6, 1905;

Carlton Holbrook born July 21, 1907, and married Ruby Payne. Carlton Holbrook and Ruby Holbrook had 4 children:

Wayne Holbrook;

Carolyn Holbrook;

Jimmie Holbrook ("James Holbrook"?); and,

Linda Holbrook;

Virginia Holbrook born May 25, 1910, and married Olin Rozell. Olin Rozell and Virginia Rozell had 2 children:

Howard Rozell; and,

Donald Glynn Rozell ("Donald Rozell");

John Wallace Holbrook ("John Holbrook") born June 8, 1912, and married Margaret Lynch. John Holbrook and Margaret Holbrook had a daughter named Barbara:

Jean Holbrook ("Barbara Holbrook");

Jessie Jane Holbrook ("Jessie Holbrook") born April 30, 1914, and married T.C. Blount. T.C. Blount and Jessie Blount had 3 children:

Mary Lou Blount ("Mary Blount");

Peggy Lynell Blount ("Peggy Blount"); and,

Virginia Gayle Blount ("Virginia Blount");

Mary Elizabeth Holbrook ("Mary Holbrook") born September 3, 1918, and married Owen Carberry. Owen Carberry and Mary Carberry had 2 children:

Patricia Ann Carberry ("Patricia Carberry"); and,

an unidentified daughter; and,

Henry Marbut Holbrook ("Henry Holbrook") born May 29, 1922, and married Gladys Duplecain. Henry Holbrook and Gladys Holbrook had 4 children: Ledell Holbrook;

Sandra Holbrook;

Mical Holbrook; and,

Gerry Holbrook;

Salli Marbut ("Sally Marbut"?) born May 23, 1882, married William Henry Morris ("William Morris"), and died October 7, 1911. William Morris and Salli Morris had 3 children:

Lula Mae Morris ("Lula Morris") born April 25, 1903, married Oscar William Monk ("Oscar Monk") on September 21, 1924, and died April 28, 1968. Oscar Monk and Lula Monk had 4 children:

Alice Louise Monk ("Alice Monk") born June 26, 1925, and married James Elbert Able ("James Able") on October 19, 1944. James Able and Alice Able had 2 children:

Elbert Boyd Able ("Elbert Able") born June 13, 1945, and married Ila Sue Smith ("Ila Smith") on July 16, 1965 and who was born on February 9, 1945. Elbert Able and Ila Able had a son named Christopher Alan Able ("Christopher Able") born March 22, 1969; and,

Charles Wayne Able ("Charles Able") born March 6, 1949;

Troy Vernon Monk ("Troy Monk") born November 24, 1927, and married Ann Story Peterson ("Ann Peterson") on May 23, 1952 and who was born on June 14, 1932. Troy Monk and Ann Monk had 5 children:

Christie Ann Monk ("Christie Monk") born September 3, 1954;

William Kenin Monk (William Monk") born November 17, 1955;

Robin Monk born May 13, 1957;

Michael Kelly Monk ("Michael Monk") born August 28, 1958; and,

Kathy Pam Monk ("Kathy Monk", "Catherine Monk"? & "Katherine Monk"?) born December 5, 1960;

Richard Doyle Monk ("Richard Monk") born March 19, 1930, and married Oleeta Russell on June 6, 1951 and who was born on March 14, 1928. Richard Monk and Oleeta Monk had 2 children:

Douglas Morris Monk ("Douglas Monk") born January 9, 1957; and,

Richard Russell Monk ("Richard Monk") born August 3, 1962; and,

Flora Juanita Monk ("Flora Monk") born February 8, 1932, married Bobbie Joe Smith ("Robert Joseph Smith"?, "Robert Smith"?, "Bobby Smith"? & "Bobbie Smith") on May 6, 1950 and who was born on September 2, 1930. Bobbie Smith and Flora Smith had 2 children:

Betty Suzanne Smith ("Betty Smith" & "Elizabeth Smith"); and,

Dorothy Kay Smith ("Dorothy Smith");

Julia Myrtle Morris ("Julia Morris") born January 15, 1906, and married John Samek, Jr. on November 16, 1924 and who was born on May 24, 1897; John Samek and Julia Samek had 5 children:

Theresa Ann Samek ("Theresa Samek") born September 20, 1925, and married Isaac Franklin Stevens ("Isaac Stevens") on January 27, 1946 and who was born on January 22, 1921. Isaac Stevens and Theresa Stevens had 5 children:

Sarah Ann Stevens ("Sarah Stevens") born February 27, 1947, and married Royce Cain on August 3, 1968;

Isaac Franklin Stevens, Jr. ("Isaac Stevens") born January 3, 1952;

Betty Louise Stevens ("Betty Stevens" & "Elizabeth Stevens"?) born March 2, 1959;

John Abner Stevens ("John Stevens") born August 10, 1961 and died 3 days later; and,

Michel Abner Stevens ("Michel Stevens" & "Michael Stevens"?) born February 27, 1964;

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