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Kale Hunt born on March 24, 1977; and,

Kristy Hunt born on February 7, 1981;

Lucy Mae Hunt (“Lucy Hunt”) born June 20, 1911, and married Shelton Compton who was born about 1910. Shelton Compton and Lucy Compton (“Mae Compton”) had 6 children:

Rita Compton born about 1935, and married Thomas Lawson (“Pete Lawson”). Thomas Lawton and Rita Lawson had 2 children:

Shelton Lawson; and,

Steve Lawson (“Stephen Lawson”);

Joe Compton (“Joseph Compton”?) born about 1935;

Linda Compton born about 1942, and married Calvin Martin. Calvin Martin and Linda Martin had 3 children:

Deborah Martin;

Donna Martin; and,

Shryl Martin (“Sheryl Martin”?);

Vivian Compton who married Jerry Smith. Jerry Smith and Vivian Smith had 3 children:

Michael Smith;

Ronda Smith; and,

Andrew Smith;

Margaret Compton born about 1939, and married James Garvitt (“James Garvit”?). James Garvitt and Margaret Garvitt had 3 children:

Alan Garvitt;

Susan Garvitt; and,

Jennifer Garvitt; and,

George Compton born about 1941, and married Brenda Thomas. George Compton and Brenda Compton had 2 children:

Gary Compton; and,

Kevin Compton;

Pauline Hunt born about 1917, and married Jewell Barden who was born about 1915. Jewell Barden and Pauline Barden had 2 children:

Rondal Barden born about 1937, and married a Margie. Rondal Barden and Margie Barden had 4 children:

Rondal Barden, Jr.;

Kari Barden; Charlie Barden (“Charles Barden”);

San Barden; and,

Verner Barden; and,

Andrella Barden born about 1939 and married Allen Pardue (“Allan Pardue”?). Allen Pardue and Andrella Pardue had 2 children:

Sidney Pardue; and,

Pamela Pardue who married Al Laddy (“Albert Laddy”?). Al Laddy and Pamela Laddy had a son named:

Daniel Laddy; and,

Phillip Hunt born April 27, 1917, and married Vista Eloise Mundy (“Vista Mundy”) who was born on July 27, 1925. Phillip Hunt and Vista Hunt (“Eloise Hunt”) had 3 children:

Gary Phillip Hunt (“Gary Hunt”) born December 30, 1946, and married a Janie. Gary Hunt and Janie Hunt had 2 children:

Phillip Hunt; and,

Nancy Hunt;

Cheryl Janice Hunt (“Cheryl Hunt”) born July 3, 1950; and,

Jeffrey David Hunt (“Jeffrey Hunt”) born July 27, 1952, and married a Brenda. Jeffrey Hunt and Brenda Hunt had 2 children:

Jonathan Hunt; and,

Jessica Hunt;

Harriet Hunt born July 14, 1920, and married James G. Sloan (“James Sloan”) who was born about 1920. James Sloan and Harriet Sloan had a son named:

Larry Sloan born about 1943 and married a Mary. Larry Sloan and Mary Sloan had a son named:

Michael Sloan;

Henrietta Hunt born August 27, 1921, and married Talmadge R. Roberts who was born on November 1, 1920 and who died on July 7, 1986. Talmadge Roberts and Henrietta Roberts had 2 children:

Douglas Roberts born on October 29, 1946, and married Ruta; and,

Michael Talmadge Roberts (“Talmadge Roberts”) born on December 10, 1955, and married Dianna Lee. Michael Roberts and Dianna Roberts had 4 children:

Jennifer Roberts;

Clinton Michael Roberts (“Clinton Roberts”) born on August 27, 1984;

Cathrine Lee Roberts (“Cathrine Roberts” & “Catherine Roberts”?) born on November 19, 1986; and,

Marianne Grace Roberts (“Marianne Roberts”) born on May 12, 1987; and,

Betty Hunt born about December 4, 1923, first married Abijah Clifton Sheffield, Jr. (“Abijah Sheffield”) who was born on February 12, 1921 and who died in December 1991, and later married O.F. Hollingsworth. Abihah Sheffield and Betty Sheffield had a son named:

Gregory Michael Sheffield (“Gregory Sheffield”) born on September 3, 1954, first married Julie Ann Moss (“Julie Moss”) who was born on September 22, 1955, and later married Janice Bagwell who was born on September 27, 1957. Julie Sheffield apparently had a daughter named April M. Jones (“April Jones”) born on April 3, 1974 by a previous marriage. Gregory Sheffield and Janice Sheffield had 2 children:

Alex Monroe Sheffield (“Alex Sheffield” & “Alexander Sheffield”?) born on September 20, 1983; and,

Ryan Clifton Sheffield (“Ryan Sheffield”) born on March 6, 1986; 430

Joseph Evans born January 2, 1888 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and died on November 12, 1888 in Lumpkin County, Georgia.

David Pickett Evans (“David Evans” & “Paul Evans”?) born October 5, 1889 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and married Beulah Ann Truelove (“Beulah Truelove”) who was born on August 29, 1893 in White County, Georgia. David Evans died on November 16, 1917 in White County, Georgia, and is buried in the Shoal Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in White County, Georgia. David Evans and Beulah Evans had a son named:

Ray Otis Evans (“Ray Evans”) born on September 27, 1917 in White County, Georgia, and married Ann Gonzelbez who was born on March 22, 1917. Ray Evans and Ann Evans had 2 children:

David Raymon Evans (“David Evans”) born on March 22, 1945; and,

Conchita Louise Evans (“Conchita Evans”) born on July 2, 1947;

Dewitt Carter Evans (“Dewitt Evans”) born on February 8, 1895 in Pickens County, Georgia, married Nora Boggs, died June 7, 1947 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, and is buried in the Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia. Nora Boggs was born on October 17,1895 in White County, Georgia, and was the daughter of John Floyd Boggs (“John Boggs”) and Cintha Humpries (“Cynthia Humpries”?). Dewitt Evans and Nora Evans had 2 children:

Ruth Evans; and,

Richard Carter Evans (“Richard Evans”) born on August 13, 1925 in Akron, Summit County, Ohio, and first married Nelle Dean Crane (“Nelle Crane”) on November 19. 1946, and later married Bobbie Thompson Peck (“Bobbie Peck”) on December 22, 1962. Richard Evans and Nelle Evans had a son named:

Dennis Carter Evans (“Dennis Evans”) born January 30, 1948 in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia;

Daniel Tate Evans (“Daniel Evans”) born on November 1, 1896 in White County, Georgia, and married Gladys Kinney. Daniel Evans and Gladys Evans had 6 children:

Ralph Evans;

Raymond Evans;

Virginia Evans (“Dorothy Evans”);

Riley Evans;

Roy Evans; and,

Glenda Evans; and,

Eva Mae Evans (“Eva Evans”) born on January 1, 1902 in White County, Georgia, married Ernest Benson Whitfield (“Ernest Whitfield”) on June 21, 1921 in Meldean Station, White County, Georgia. Ernest Whitfield was born on June 2, 1899 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Ernest Whitfield and Eva Whitfield (“Mae Whitfield”) had 2 children:

Laneta Ethelene Whitfield (“Laneta Whitfield”) born on March 20, 1922 in White County, Georgia, and married William Edward Stewart (“William Stewart”) and lived in Gainesville, Georgia. William Stewart was born on September 16, 1923 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia and he and Laneta Stewart (“Ethelene Stewart”) had 3 children:

Nancy Elaine Stewart (“Nancy Stewart”) born on September 19, 1947 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia;

Barry Stewart born on April 13, 1952 in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia; and,

Cindy Stewart (“Cynthia Stewart”?) born on August 23, 1958 in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia; and,

Roy Earl Whitfield (“Roy Whitfield”) born on January 20, 1925 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and married Ruth Maxine Crowe (“Ruth Crowe”) on February 24, 1947. Ruth Crowe was the daughter of Mack Crowe and Nora Durand. Roy Whitfield had 3 children:

Michael David Whitfield (“Michael Whitfield”) born on February 4, 1948 in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia;

William Benson Whitfield (“William Whitfield”) born on December 1, 1949 in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia; and,

Barbara Anne Whitfield (“Barbara Whitfield” & “Ann Whitefield”?) born on March 24, 1952 in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia; and,

Calvin Abercrombie?; and possibly

Mary Abercrombie ?430;

(v) BECKY ABERCROMBIE (“Elizabeth Abercrombie”?) born about 1826 and married a Baker;

(vi) CHARLES ABERCROMBIE born on April 4, 1827 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Cynthia A. Mays ("Cynthia Mays") on December 22, 1846 in Hall County, Georgia, died May 5, 1908, and is buried in the Wahoo Baptist Church in Hall County, Georgia. Cynthia Mayes was born about 1827 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Charles Abercrombie and Cynthia Abercrombie had 10 children:

Gertrude Abercrombie born about 1847 in Lumpkin County, Georgia 430 & 438

Plonea Abercrombie (“Pleney Abercrombie”?) born about 1850 or about 1848438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Napoleon Abercrombie born about 1849 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

John Abercrombie born about 1854 or about 1850438;

Robert Abercrombie born about 1856 or about 1851438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Permelia B. Abercrombie (“Permelia Abercrombie”, “Permellia Abercrombie” “Permilia Abercrombie”? & “Permela Abercrombie”?) born about 1860 or about 1852438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Fannie Abercrombie ("Frances Abercrombie” & “Fanna Abercrombie”) born about 1865 or about 1853438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Jane Abercrombie born about 1867 or about 1854438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Polly Abercrombie ("Mary Abercrombie" & "Mary Jane Abercrombie") born about 1851;and,

Clarence Abercrombie;

(vii) NANCY ABERCROMBIE born about 1828, and married Andrew J. Pierce ("Andrew Pierce") on July 2, 1837 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

(viii) WILLIAM ABERCROMBIE ("Bill Crumbie") born January 14, 1830 in either Lumpkin County, Georgia or in Hall County, Georgia438, married Rilla Caroline Blackwell ("Rilla Blackwell") on October 12, 1848 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and possibly later married Manuary Caldonia Davis ("Manuary Davis"), was killed February 14, 1885 in Lumpkin County, Georgia in an accident in his grist mill, and is buried in the Wahoo Baptist Church in either Hall County, Georgia385 or in Lumpkin County, Georgia.430 Caroline Blackwell was born either on September 17, 1832 or about 1828438 in Hall County, Georgia, was the daughter of Jeroyal Blackwell and Elizabeth Glaze, died October 10, 1912, and is buried with her husband. Apparently William Abercrombie had at least the following children:

Sizzie Abercrombie born about 1849 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Lizzie Abercrombie born about 1850 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

John Joseph Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born either on August 1, 1852 or about 1851 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Mary Ann Cynthia Elizabeth Keith ("Mary Keith", "Cynthia Keith" & "Ann Keith") on December 3, 1874, and died May 31, 1930. Mary Keith was born January 7, 1857, and was the daughter of William M. Keith ("William Keith") and a Sarah. John Abercrombie and Mary Abercrombie had 6 children:

Amanda Leanner Abercrombie ("Amanda Abercrombie") born September 21, 1875;

Albert Delona Abercrombie ("Albert Abercrombie") born November 5, 1877, became a medical doctor and moved to Alabama. Albert Abercrombie had 2 children:

Joseph Albert Abercrombie ("Joseph Abercrombie") born October 29, 1906; and,

Elizabeth Abercrombie born February 14, 1915;

Y. William M. Abercrombie ("William Abercrombie") born June 30, 1880;

Sarah Effie Bessie Caroline Abercrombie ("Sarah Abercrombie", "Effie Abercrombie" & "Bessie Abercrombie") born April 21, 1884, and married M.W. Poor. M.W. Poor and Sarah Poor had 7 children:

Nellie Lee Rebecca Elizabeth Poor ("Nellie Poor", "Lee Poor" & "Rebecca Poor") born June 5, 1904, and married a Cantrell;

Laura Annis Poor ("Laura Poor") born May 2, 1906;

Ruby Gladys Poor ("Ruby Poor") born April 29, 1907;

Mattie Eugene Poor ("Mattie Poor") born October 8, 1909;

Joseph Chester Poor ("Joseph Poor") born December 9, 1911;

L.D. Poor born June 25, 1915; and,

Robert Delona Poor ("Robert Poor") born February 14, 1921;

John Saye Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born November 11, 1886, and married a Laura Louvenia Elizabeth on January 20, 1908; and,

Andrew Joseph Abercrombie ("Andrew Abercrombie") born October 13, 1891, and married E.V. Hunter on December 31, 1913. Andrew Abercrombie and E.V. Abercrombie had the following children:

John Joseph Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born November 2, 1914;

Bessie Margarite Abercrombie ("Bessie Abercrombie" & "Elizabeth Abercrombie"?) born January 24, 1917;

Albert Hunter Abercrombie ("Albert Abercrombie") born July 2, 1919;

Anna Bell Abercrombie ("Anna Abercrombie") born September 29, 1924;

Fannie Elizabeth Abercrombie ("Fannie Abercrombie" & "Frances Abercrombie, born July 20, 1850, married Harvey L. Pierce ("Harvey Pierce"), and died by February 1, 1924;

H.R. Abercrombie born May 11, 1855;

Amanda Abercrombie born either on March 19, 1857 or about 1852438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and married Reuben F. Whelchel ("Reuben Whelchel");

Mary Catherine Abercrombie ("Mary Abercrombie") born either on December 29, 1859 or about 1853438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Andrew J. Pierce ("Andrew Pierce") January 2, 1876, and died January 8, 1929;

Lulu Abercrombie born about 1854 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;438

William G. Delonia Abercrombie ("William Abercrombie" & "Dee Abercrombie") born either on October 28, 1871 or about 1855438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, first married Eugenia Gilstrap ("Jeanie Gilstrap"), later married Carrie Glace on December 3, 1922, and died May 18, 1954. Eugenia Gilstrap was born July 16, 1872, and died August 3, 1918 and Carrie Glaze was born May 26, 1890, and died December 28, 1972. William Abercrombie and Carrie Abercrombie had 3 children:

Carey Delona Abercrombie ("Carey Abercrombie") born June 29, 1921, and married Marjorie King on July 2, 1921 and who was born April 6, 1929. Carey Abercrombie and Marjorie Abercrombie had 3 children:

Donald Lee Abercrombie ("Donald Abercrombie") born June 13, 1956, and married Elaine Grizze on March 14, 1980 and who was born December 3, 1956. Donald Abercrombie and Elaine Abercrombie had a daughter by the name of:

Amanda Leigh Abercrombie ("Amanda Abercrombie") who was born December 14, 1981;

Deborah Louise Abercrombie ("Deborah Abercrombie") born August 13, 1957, and married Joep Stephens ("Joseph Stephens"?) on May 13, 1978 and who was born on May 8, 1956. Joep Stephens and Deborah Stephens had a daughter by the name of:

Andrin Michelle Stephens ("Andrin Stephens") who was born July 21, 1959; and,

Denise Abercrombie born July 21, 1959;

Lillian Abercrombie born October 12, 1923, and married Ralph Truelove on November 7, 1942 and who was born August 18, 1922. Ralph Truelove and Lillian Truelove had 3 children:

Larry Douglas Truelove ("Larry Truelove") born September 17, 1943, and died March 1, 1950;

Kenneth Lamar Truelove ("Kenneth Truelove"), adopted and born January 3, 1961; and,

Martha Elaine Truelove ("Martha Truelove") born February 7, 1962, married Jeffery Jones ("Jeffrey Jones"?) on September 13, 1980 and who was born on October 31, 1959; and,

Joseph E. Brown Abercrombie ("Joseph Abercrombie") born about 1858;

Sallie C. Abercrombie ("Sallie Abercrombie" & "Sally Abercrombie"?) born on either November 11, 1867 or about 1856438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Niles N. Littlefield ("Niles Littlefield") on May 17, 1888, lived in Ben Hill County, Georgia, and died in July 1936;

Young Glenn Abercrombie ("Young Abercrombie") born on either June 29, 1865 or about 1857 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Mattie Belle Gillespie ("Mattie Gillespie"), died July 20, 1943, and is buried in the Wahoo Baptist Church Cemetery. Mattie Gillespie was born July 7, 1865, died May 9, 1932, and is buried in the Wahoo Baptist Church Cemetery. The children of Young Abercrombie and Mattie Abercrombie were:

Hassie Abercrombie born about 1886;

Willie May Abercrombie ("Willie Abercrombie") born May 2, 1887, married Claude Whelchel, and died in April 1968. Claude Whelchel and Willie Whelchel had 7 children:

Robert Whelchel;

Y.C. Whelchel;

Monteem Whelchel who first married an unknown person and later married a Bush;

Nell Whelchel who married a Shirley;

John Whelchel who apparently disappeared when he was in his 20's;

Tom Whelchel ("Thomas Whelchel"?) who married a Rogers; and,

Betty Whelchel ("Elizabeth Whelchel") who married a Meadows;

Thomas Ely Abercrombie ("Thomas Abercrombie" & "Elia Abercrombie") born either December 23, 1888 or December 29, 1888, married Ruby Estell Martin ("Ruby Martin"), and died in October 1957. Thomas Abercrombie and Ruby Abercrombie had 2 children:

Aligene Abercrombie who married Thomas J. Castello ("Thomas Castello");and,

Thomas E. Abercrombie, Jr. ("Thomas Abercrombie") born September 20, 1925, and married a Betty.

Thomas Abercrombie and Betty Abercrombie ("Elizabeth Abercrombie") had 3 children:

Sandra Abercrombie born March 22, 1952;

Diann Abercrombie ("Dianne Abercrombie") born August 5, 1955; and,

Thomas E. Abercrombie, III ("Thomas Abercrombie") who lived in Live Oak, Florida;

Lizzie Abercrombie ("Elizabeth Abercrombie") born in March 1892, married Scrogg L. Rogers ("Scrogg Rogers"), and died in October 1978. Scrogg Rogers and Lizzie Rogers ("Elizabeth Abercrombie") had 3 children:

Robbie Rogers ("Robert Rogers"?);

Evelyn Rogers; and,

Craig Rogers who died at an early age; and,

Sallie Faye Abercrombie ("Sallie Abercrombie" & "Sally Abercrombie") born January 3, 1901, married Dennis Elrod, and died March 29, 1901. The children of Dennis Elrod and Sallie Elrod ("Sally Elrod") were:

Winford Elrod who married a Couch;

Edwin Elrod who married a Whelchel; and,

Mildred Elrod who married Jim Jomes ("James Jones");

Telula Abercrombie ("Lula Abercrombie") born September 25, 1874, married John David Parks ("John Parks") on October 19, 1893, and died December 3, 1941;

Riley A. Abercrombie ("Riley Abercrombie") born about 1877 in Benton County, Arkansas; and, possibly,

Fannie Lelia Abercrombie ("Fannie Abercrombie" & "Frances Abercrombie") born April 13, 1879, and died April 13, 1964;

(ix) YOUNG ABERCROMBIE born about 1832 in either Georgia443 or in Laurens, South Carolina (as listed in the LDS records), married Isabell Johnson ("Isabella Johnson" & "Isabelle Johnson"?) about 1852, and died on July 15, 1863. Isabell Johnson was born January 3, 1832, died August 16, 1905 and is buried in the Wahoo Baptist Church in Hall County, Georgia. Young Abercrombie and Isabell Abercrombie ("Isabelle Abercrombie") had 5 children:

Andrew Jackson Abercrombie ("Andrew Abercrombie") born about 1853;

John Washington Abercrombie (John Abercrombie") born about 1855;

Joseph E. Brown Abercrombie ("Joseph Abercrombie") born about 1858;

Young Bartow Abercrombie? ("Young Abercrombie") born December 15, 1861, and died November 28, 1947; and,

Young Abercrombie? born June 29, 1865, and died July 20, 1943;

(x) WASHINGTON ABERCROMBIE born about 1835 in Georgia and died about 1863 in Georgia;

(xi) JOSEPH ABERCROMBIE born about 1838 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Allie M. Nash ("Allie Nash") about 1870, and died about 1865 in Georgia;

(xii) FANNY ABERCROMBIE ("Fannie Abercrombie" & “Frances Abercrombie”?) born August 10, 1840 in Laurens, South Carolina, married Jarrett Jones on February 22, 1855, and died March 22, 1916 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. It is said that she married at the age of 13. Jarrett Jones was born on September 2, 1833 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, was the son of John Henry Jones ("John Jones"), and died October 21, 1884. Jarrett Jones and Fanny Jones ("Fannie Jones") had 11 children:

Sarah Jones (“Orrah Jones”) born on April 8, 1856 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and died July 12, 1870;

John Henry Jones ("John Jones") born on June 28, 1858 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;

Fanny Emeline Jones (Fannie Emmaline Jones”, "Fannie Jones", "Frances Jones" & "Emaline Jones"?) born on May 5, 1860 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and died in Texas on January 20, 1892;

Della Lillian Jones ("Della Jones") born on January 11, 1863 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Ed O'Kelley ("Edward O'Kelley"), and died May 20, 1896;

Young Wiley Jones ("Young Jones") born on January 21, 1866 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and died April 25, 1890;

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