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Erin Aleese McCallum ("Erin McCallum") born on July 28, 1988; and,

Jason Wayne McCallum ("Jason McCallum") born on November 22, 1990;

Joy Kathryn McCallum ("Joy McCallum") born on December 11, 1954, and married Stephan Grant Livesay ("Stephan Livesay") on August 6, 1988 and who was born on April 2, 1957. Stephan Livesay and Joy Livesay had twins named:

Kathryn Elizabeth Livesay ("Katheryn Livesay") born June 28, 1993; and,

Stephanie Leanne Livesay ("Stephanie Livesay") born on June 28, 1993;

Claire Ellen McCallum ("Claire McCallum") born on February 4, 1956, and married Andrew Field Quinn ("Andrew Quinn") on December 21, 1981 and who was born on July 8, 1953. Andrew Quinn and Claire Quinn had 2 children:

Nicholas Field Quinn ("Nicholas Quinn") born September 23, 1983; and,

James Andrew Quinn ("James Quinn") born September 10, 1990; and,

Laurie Luanne McCallum ("Laurie McCallum") born October 1, 1961, and married Roger Steven Sutton ("Roger Sutton") on June 24, 1983 and who was born on September 21, 1961. Roger Sutton and Laurie Sutton had 2 children:

Cavender Steven Sutton ("Cavender Sutton") born on November 22, 1989; and,

Caroline Megan Sutton ("Caroline Sutton") born on February 2, 1993;

Virgil Claude Cavender ("Virgil Cavender" & “V.C. Cavender”) born on April 13, 1900 in Georgia, married Martha Fann on July 23, 1944, died December 5, 1976 in Waycross, Georgia, and is buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery which is several miles east of Waycross, Georgia on Highway 82. Martha Fann was born on August 10, 1917 and died on February 3, 1996. Claude Cavender and Martha Cavender had 5 children:

Virgil Claude Cavender, Jr. ("Virgil Cavender" & “V.C. Cavender”) born on March 8, 1946, married a Nadine on August 8, 1992 and who is believed to have been born on February 23, 1966, lived in Georgia, and is believed to have had a daughter named:

Lynn Cavender;

David Ledford Cavender ("David Cavender" & “D.L. Cavender”) born November 23, 1947, married a Vallery on August 12, 1973 and who was born on August 12, 1953, and lived in Waycross, Georgia. David Cavender and Vallery Cavender had 2 children:

Jennifer Cavender born on April 11, 1977; and,

Gordon Cavender born on April 23, 1979;

Marguerite Cavender born on October 22, 1949, and married James Stephens on August 7, 1971. James Stephens and Marguerite Stephens had 2 children:

Kimberly Stephens born on August 21, 1976; and,

Matthew Stephens born on April 25, 1982;

Virginia Rebecca Cavender ("Virginia Cavender" & “V.R. Cavender”) born on August 9, 1953, and married Wyatt Adamson on June 9, 1974 and who was born on January 9, 1941. Wyatt Adamson and Virginia Adamson had 3 children:

Rachel Adamson ("Rachael Adamson"?) born on August 16, 1981;

Jessica Adamson born on March 5, 1987; and,

Sarah Adamson born January 18, 1990; and,

James B. Cavender ("James Cavender", “J.B. Cavender” & “James Benjamin Cavender”?) born about 1962;

Henley Thistle Cavender ("Henley Cavender" & “H.T. Cavender”) born July 24, 1902, married Beatrice Phillips ("Bea Phillips"), died in June 1984 in Claxton, Georgia, and is buried in Claxton, Georgia. Beatrice Phillips was born on November 27, 1915, died about 1993, and is buried with her husband. Henley Cavender and Beatrice Cavender had 3 children:

James Norman Cavender ("James Cavender", “J.N. Cavender” & “James N. Cavender”) born on January 21, 1936, married Pamela Hay, and lived in Claxton, Georgia. Norman Cavender and Pamela Cavender had 2 children:

Connie Cavender; and,

Ann Cavender who married Glen Gambrell ("Glenn Gambrell"?);

Ralph Henley Cavender ("Ralph Cavender" & “R.H. Cavender”) born April 4, 1940, first married Beverly Jean Bacon ("Beverly Bacon") who was born about 1942, next married Harriette Costa who was born about 1940, and lived in Claxton, Georgia. Ralph Cavender and Beverly Cavender had 2 children:

John Henley Cavender ("John Cavender", “J.H. Cavender” & “John H. Cavender”) born about 1965; and,

Catherine Jean Cavender ("Catherine Cavender", “C.J. Cavender” & "Cathy Cavender") born about 1969; and

Judith Cavender born on December 23, 1942, and married Thomas Irvin Willingham, Jr. ("Thomas Willingham") who was born about 1940. Thomas Willingham and Judith Willingham had 3 children:

Thomas Irving Willingham, III ("Thomas Willingham") born about 1967 and married Macon Frischkorn. Thomas Willingham, III and Macon Willingham had a son named Thomas Willingham, IV born about 1996;

James Cavender Willingham ("James Willingham") born about 1970; and, Robert Meador Willingham ("Robert Willingham") born about 1974;

Virginia Nelle Cavender ("Virginia Cavender", “V.N. Cavender” & "Nell Cavender") born November 29, 1905, married Ernest H. McClelland ("Ernest McClelland"), died February 26, 1978, and is buried at the Oakland Cemetery in Waycross, Georgia. Ernest McClelland was born on June 24, 1908, died December 22, 1975, and is buried with his wife. Ernest McClelland and Nelle McClelland had 2 children:

Virginia Elna McClelland ("Virginia McClelland") born on January 26, 1941, and married Albert Timmons Bragdon ("Albert Bragdon" & "A.J. Bragdon"). Albert Bragdon and Virginia Bragdon had 2 children:

Susan Grace Bragdon ("Susan Bragdon"); and,

Christie Nelle Bragdon ("Christie Bragdon"); and,

Nelle Grace McClelland ("Nelle McClelland") born on December 29, 1942, and married Harold P. James ("Harold James" & "Buddy James") who was born about 1942. Harold James and Nelle James had a son named:

Paul Ard James ("Paul James") who was born about 1975; and,

John Mercer Cavender ("John Cavender", “J.M. Cavender” & “John M. Cavender”) born April 6, 1908, married Nina Langdale, died about 1980, and is buried in Arkansas. John Cavender and Nina Cavender had 2 children:

Sherry Cavender who married James Spencer. James Spencer and Sherry Spencer had 2 children:

Courtney Spencer; and,

Leslie Spencer; and,

Nina Cavender ("Nin Cavender") born on November 1, 1953 and married William Osborn who was born about 1953. William Osborn and Nina Osborn had 2 children:

Kara Osborn born about 1983; and,

Molly Osborn born about 1985;420 & 426

Rebecca Jane Cavender (“Rebecca Cavender” & “R.J. Cavender”) born October 22, 1873 in Union County, Georgia, married C.E. Rich ("C.E. Richards"?), moved to South Georgia, died on February 4, 1956 in Waycross, Union County, Georgia, and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Waycross, Georgia. She had a son named:

John Rich or John Richards who also moved to South Georgia;

Laura Lucretia Cavender ("Laura Cavender", “L.L. Cavender” & “Lula Cavender”?) born August 9, 1876 in Baxter, Union County, Georgia, married Julius Franklin White ("Julius White" & "Sam White") on January 6, 1903 in Baxter, Union County, Georgia, died August 30, 1969 in Joshua Tree, California, and is buried in Laramie, Wyoming. Julius White was born on August 19, 1856 in Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina, was the son of John Alfred White ("John White") who was born on April 12, 1819 and died on April 10, 1904 in Albany County, Wyoming and to Rose Anna Brawley ("Rose Brawley") who was born on December 13, 1835 in South Carolina to Daniel Brawley who was born in Ireland about 1789 and died on either July 20, 1885 or on July 7, 1881. Julius White died October 10, 1923 in either Rock River, Wyoming or in Albany County, Wyoming420, and is buried in Laramie, Wyoming. Julius White and Laura White had 8 children:

James Herbert White ("James White") born October 5, 1903 in either Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming or in Arlington, Carbon County, Wyoming420, first married Hazel Viola Gross ("Hazel Gross") in December 1926, later married Doris Ellen Taylor ("Doris Taylor") about 1938, still later married Irma Croy about 1955 in Colorado, and died March 15, 1986 in either Colorado or in Lakewood, Los Angeles, California.420 Hazel Gross was born May 2, 1900 in Aurora, Missouri, was the daughter of Sarah Mineriva Cavender ("Sarah Cavender") and granddaughter of John Marion Cavender ("John Cavender" & “John M. Cavender”) who was the brother of George Washington Cavender, and died December 1, 1933 in Albany County, Wyoming. Therefore, James White and Hazel Gross were second cousins. Doris Taylor was born on October 19, 1916 and Irma Croy was born about 1923. By his first marriage, James White and Hazel White had 2 children:

Robert Allen White ("Robert White") born August 25, 1927 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado, married Annabel Lee Hill ("Annabel Hill") on March 25, 1946 in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana. Annabel Hill was born on May 31, 1927 in Putnam County, Missouri. Robert White and Annabel White had 4 children:

Linda Kathleen White ("Kathy White", "Katherine White"? & "Kathryn White"?) born on June 23, 1948 in Lovell, Big Horn County, Wyoming, married Thomas Jeffery Zurek ("Thomas Zurek") in Bernalillo, Sandoval County, New Mexico, and was later divorced. Thomas Zurek and Linda Zurek had 3 children:

Thomas John Zurek ("Thomas Zurek") born on June 19, 1968, and married Lisa Marie Holvenga ("Lisa Holvenga") in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lisa Holvenga was born on November 18, 1967. Thomas Zurek and Lisa Zurek had a daughter named:

Ashley Kathleen Zurek ("Ashley Zurek") born January 24, 1997;

David William Zurek ("David Zurek") born on August 3, 1972; and,

Christopher James Zurek ("Christopher Zurek") born on June 28, 1975;

Robert Kent White ("Robert White") born on June 24, 1950 in Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming;

Patricia Lynn White ("Patricia White") born on April 16, 1952 in Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming, and died on January 14, 1992 in Brown County, Indiana; and,

Judy Kay White ("Judy White") born November 6, 1954 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico; and,

Donald Eugene White ("Donald White") born September 28, 1929 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado, and married a Peggy;

By his second marriage, James White and Doris White had a son named:

Jerry David White ("Jerry White") born July 20, 1939 and married a Linda. Jerry White and Linda White had a daughter named:

Sandra Louise White ("Sandra White");

By his third marriage, James White and Irma White had a daughter named:

Leila Rose White ("Leila White") born on April 11, 1957;

Ora White born on October 14, 1905 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming, married Ellen Johnson, and died July 23, 1973 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming. Ellen Johnson was born about 1910. Ora White and Ellen White had 6 children:

Kent Ora White ("Kent White") born April 15, 1938;

Keith Oliver White ("Keith White") born August 4, 1940;

Kerry Orval White ("Kerry White") born March 20, 1942;

Kim Owen White ("Kim White") born April 7, 1944;

Kevin Olin White ("Kevin White") born April 12, 1948; and,

Karl O. White ("Karl White") born March 28, 1950;

Bryan White ("Brian White"?) born July 3, 1907 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming, married Frances Eades, and died June 20, 1973 in Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming. Frances Eades was born September 25, 1912 in Wyoming, and died in July 1985 in Wyoming. Byran White and Frances White had a son named:

Clifford White born June 23, 1934 in Laramie, Wyoming, first married Shirley Garner, and later married a Gillian about 1975 and who was born about 1940. Clifford White and Shirley White had 2 children:

Rodney White; and,

Clint White;

Nellie White born September 21, 1909 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming, and married Willard Orval Wallis ("Willard Wallis") who was born on March 25, 1898 in Wyoming and who died on November 25, 1960 in Wyoming. Willard Wallis and Nellie Wallis had 3 children:

Roy Orval Wallace ("Roy Wallace") born about 1934 in Wyoming, and died about 1936 in Wyoming;

Dan Lewis Wallis ("Dan Wallis" & "Daniel Wallis"?) born September 1, 1940, married Nancy Jane Lockhart ("Nancy Lockhart") on September 13, 1959 in Laramie, Wyoming and who was born on September 1, 1940. Dan Wallis and Nancy Wallis had a daughter named:

Dani Lynn Wallis ("Dani Wallis") born in January 1962, and married Ralph D'Arge in Saratoga, Wyoming. Ralph D'Arge and Dani D'Arge had a daughter named:

Dalhia Danielle D'Arge born October 22, 1992; and,

Laura Nell Wallis ("Laura Wallis") born October 31, 1939, and married Don Ellis ("Donald Ellis"?). Don Ellis and Laura Ellis had 4 children:

Laura Jean Ellis ("Laura Ellis" & "Sue Ellis") born about 1959, and married Wiley Jones on August 24, 1996;

Linda Lee Ellis ("Linda Ellis") born about 1960, and married Scott Platts. Scott Platts and Linda Platts had 3 children:

Hazel Platts who was born about 1983 in the Phillippines and was adopted about 1985;

Max Platts born about 1990; and,

Sam Platts ("Samuel Platts"?) born about 1992;

Mike Ellis ("Michael Ellis"?) born about 1992, and married a Rita. Mike Ellis and Rita had 2 children:

Emily Ellis born about 1993; and,

Jonathan Ellis born about 1994; and,

Joe Ellis ("Joseph Ellis"?) born about 1974;

Mary White born March 20, 1911 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming, first married Lloyd Kenneth Epler ("Lloyd Epler") about 1935, later married Gus Ojala after 1937, and still later married James Ford after 1958. Lloyd Epler was born January 30, 1909, and died September 2, 1937. Gus Ojala was born on March 3, 1904, and died in August 1957. Lloyd Epler and Mary Epler had a daughter named:

Norma Lou Epler ("Norma Epler") born March 11, 1936, and married Ronald Dean Day ("Ronald Day") about 1953 in Joshua Tree, California. Ronald Day and Norma Day had 4 children:

Lee Anthony Day ("Lee Day") born June 28, 1954, and married Rebecca Glen about 1978. Lee Day and Rebecca Day had 3 children:

Bryan Lee Day ("Bryan Day" & "Brian Day"?) born June 6, 1979;

Mark Day born about 1980; and,

Matthew Day born about 1980;

Ronda Louise Day ("Rhonda Day") born February 4, 1956, married William Clay about 1975 and who was born on March 13, 1953, and later married a Darwin who was born about 1990. By her first marriage, William Clay and Ronda Clay had 3 children:

Brandon Bailey Clay ("Brandon Clay") born on June 26, 1974;

Mandy Brook Clay ("Mandy Clay") born on July 17, 1976; and,

Keesha Marie Clay ("Kesha Clay") born October 6, 1977.

By her second marriage Ronda Darwin had 2 children:

Chase Darwin born about 1992; and,

Jordan Darwin born about 1995;

Dana Marie Day ("Dana Day") born November 11, 1958, and married Burl McMillan on June 30, 1979; and,

Barbara Lynn Day ("Barbara Day") born April 22, 1966;

Lee White born May 3, 1913 in Rock River, Wyoming, married Gladys Newell, and died November 2, 1991 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming. Gladys Newell was born on December 13, 1913, and died on August 6, 1996 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Lee White and Gladys White had 2 children:

Carol Lee White ("Carol White") born March 14, 1935 in Wyoming, and married Donald Lee Emerson ("Donald Emerson") about 1955. Donald Emerson was born on February 3, 1932 in Wyoming, and died in July 1980 in Wyoming. Donald Emerson and Carol Emerson had a daughter named:

Debbie Emerson ("Deborah Emerson"?) born August 19, 1957; and,

Ronald James White ("Ronald White") born on June 2, 1942 in Wyoming, and married Nina Taylor about 1965. Ronald White and Nina White had 2 children:

Troy Lee White ("Troy White") born on May 15, 1969; and,

David Arthur White ("David White") born on June 28, 1972;

Iva White born on either July 19, 1914 or on July 19, 1916420 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming, married Fred Albin Rydberg ("Fred Rydberg" & "Frederick Rydberg"?) on June 23, 1936 in Laramie, Wyoming, and died May 6, 1991 in Seattle, King County, Washington. Fred Rydberg was born on March 26, 1897 in Thief River Falls, Marshall County, Minnesota, and died on June 21, 1967 in Seattle, Washington. Fred Rydberg and Iva Rydberg had 6 children:

Kenneth George Rydberg ("Kenneth Rydberg") born about September 29, 1937 in Laramie, Wyoming, and died about the same day;

Marilynn Winifred Rydberg ("Marilynn Rydberg" & "Marilyn Rydberg"?) born on June 8, 1939 in Laramie, Wyoming, first married Eugene Leroy Perkins ("Eugene Perkins") on March 10, 1961 in Kirkland, Washington, later married John Carlson McKinney ("John McKinney"), and died about 1995. Eugene Perkins was born about March 12, 1937, and John McKinney was born on April 6, 1936 in Dermot, Arkansas. John McKinney and Marilynn McKinney ("Marilyn McKinney") apparently had 2 children:

James Gaylin Perkins McKinney ("James McKinney" & "Gaylin McKinney") born on February 15, 1962 in Seattle, Washington, first married Mildred Yvonne Ruell ("Mildred Ruell") about 1984 in Tonasket, Washington, and later married Tammy Grey about 1988 in Tonasket, Washington. Mildred Ruell was born on August 9, 1962 in California, and Tammy Grey was born about 1962. By his first marriage, James McKinney and Mildred McKinney had 2 children:

James Jonathon McKinney ("James McKinney" & "Jonathan McKinney") born on May 29, 1985 in Seattle, Washington; and,

Jaime Yvonne McKinney ("Jaime McKinney") born March 16, 1987.

By his second marriage, James McKinney and Tammy McKinney had a daughter named:

Tanya Iva McKinney ("Tanya McKinney") born on January 27, 1989; and,

Joleen Renaye McKinney ("Joleen McKinney") born on June 13, 1967 in Seattle, Washington, and married Rodger Cate on April 24, 1985 in Tonasket, Washington. Rodger Cate was born on April 11, 1964 in Omak, Washington. Rodger Cate and Joleen Cate had 2 children:

LaCrisha Cate born on June 14, 1989; and,

Kyle Steven Scott Cate ("Kyle Cate", "Steven Cate" & "Stephen Cate"?) born on October 21, 1991;

Linda Gail Rydberg ("Linda Rydberg") born on August 25, 1942 in Laramie, Wyoming, first married Hollon Victor Hilstad ("Hollon Hilstad") on November 17, 1962 in Seattle, Washington, and later married Nathaniel Brown Bender, Jr. ("Nathaniel Bender") on January 9, 1981 in Bellevue, Washington. Hollon Hilstad was born on February 27, 1939 in Bremerton, Washington, and Nathaniel Bender was born on May 11, 1928 in Seattle, Washington. Hollon Hilstad and Linda Hilstad had 2 children:

Hollon Victor Hilstad, Jr. ("Hollon Hilstad") born on June 30, 1963 in Seattle, Washington; and,

Erin Linell Hilstad ("Erin Hilstad") born on July 4, 1964 in Seattle, Washington, and married Devlin Dallas Haag ("Devlin Haag") on July 11, 1993 in Kirkland, Washington. Devlin Hagg and Erin Hagg had a son named:

Jonathan Develin Haag ("Jonathan Hagg") born on March 7, 1995 in Kirkland, Washington;

Fred Alvin Rydberg ("Fred Rydberg" & "Frederick Rydberg") born November 12, 1946 in Seattle, Washington, and married Phyllis Ardelle Garland ("Phyllis Garland") on February 7, 1970 in Seattle, Washington. Phyllis Garland was born on November 23, 1950 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Fred Rydberg and Phyllis Rydberg had 2 children:

Jenifer Ann Rydberg ("Jenifer Rydberg" & "Jennifer Rydberg"?) born on January 31, 1971; and,

Karen Rence Rydberg ("Karen Rydberg") born on December 18, 1973;

Rodger Burtin Rydberg ("Rodger Rydberg" & "Roger Rydberg"?) born April 19, 1950 in Seattle, Washington, and married Karin Perlman ("Karen Perlman"?) about June 1978. Karin Perlman was born on August 11, 1957 in California. Roger Rydberg and Karin Rydberg ("Karen Rydberg"?) had a daughter named:

Rochelle Misty Marie Rydberg ("Rochelle Rydberg" & "Misty Rydberg") born July 7, 1979 in Seattle, Washington; and,

Gregory Wayne Rydberg ("Gregory Rydberg") born on March 6, 1956 in Seattle, Washington; and,

Roy White born June 12, 1919 in Rock River, Albany County, Wyoming, married Hazel Odegard on February 15, 1941 in Seattle, Washington, and died on March 13, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. Hazel Odegard was born on May 31, 1915. Roy White and Hazel White had 3 children:

Roy Virgil White born August 13, 1943 in Seattle, Washington, and married Marsha Stirn on June 14, 1969 in Tacoma, Washington. Marsha Stirn was born about 1943. Roy White and Marsha White had 3 children:

Brent White;

Tarina White; and,

Kirk White;

Duane White born June 29, 1947 in Seattle, Washington, and married Carol Reed on December 29, 1996 in Seattle, Washington. Carol Reed was born about 1947; and,

Janis White born on November 12, 1953 in Seattle, Washington; and,

Nellie Adocia Cavender ("Nellie Cavender", “N.A. Cavender”, “Lulu Cavender” & "Lula Cavender"?) born October 30, 1879, married a Grizzle, and died November 29, 1943;422

(iv) REBECCA ELIZABETH CAVENDER ("Rebecca Cavender”, “Elizabeth Rebecca Cavender” & “R.E. Cavender”) born December 15, 1831 in Union County, Georgia, married Henry C. Cochran ("Henry P. Cochran"? & "Henry Cochran") July 23, 1846 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, died June 24, 1915, and both she and her husband are buried in Mt. Pleasant, Union County, Georgia. Henry Cochran was born October 19, 1815 and died August 24, 1892. Henry Cochran and Rebecca Cochran had 10 children:

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