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In 1818, James Cavender purchased 50 acres on Duchman's Creek, Rowan County, North Carolina from Daniel Crouse and Franny Crouse (“Fanny Crouse”?, “Frances Grouse” & "Frainey Crouse"?). William Crouse and Haley Tatum were appointed executors and Joshua Hendrix ("Joshua Hendricks"?) and Robert Foster were witnesses.371

On January 7, 1826, Joel Banks sold 82.5 acres on the North Yadkin River to Daniel Click, both of Rowan County, North Carolina for $247. The property was situated next to Daniel Click, John Smith, Deadman (“Dedman”?) and John Banks. The indenture was witnessed by Elisha Butler and Nicholas Click, Jr.371

On August 19, 1828, James Cavender sold to Elizabeth Crump and Ronald Crump, all of Rowan County, North Carolina, 160 acres at the mouth of Reedy Run on the south side of Dutchmans Creek and Yadkin River for $320. The indenture was witnessed by John Jones and John Lynn.371

On February 19, 1833, a James Cavender of Rowan County, North Carolina sold to Jehu Foster of Rowan County his acreage on the Main Yadkin River next to the mouth of Dutchmans Creek. The indenture was witnessed by Burton Craige and Radford Bailey. The acreage was formerly owned by Thomas Foster and later became part of the dower of the widow of Thomas Foster and who later became the wife of John W. Robertson ("John Robertson") who conveyed it by deed of trust on June 5, 1832.371

In 1837, he conveyed 200 acres of land to James Smith and William March, which strongly indicates that James Cavender did, in fact, marry Mary Smith in 1794.

Apparently as a result of James Smith and William March, Sr. having taken a so-called "writ of sequestration" (apparently a foreclosure) on the property of James Cavender for $2,000 security on the estate of Thomas Hainline, with William March, Sr. as surety, and, as a result, James Cavender was indebted to Robert G. Hargrave ("Robert Hargrave") for $350, to the Cape Fear Bank at Salem for $240, to Michael Click for $80, and to Charles Harris for $160. On August 19, 1837, James Cavender sold the following property to James Smith and William March, Sr.: 200 acres on the Yadkin River known as the Potts tract which was adjacent to Caudle L. Wyatt ("Caudle Wyatt"); 78 acres known as the Lewis Tract; 140 acres known as the Thompson Tract on Mill Creek adjacent to H.L. Tatum and Samuel Tatum; 73 acres known as the Rouze Tract adjacent to Aaron W. Wyatt ("Aaron Wyatt") for a total acreage of 587 acres. He also sold 7 Negroes and all his personalty. The indenture was witnessed by J.A. Clement and James R. Linn ("James Linn" & "James Lynn").

Apparently another James Cavender owned land in Rowan County, North Carolina from 1814-1883.

The subject James Cavender may have had other marriage(s). For example, it is believed by some371 that he married Elizabeth Prewitt ("Elizabeth Pruitt"?) on May 11, 1815 in either Iredell County, North Carolina or in Rowan County, North Carolina, and that they had a daughter named Cornelia Cavender who was born in North Carolina in 1821 and who married James Riley. James Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender eventually migrated to Laclede County, Missouri. 311 & 355 However, he apparently died in Marshall County, Tennessee.279 James Cavender is believed to have had a total of 9 children, 7 of which were:

(i) JANE R. CAVENDER ("Jane R. Cavender" & "Jane Cavender") born on either September 7, 1800 or on September 17, 1800 in South Carolina, married James H. Harp (sometimes "James Hope"?) in Henry County, Georgia on July 28, 1825, and died November 10, 1875. In 1850, the James Harp family was living in Walker County, Georgia, and in 1860 Jane Harp was listed as being a widow. James Harp was born February 17, 1801, was the son of William C. Harp ("William Harp") and Elizabeth Harp, and died July 28, 1855 in Henry County, Georgia. James Harp and Jane Harp had 13 children:

George Washington Harp ("George Harp") born on either May 28, 1826 or on February 28, 1827 in Georgia, married Martha O. Pierce ("Martha Pierce") July 3, 1845, and died on February 7, 1917 in Heard County, Georgia;

Frances Maryon Harp ("Frances Harp") born November 22, 1827 in Georgia, and married Amanda October 11, 1867;

Joseph R. Harp ("Joseph Harp") born June 2, 1829 in Georgia;

William L. Harp ("William Harp") born September 2, 1830 in Georgia, married a Mary, and died about 1862;

John Fry Harp ("John Harp") born October 19, 1832 in Georgia, married a Francis, and died May 5, 1897 in Washington County, Arizona;

Andrew Jackson Harp ("Andrew Harp") born May 25, 1834, married Sarah Jane Crouse ("Sarah Crouse"), died August 1, 1904, and is buried in the Baptist Ford Cemetery in West Fork, Washington County, Arizona. Sarah Crouse was born February 2, 1838, was the daughter of Richard Crouse and Mary, and died December 4, 1886. Andrew Harp and Sarah Harp 13 children:

Thomas J. Harp ("Thomas Harp") born February 23, 1859 in Washington County, Arizona, married Annie Serena Head ("Annie Head") January 2, 1884, and died November 22, 1933;

Mary E. Harp ("Mary Harp") born January 15, 1861 in Washington County, Arizona, and married Jacob Rush February 14, 1878;

Louisa J. Harp ("Louisa Harp") born January 6, 1862 in Washington County, Arizona;

Lounartha F. Harp ("Lounartha Harp") born February 4, 1863 in Washington County, Arizona, married Solomon Pennington (“Solomon Penington”?) on May 18, 1884, and died April 1, 1948 in Acron, Missouri. Solomon Pennington was born February 11, 1860 in Kentucky and died April 1, 1847 in Missouri. Solomon Pennington and Lounartha Pennington had a daughter named:

Myrtie Belle Pennington ("Myrtie Pennington", “Myrtle Penington”? & "Myrtle Pennington"?) born July 16, 1903 in Missouri, and married Paul James Connelly ("Paul Connelly"), and died February 19, 1983. Paul Connelly was born November 11, 1899, was the son of James Francis Connelly ("James Connelly") and Celestia Elizabeth Swinyer ("Celestia Swinyer"), and he died February 14, 1962. Paul Connelly and Myrtie Connelly ("Myrtle Connelly"?) had a daughter named:

Camellia Connelly ("Connie Connelly") born March 26, 1922 in Missouri, and married Harold Dane Weatherly ("Harold Weatherly") who was born August 7, 1916 in Missouri;

Sarah Amanda Harp ("Sarah Harp" & "Mandie Harp") born December 8, 1864 in Washington County, Arizona, and married Richard H. Kirkpatrick ("Richard Kirkpatrick" & "Richard Kirpatrick"?) May 17, 1882;

Julia A. Harp ("Julia Harp") born April 23, 1866, and married C.F. Goldborough June 28, 1885;

Lavina E. Harp ("Lavina Harp" & "Vina Harp") born February 18, 1868 in Washington County, Arizona, married J.W. Woods June 28, 1885, and died January 11, 1944 in Mineral Springs, Arizona;

Adam Richard Harp ("Adam Harp" & "Add Harp") born January 25, 1870 in Washington County, Arizona, and married Ella Corine July 19, 1891;

John Russell Harp ("John Harp") born January 16, 1872 in Washington County, Arizona;

Robert B. Harp ("Robert Harp") born May 31, 1874, in Washington County, Arizona, married Alice Hope ("Allie Hope") July 20, 1933, and died May 20, 1933;

Alfred Jackson Harp ("Alfred Harp" & "Alf Harp") born December 24, 1875, in Washington County, Arizona, first married Delilah Ellen Phelan ("Delilah Phelan") May 6, 1902, later married a Mary Lee, and died June 3, 1964;

Jacob Harp ("Jake Harp") born November 17, 1878, in Washington County, Arizona, married Lucy Jane Stonecipher ("Lucy Stonecipher" & "Lucille Stonecipher"?) February 28, 1903, and died February 8, 1960; and,

Tempie Harp born October 5, 1881 in Washington County, Arizona, and married William H. White ("William White") October 4, 1902;

Miriam R. Harp ("Miriam Harp") born August 25, 1835 in Georgia, married A. Pomeroy Runnell October 2, 1865, and died September 13, 1868;

Mary Jane Harp ("Mary Harp") born May 13, 1837 in Georgia, and died September 3, 1870;

Martha Emaline Harp ("Martha Harp" & “Martha Emmaline Harp”?) born May 25, 1838 in Georgia, married David Thompson Farrell ("David Farrell") February 21, 1861, and died May 4, 1869;

James Newton Harp ("James Harp") born August 7, 1841 in Georgia, and married a Callie;

Jasper Wade Hampton Harp ("Wade Harp" & "Jasper Harp") born about 1842 in Georgia, and died January 7, 1869;

Margaret Alice Harp ("Margaret Harp") born September 14, 1846 in Georgia, and died August 25, 1864;

Monroe Asbury Harp ("Monroe Harp") born April 4, 1850 in Georgia, and married a Mary August 11, 1870; and,

Alford B.P. Harp ("Alford Harp" & "B.P. Harp") born December 27, 1852; and,

(ii) CLEMENT CAVENDER ("Clemeth Cavender"? & "Clemith Cavender"?) who was born either in Georgia about 1802 (according to the 1850 census for Pike County, Illinois310) or was born about 1807 in South Carolina according to a DAR application356. In either event, Clemeth Cavender married Comfort Steven (“Comfort Slavins” & "Comfort Slavin") on April 17, 1831 or 1830371 in Schuyler County, Illinois, had 7 children, and died in either Brown County, Illinois or in Pike County, Illinois on February 13, 1886. Comfort Cavender was born about 1802 or on 1807356 in Tennessee and died on February 2, 1860 in Pike County, Illinois. 371 According to the 1850 Pike County, Illinois census, the 7 children then living in the household of Clemeth Cavender and Comfort Cavender were:

William Cass Cavender ("William Cavender", “William C. Cavender” “W.C. Cavender”) born about 1834 in Pike County, Illinois;

James Cavender born about 1836 in Pike County, Illinois, married Catherine Northern on June 12, 1871 in Brown County, Illinois, lived in Jersey, Richmond Township, Pike County, Illinois, and in 1850 was living in Pike County, Illinois. Catherine Northern was born in Davidson County, North Carolina, Which is now Davidson County, Tennessee;

Mary Jane Cavender ("Mary Cavender", “M.J. Cavender” & Mary J. Cavender”) born about 1839 in Pike County, Illinois, and married Henry Clay Johnston ("Henry Johnston" & "Henry Johnson"?) on March 31, 1859 in Pike County, Illinois, later moved to California and died about 1919;

Louisa Cavender born on May 7, 1841 in Pike County, Illinois, and married David Gibson October 9, 1864 in Pike County, Illinois, believed to have died on October 24, 1867 at the age of 26 years, 5 months and 17 days, and is buried in the Cavender Cemetery in Dubois County, Illinois405;

John Cavender born about 1844 in Pike County, Illinois;

Angeline Cavender born about 1846 in Pike County, Illinois, married John Harvill and died about 1882. John Harvill and Angeline Harvill had a daughter named:

Elizabeth Harvill who was born October 29, 1873, married Enoch M. Brown, and died October 27, 1952. Enoch Brown was born about 1871 and died July 4, 1940. Enoch Brown and Elizabeth Brown had a daughter named:

Mildred Brown born about 1914 and married a Garzini; and,

Matilda Cavender born about 1849 in Pike County, Illinois.310 & 337

However, Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?) and Comfort Cavender also has a son named:

Harden Cavender who was born October 20, 1851 in Pike County, Illinois, after the 1850 census was taken. If the actual date of marriage of Clemeth Cavender to Comfort Slavens is correct, then Joseph Cavender born about 1828 and Sarah Cavender born about 1829 mentioned below could not have been children of Clemeth Cavender. Harden Cavender married Fannie Pearson ("Fanny Pearson") on August 26, 1891, and died April 6, 1928 in Baldwin, Kansas. Fannie Pearson was born on October 22, 1867 in Baldwin, Kansas, and died in Topeka Baldwin Kansas on May 10, 1958 or on April 6, 1928 in Baldwin, Kansas. The children of Harden Cavender and Fannie Cavender included a daughter named:

Bernice Cavender born October 3, 1899 in Baldwin, Kansas, and who first married Foyden A. Allison (“Floyden Allison”) on December 26, 1920 in Kansas City, Missouri, and later married Albert A. Cockroft (“Albert Cockroft”) on May 2, 1970 in Delta, Colorado. Foyden Allison was born on December 13, 1899 in Princeton, Kansas, and died on August 31, 1961 in Dallas, Texas. Albert Cockroft was born on December 14, 1900 in Agra, Kansas?


(iv) ELIZABETH CAVENDER who is believed to have been born around 1817, based upon the assumption that she was 18 years of age when she married George D. Mendenhall ("George Mendenhall") on May 14, 1835 in Rowan County, North Carolina, with Hubbard J. Peebles ("Hubbard Pebbles" & “Hubbard G. Peters) being the bondsman and Joseph Hawes performing the ceremony;364 & 417and possibly, (but not likely)

(v) CORNELIA CAVENDER who was born in North Carolina in 1821 and who married James Riley;

(vi) BARBARA CAVENDER born about 1780 in Virginia, and married Madrick Herrit on March 12, 1818 in Jasper County, Georgia; and,

(viii) GEORGE C. CAVENDER ("George Cavender" & “G.C. Cavender”) was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia about 1776. In 1804, he was living near Hog Mountain in Jackson County, Georgia which was Cherokee land on the north side of Jackson County, Georgia, also known as the “Cherokee Nations”, and married Catherine Mary Miles ("Mary Miles" & "Catherine Mills"?) on November 9, 1806 in Baldwin County, Georgia. However, some say they were married in Jasper County, Georgia.373 & 493 & 494 In either event, in 1820 he moved to Jasper County, Georgia with his brother, Joseph Cavender, and his married sister Catherine Cornwall, and her husband Elijah Cornwall. It is believed that this particular George C. Cavender was the son of Ezekiel Cavender who was born in England, immigrated to Maryland, married Elizabeth Ann Stallard ("Elizabeth Stallard" & sometimes "Margaret") in either Maryland or Virginia, and about 1770 finally settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia where his five children were born. 378 Elizabeth Stallard was born in Virginia in 1742. However, in the 1880 census of Coweta County, Georgia, Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?), the brother to George Cavender, states that his father was born in Virginia and his mother was born in North Carolina. His wife Frances Cavender stated that her parents were born in Virginia. There is also evidence that George Cavender was born to the Ezekiel Cavender who was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia about 1740 and who is also said to have married the above Elizabeth Stallard. On October 5, 1824, a George Cavender of Jasper County, Georgia sold to Thomas Smith at a Sheriff's sale a parcel of land which was originally in Baldwin County, Georgia but then was in Jasper County, Georgia.

George C. Cavender and Catherine Cavender are believed to have had 5, and possibly 8, children:

(1) GRIFFIN D. CAVENDER ("Griffin Cavender" ?, “G.D. Cavender” & “Griffith Cavender”?) who died in Jasper County, Georgia. In the 1830 census for Jasper County, Georgia, Griffin D. Cavinder ("Griffin Cavender") was listed as being 20-30 years of age and was then living with 1 other male and 2 females in his home. Thus, he would have been born sometime between 1799-1810;

(2) JAMES B. CAVENDER ("James Cavender", “J.B. Cavender” & “James Benjamin Cavender”?) born about 1800, married Susannah Cates ("Susanna Cates"?, “Susanna Kates”? & "Susannah Kates"493) on February 19, 1819 in Newton, Jasper County, Georgia, and died about 1830. James Cavender and Susannah Cavender had a son named:

George Washington Cavender ("George Cavender", “George W. Cavender” & “G.W. Cavender”) who was born in Heard County, Georgia on either February 29, 1828 or on February 29, 1827493, married Elizabeth Jane McCray (”Elizabeth McCray") on November 29, 1852 in Coweta County, Georgia, was a mason and farmer and served 4 years in the Civil War, died either February 7, 1917 or on February 27, 1917492 in Heard County, Georgia, and is buried in the Ephesus Baptist Cemetery in Heard County, Georgia. Elizabeth McCray was born on February 27, 1835 in Georgia, was the daughter of Stephen Gardner McCray (“Stephen McCray”) and Mary Hawk, died April 6, 1914 in Heard County, Georgia, and is buried with her husband. George Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender had 13 children:

Sarah Frances Cavender ("Sarah Cavender", “Sarah F. Cavender” & “S.F. Cavender”) born December 25, 1853 in Heard County, Georgia, married Solomon Upchurch, later married James Buford Yates ("James Yates"), and died September 1, 1933 in Heard County, Georgia;

James Griffin Cavender ("James Cavender", “James G. Cavender”, “J.G. Cavender” & "Jim Cavender") born either April 12, 1856 or on April 4, 1856492 in Heard County, Georgia, married Mary Jane Gammon ("Mary Gammon") about 1882, moved to Cullman, Alabama, and died December 16, 1915;

John Seaborn Cavender ("John Seborn Cavender"?, “John S. Cavender”, “J.S. Cavender” & "John Cavender") born November 1, 1858 in Heard County, Georgia, and married Anna Elizabeth Brazeal (“Anna Brazeal” & “Ann Brazeal”);

Samatha Amanda Cavender ("Samatha Cavender", “Amanda E. Cavender”? & "Mandy Cavender") born on February 24, 1860 in Heard County, Georgia, married James Cavender, died on July 4, 1960, and is buried in the Bethleham Baptist Church in Bethleham, Mississippi. According to the 1900 census reports for Randolph County, Alabama, Mandy Cavender listed as then being the head of the household which included her son Louis Cavender age 10 years and thus born about 1890, and her daughter Clayton Cavender age 5 years and thus born about 1885. According to the 1920 census reports, she was listed as then being age 59 and thus born about 1861 in Georgia. James Cavender and Samatha Cavender had 2 children:492

Louis Owen Cavender (“Louis Cavender”, “Lewis Cavender” & “Lois Cavender”) born about 1886-1887 in either Carrollton, Georgia or in Heflin, Randolph County, Georgia, married Mary Kay Key (“Mary Key” & “May Key”) in Randolph County, Alabama, was living in Etawahba, Monroe County, Mississippi in 1913, died in September 1970 in Jefferson County, Alabama, and is buried in the Bethleham Baptist Church Cemetery in Bethleham, Mississippi. According to the 1920 census for Monroe County, Mississippi, Louis Cavender was listed as then being age 29 and thus born about 1891, Mary Cavender was listed as then being age 29 and thus born about 1891, son Ruth Cavender was listed as being age 10 and thus born about 1910 in Mississippi, son A.J. Cavender was listed as being age 8 and thus born about 1912 in Mississippi, son Amos Cavender was age 6 and born about 1912 in Mississippi, and daughter Geneva Cavender was age 4 and thus born about 1916 in Mississippi. Mary Key was born about 1889 in Randolph County, Alabama, was the daughter of Jackson Monroe Key (“Jackson Key”) and Minda Lindley, died about 1965 in Mississippi, and is buried with her husband. Louis Cavender and Mary Cavender had 4 children:

Louis Ruth Cavender (“Louis Cavender”) born about 1910-1812 in Mississippi;

A.J. Cavender , a son, born about 1912 in Mississippi;

Amos Cavender, a son, born about 1912 in Mississippi; and,

Geneva Cavender born about 1916 in Mississippi;492 and,

Rena Clayton Cavender (“Rena Cavender”) born on June 22, 1895 in Alabama (according to the 1910 census, she was born in Georgia), married John M. Fletcher Key (“John Key”) on March 9, 1913 in Randolph County, Alabama, died on October 8, 1991 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in the Union Hill Cemetery in Randolph County, Alabama. John Key was born on June 25, 1891, died on November 26, 1960 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried with his wife. John Key and Rena Key (“Clayton Key”) had a son:

Stonwall Key (“Stonewall Key”?) born about 1915; 492

George Washington Cavender ("George Cavender", “George W. Cavender”, “G.W. Cavender” & "Doc Cavender") born July 6, 1863 in Heard County, Georgia, married Sarah E. Tanner ("Sarah Tanner", “Salley Tanner” & “Sally Tanner”), and died October 2, 1942 in Heard County, Georgia. Sarah Tanner was born about 1842, was the daughter of Ben Franklin Tanner (“Benjamin Franklin Tanner”, “Ben Tanner“ & Benjamin Tanner”) and Elizabeth Forbes who was born about 1842, and died August 14, 1935. The George Cavender family moved from Heard County, Georgia to Tift County, Georgia about 1925 due to the boll weevil infestation in the cotton crops. George Cavender and Salley Cavender had 10 children:

Isaac Newton Cavender (“Isaac Cavender” & “I.N. Cavender”) born about 1890, married Lucy Ammon Marshall (“Lucy Marshall” & “Lucille Marshall”?), moved to Tift County, Georgia about 1928 due to the cotton boll Weevils in Heard County, Georgia, died about 1965, and is buried at the Bushy Creek Baptist Church in Waterloo, Irwin County, Georgia near Chula, Georgia. Lucy Marshall died about 1963, and is buried with her husband. Isaac Cavender and Lucy Cavender (“Lucille Cavender”?) had 6 children:

Olive Grace Cavender (“Olive Cavender” & “O.G. Cavender”) born April 14, 1914, married Barney S. Wetherington (“Barney Wetherington” & “Barnie Wetherington”) in 1931 in Ty Ty, Georgia, died October 7, 1977, and is buried in the Woodland Cemetery, in Adel, Georgia. Barney Wetherington was born July 23, 1897, and died August 7, 1969. Barnie Wetherington and Olive Wetherington had a daughter named:

Ann Wetherington who married a Greer and became Ann Greer;

Amos Cavender who married Mary Hardy;

Ossie Mildred Cavender (“Ossie Cavender” & “O.M. Cavender”), a twin, who married Bailous King;

Myrtice Cavender, a twin, who died at the age of 4 years from miningitis;

George Cavender who married Frances McMillan about 1979; and,

J.L. Cavender who married a Helga from Germany;

Dale Cavender who married a Smith;

Ruth Cavender who married a Brand and became Ruth Brand;

Dashie Cavender who died at the age of 16 years;

Carrie Cavender born about 1900, and died about 1918 during the flu epidemic at the age of 18 years;

Corene Cavender who married a Gay and became Corene Gay;

Tula Cavender who never married;

Willie Cavender (“William Cavender”?), a twin, who never married;

Ridley Cavender, a twin, who married Alma Sheets. Ridley Cavender and Alma Cavender had 3 children:

An unknown daughter;

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