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Korie Ann Cavender ("Kori Cavender") born September 4, 1980 in Memphis, Tennessee;

Jenny Lynn Cavender ("Jenny Cavender") born January 23, 1983 in Memphis, Tennessee; and,

Erin Leigh Cavender ("Erin Cavender") born January 11, 1985 in Memphis, Tennessee; and,

Bettye Lamb Cavender ("Bettye Cavender", "Betty Cavender"? & "Elizabeth Cavender"?) born July 4, 1936 in Greenfield, Weakley County, Tennessee, married Ray Ellis Powers ("Ray Powers") on July 2, 1955 in Corinth, Mississippi. An Earl Cavender stated that Bettye Cavender was given the middle name, "Lamb", in honor of Rev. Wayne Lamb who was a close family friend and who conducted the funeral services of Elizabeth Stoker (formerly "Elizabeth Cavender"); however, apparently her birth certificate does not include the middle name. Ray Powers was born about 1934 in Sharon, Weakley County, Tennessee, was the son of Charlie Brown Powers (“Charles Powers” & “Charles Brown Powers”) and Lois Edwards, resided in either Dimondale, Michigan or Lansing Michigan, and is a owner/operator of a car rental agency. The children of Ray Powers and Betty Powers were:

Susan Ann Powers ("Susan Powers") born October 30, 1956 in Lansing, Michigan, married Partick Welsh on July 16, 1988 in Lansing, Michigan, and reside in Lansing, Michigan. Patrick Welsh and Susan Welsh had 2 children:

Joshua Ray Powers ("Joshua Powers") born December 12, 1979 to Susan Powers by a previous marriage and was later adopted by Patrick Welsh; and,

Ryan Patrick Welsh ("Ryan Welsh") born December 20, 1988;

Stacy Rae Powers ("Stacy Powers" & "Staci Powers") born February 1, 1966 in Lansing, Michigan and is not presently married;

Sheri Kay Powers ("Sheri Powers") born December 16, 1969 in Lansing, Michigan, and is not presently married; and,

Shana Lyn Powers ("Shana Powers" & "Lynn Powers"?) born November 19, 1972, died on the same date, and is buried in Lansing, Michigan;

Eva Sue Cavender ("Eva Cavender" & “E.S. Cavender”) born either about 1894418 in Greenfield, Weakley County, Tennessee, if she is the sister of Earl Samuel Cavender as contended by some, or she was born on December 18, 1926 in Greenfield, Weakley County, Tennessee, if she is the daughter of Earl Samuel Cavender. She is said to have married William Kendall about 1920 and to have married Luther Milburn Adams ("Milburn Adams") on July 24, 1945?, lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, and died in California about 1985. Luther Adams is believed to have been born in McKenzie, Carroll County, Tennessee, and resided in Lansing, Michigan. Luther Adams and Eva Adams had one son named:

Leslie Earl Adams ("Leslie Adams") born November 4, 1946 in McKenzie, Carroll County, Tennessee, married Sue Maxine Cadwell ("Sue Cadwell" & "Susan Cadwell"?) in March 1965 in Lansing, Michigan, were divorced in December 1970, and lived in Lansing, Michigan. Leslie Adams and Sue Adams ("Susan Adams"?) had a daughter named:

Kimberly Sue Adams ("Kimberly Adams") born December 3, 1965;

Eva Eunice Cavender ("Eva Cavender") born August 7, 1895 in Reeve Township, Daviess County, Indiana, first married to John Bell Frye ("John Frye" & "Jack Frye") on November 3, 1917?, later married William Kendall on November 3, 1917, had a son who died at birth, lived with her sister, Stella, after the death of her husband and until the time of her death on either February 2, 1984 or on February 8, 1984 in Sun City, California at the age of 88, and her ashes are encrypted in Interment Woodland Gardens in St. Petersburg, Florida. William Kendall ("Bill Kendall") was born October 13, 1888, in Indiana, believed to be in Green East, Indiana, lived in various parts of the country, died November 23, 1972 in St. Petersburg, Florida at the age of 74, and is buried with his wife; and,

Claude Raymond Cavender ("Claude Cavender", “C.R. Cavender” & "Ray Cavender") was born February 18, 1898 in Reeve Township, Daviess County, Indiana, in youth was a dealer in gambling halls, later was a house painter, had no children, died June 1, 1970 in Helena, Montana at the age of 72, and is buried in the Forestvale Cemetery, Esterset Section, in Helena, Montana;

Alberta Cavender was later remarried to John Bell Frye ("John Frye" & "John Fry") on April 5, 1900 in Daviess County, Indiana, and they were apparently divorced about 1918. Alberta Frye was married for the third time to an Oscar about 1919 in Terre Houte, Indiana and they had no children, and possibly were divorced about 1927. John Frye was born September 1, 1872 in Indiana, was the son of George Spencer Fry ("George Fry"), and died March 12, 1927 in Indiana. The children of John Fry and Alberta Fry were:

Gladys A. Frye ("Gladys O. Frye"?, "Gladys Frye" & "Gladys Fry") born May 6, 1901 and died May 22, 1901;

Francis A. Frye ("Francis O. Fry", "Francis Frye" & "Francis Fry") born May 6, 1901 and died June 6, 1901;

Irvin N. Frye ("Irvin H. Frye", "Irvin Frye" & "Irvin Fry") born either on September 21, 1905 or on September 7, 1902403 in Dubois County, Indiana, and died in January 1983 in Marion, Grant County, Indiana. Irvin Frye had a daughter whose name is unknown;

Floyd L. Frye ("Floyd Frye" & "Floyd Fry") born September 21, 1905 in Dubois, Dubois County, Indiana, married an unknown person about 1928, were later divorced about 1918, and died about December 1943 in the Black Sea, Europe; and,

Stella Lovina Frye ("Stella Frye" & "Stella Fry")born September 28, 1908 in Dubois, Dubois County, Indiana, married Charles Wayne Schooler ("Charles Schooler") about 1930, and were later divorced; Bertha Fry ("Bertha Frye") later married for the third time about 1919 to an Oscar, resided in Terre Haute, Indiana, had no children by her last marriage, was divorced and never married again even though she apparently was a very attractive lady even into her older years and had many suitors.

ALBERT NEWTON CAVENDER ("Albert Cavender" & “A.N. Cavender”) born March 13, 1837 in Dubois County, Indiana, died October 21, 1838 at the age of 1 year, 7 months and 8 days in Dubois County, Indiana, and is buried in the Cavender Cemetery in Harbinson Township, Dubois County, Indiana;

JEFFERSON CAVENDER born February 18, 1839 in Dubois County, Indiana, in 1850 was living in Harbison County, Dubois County, Indiana, died on either February 8, 1856 or on February 18, 1856481 at the age of 16 years, 11 months and 20 days in Harbison Township, Dubois County, Indiana, and is buried in the Cavender Cemetery in Harbison Township, Dubois County, Indiana;

LOUISA CAVENDER (sometimes Louisa Cavanaugh") born May 7, 1841 in Dubois County, Indiana, married Charles Lee Hollon ("Charles S. Hollon", "Charles Hollon" & "Charles Holland"?) on July 6, 1865 in Daviess County, Indiana, died October 24, 1867 at the age of 26 years, 5 months and 17 days in Daviess County, Indiana, and is buried in the Cavender Cemetery at Portersville, Dubois County, Indiana. Charles Hollon was born about 1837 in Daviess County, Indiana. Following his marriage to Louisa Cavender, Charles Hollon later married Martha Elizabeth Cawood ("Martha Cawood") on October 18, 1868 in Daviess County, Indiana, and he is buried in the Portersville, Indiana Cemetery. Martha Cawood was born December 23, 1839 in Daviess County, Indiana, had previously married Jesse Avery Bocener ("Jesse Bocener") on March 7, 1858 in Washington, Daviess County, Indiana. Charles Hollon and Louisa Hollon had a son named:

William N. Hollon born about 1867.

Charles Hollon and Martha Hollon had the following children:

Hattie Hollon born in August 1869;

Allie Hollon born in August 1869;

Lee Hollon born about 1873; and,

Emma Hollon born about 1876;

NEWTON CAVENDER, JR. (sometimes "Nuton Cavanaugh") born April 11, 1843 in Dubois County, Indiana, was wounded while serving in the military, died in Dubois County, Indiana on May 15, 1846 at the age of 23 years, 1 month and 4 days less than 1 year from his return from the army where he spent his last days in the service in a hospital in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. He died from tuberculosis contracted in the army and is buried in the Cavender Cemetery in Harbison Township, Dubois County, Indiana. Apparently he enlisted in Company E of the 58th Regiment of the Indiana Volunteers on October 13, 1861 under Capt. Daniel J. Banta ("Daniel Banta") in the same company as his brother Charles Cavender, and he was shot through the hands at the battle of Missionary Ridge on November 25, 1863, returned to his home near Portersville after the war; and,

TABITHA CAVENDER ("Tabytha Cavender", Tabythia Cavender", “Tabatha Cavender”? & "Tabetha Cavender") born in Dubois County, Indiana on November 27, 1844, married Stephen Griffith Rockett ("Stephen Griffith Rackel", "Stephen Griffith Rockett" & "Stephen Rocket"?) on January 4, 1870 in Dubois County, Indiana, died March 4, 1920 at the age of 75 years, 3 months and 6 days in Dubois County, Indiana, and is buried in the Lemmon Cemetery in Dubois County, Indiana. 403 & 405 When Stephen Rackel and Tabitha Rackel were divorced, Tabitha took custody of the children as evidenced by the 1860 census of Reeve Township in Daviess County, Indiana. Stephen Rackel ("Stephen Rocket"? & \"Stephen Rockett"?) was born December 26, 1849, died May 9, 1905, and is buried in the Craig Cemetery in Pike County, Indiana. Stephen Rockett and Tabitha Rockett ("Tabytha Rocket") had 4 children:

LEVI ROCKETT ("Levu Rockett"?) born about 1867;

MARGARET E. ROCKETT (Margaret Rocket" & "Margaret Rockett") born about 1872;

NAOMA ROCKETT ("Naomi Rocket", "Naomi Rockett" & "Naoma Rockett"?) born about 1874;

NELLIE ROCKETT ("Nellie Rockett"?) born about 1875; and,

Anson Cavender and his second wife, Elizabeth Cavender (formerly "Elizabeth Sutton" & sometimes "Elizabeth Cavanaugh") had the following children:

DANIEL HARRIS CAVENDER ("Daniel Cavender", “Daniel H. Cavender”, “D.H. Cavender” & "Harrison Cavender"? and sometimes "Daniel Cavanaugh") born about 1845388 & 403 or about 1848;

NANCY CAVENDER (sometimes "Nancy Cavanaugh") born about 1850. This might be the Ann Cavender who was born about 1850 and married Imry Yates ("Emry Yates"? & "Emery Yates"?) on July 27, 1870 in Dubois County, Indiana.418 (However, see below re Ann Cavender.);

TAYLOR SUTTON CAVENDER ("Taylor Cavender" & “T.S. Cavender”) born about 1850;

MAHALE SUTTON CAVENDER ("Mahale Cavender", “Mahala Cavender”? & “M.S. Cavender”) born about 1853;

JAINE CAVENDER ("Jane Cavender" and sometimes "Jaine Cavanaugh") born about 1853;

ANN CAVENDER? (sometimes Ann Cavanaugh") born about 1854. This might be the same Ann Cavender who was born about 1850 and married Imry Yates ("Emry Yates"? & "Emery Yates"?) on July 27, 1870 in Dubois County, Indiana;418 (However, see above re Nancy Cavender.)

JOEL SUTTON CAVENDER ("Joel Cavender" & “J.S. Cavender) born about 1856, and may be the same Joel Cavender who married Mary Branick in Pike County, Illinois;

ISSACK CAVENDER ("Issac Cavender"? and sometimes "Isaak Cavanaugh") born about 1856; and,

COMER IDONIA CAVENDER ("Comer Indonia Cavender"? & "Comer Cavender") born about 1861 in Reeve Township, Daviess County, Indiana, and married George Reilly ("George Reily) on December 28, 1887 in Daviess County, Indiana;

(Apparently Anson Cavender and his third wife, Martha Cavender, did not have any children.)

BARDINE CAVENDER ("Bardin Cavender" & "Bard Cavender") born about 1808,403 & 481 1809, or 1810418 in either New York or Vermont404 & 481, probably in Ferrisberg, Addison County, Vermont, married Nancy Davidson ("Nancy Davison") on February 25, 1830 in Perry County, Indiana, was still living in Perry County, Indiana in 1840, enlisted in Company H of the 24th. Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and died about 1847 in Perry County, Indiana, near the end of the term of his 3 year enlistment. Nancy Davidson was born in New York about 1811 or 1812, was the daughter of Robert Davidson and Abigail Davidson who had settled below Dozier Creek in 1824, and was the sister who married James Cavender. She was 19 years of age when she married, and she died before 1865. Bardine Cavender's widow subsequently married Pebre Bolin ("Sebree Bolin" & "Sebram Boland"?) on September 27, 1849 and who was born in Indiana about 1817, and in 1850, they were living in Perry County, Indiana. This is based on the fact that, in a 1922 obituary for Zoper Davis Cavender ("Zoper Cavender", "Zopar Cavender", "Zopher Cavender" & "Zophar Cavender"), it is stated that Zoper Cavender was born in Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana and that he was the son of Bard Cavender and Nancy Cavender. Living in Troy Township of Perry County, Indiana in 1850 was the family of Pebre Bolin ("Pebre Bowlin"? & "Sebram Boland"?). In the 1850 census, it was stated that he was then age 33 and born in Indiana about 1817, and that his wife, Nancy Bolin ("Nancy Boland"? & formerly "Nancy Cavender"?) was then age 38 and born in New York about 1812 (Some say she was born about 1829 in Indiana.418). At that time, their children, all listed as being born in Indiana, were: Henry Cavender age 19 and born about 1831 and who may be the same Henry Cavender who married Adaline Maugon (“Adeline Maugon”) in Alexander County, Illinois, Jonathan Cavender age 17 and born about 1833, Abagail Cavender ("Abigail Cavender"?) age 15 born about 1835 and who may have married David Gladis, Amanda Cavender age 13 born about 1837, Zopher Cavender ("Zophar Cavender", "Zopher Cavender" & "Zopar Cavender") age 11 born about 1839, Charles Cavender age 9 born about 1841, Julia Cavender age 5 born about 1845, and Adeline Cavender ("Adaline Cavender"?) age 4 born about 1846.

According to the wife of R.E. Chambers of Bremerton, Washington, who apparently was the gggrandson of Bardine Cavender and ggrandson of Charles F. Cavender ("Charles Cavender") and grandson of Lucinda Cavender ("Lucy Cavender"), the first Charles Cavender was definitely of Irish origin. They stated that they understood that Charles Cavender had not much more gotten off the boat when he enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The Chambers family also stated that the first Charles Cavender had about 5 grandsons who were all named Charles William Cavender ("Charles Cavender", “C.W. Cavender” & “Charles W. Cavender”) and that the Charles F. Cavender noted above was actually one on them, but had changed his middle initial so that his name would be slightly different from the others.

The children of Bard Cavender and Nancy Cavender were:

NANCY CAVENDER born about 1829 in Indiana, and married Sebram Boland on September 27, 1849 in Perry County, Indiana;418

HENRY CAVENDER born in Indiana about 1831 in Indiana, and is believed to have died November 12, 1831 at the age of 3 months and 2 days and is buried in the Sherritt Cemetery. By another account, this particular Henry Cavender born in Indiana about 1831 is listed in the 1850 census for Perry County, Indiana418;

JONATHAN D. CAVENDER (“Jonathon D. Cavender”, “J.D. Cavender”, "Jonathan Cavender" & “Jonathon Cavender”) born on August 4, 1833 in Perry County, Indiana, married Pauline Bruner ("Paulina Bruner" & "Pauline Brown"?) on either April 16,1857481 or on January 24, 1858404 in Troy Township, Perry County, Indiana, soon afterwards settled on a farm in Dubois County, Indiana near the homes of his uncles, was drafted in the Civil War in Dubois County, Indiana, died on January 30, 1875 in Taylor County, Iowa, and is buried in Siam Cemetery in Siam Township, Taylor County, Iowa. Apparently, he was named after Jon Davidson who was the brother of Nancy Davidson who married Mary Cavender, the sister of Bardine Cavender. Apparently, after he had a few children in Old Harbinson Township in Dubois County, Indiana, Jonathan Cavender was among the men who were drafted on September 26, 1864 to serve in the Civil War for the Union Army. Jonathan Cavender was released after a few months of service due to health problems. Soon after the Civil War ended, almost all of the grandchildren of Charles Cavender and Deborah Davis Cavender left Indiana and moved West, with some settling in southern Illinois, but most moved to Page County, Iowa, Taylor County, Iowa, Atchison County, Missouri, and Nodaway County, Missouri. Pauline Bruner ("Pauline Brown"?) was born August 1, 1835 in Hawesville, Hancock County, Kentucky, died April 22, 1900 in Clarinda, Taylor County, Iowa, and is buried in either the Clarinda Cemetery in Norway Township, Page County, Iowa or in the Siam Cemetery in Taylor County, Iowa481. Jonathan Cavender and family moved into Illinois for a short period before finally settling in Taylor County, Iowa prior to 1868. Jonathan Cavender and Paulina Cavender ("Pauline Cavender"?) had 8 children:

EDWARD CAVENDER born on February 1, 1859 in Perry County, Indiana, married Mary Lou Fuller (“Mary Fuller”) before June 15, 1880, died about 1949 in Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma. Mary Fuller was born about 1860, and died about 1950 in Custer County, Oklahoma;

HENRY CAVENDER born on August 10, 1860 in Perry County, Indiana, died on November 12, 1860, and is buried in the Sherritt Cemetery;

HATTIE CAVENDER (“Harriett Cavender”?) born on April 3, 1862 in Perry County, Indiana, married a Hamilton, and died on January 7, 1913 in San Francisco, California.

JONATHON E. CAVENDER (“Jonathan E. Cavender”?, “Jonathon Cavender & “Jonathan Cavender”) born on October 1, 1864;

FEDERICK CAVENDER born on April 17, 1867;

CHARLES CAVENDER born on May 25, 1868 in Siam, Taylor County, Iowa, first married Minnie Dalrymple (“Minerva Dalrymple”) on Novemebr 25, 1893 in Clarinda, Iowa, later married Virginia McKee on October 31, 1900 in Clarinda, Iowa, still later married Maude Devlin on March 17, 1906 in Clarinda, Iowa, and died on January 18, 1963 in Greeley, Colorado. Minnie Dalrymple was born on March 8, 1871 in Chillicothe, Missouri, and died on October 15, 1898 in Clarind, Iowa. Virginia McKee was born on November 23, 1868 in Decatur County, Iowa, and died on February 28, 1905. Maude Devlin was born about 1870 in Missouri;

NANCY JANE CAVENDER (“Nancy Cavender” & “N.J. Cavender”) born on August 7, 1870 in New Market, Iowa, married Alexander Fraser on March 3, 1890 in Clarinda, Iowa, and died on April 5, 1936 in Bolchow, Missouri, Alexander Fraser was born on August 30, 1866 in Dubois County, Indiana, and died on October 29, 1927 in Clinton, Oklahoma; and,

MATTIE LOU CAVENDER (“Mattie Cavender” & “Matilda Cavender”?) born on September 14, 1872 in Siam, Taylor County, Iowa, married Lewis Elmer Miller (“Lewis Miller”) on May 4, 1898 in Page County, Iowa, and died on January 18, 1963 in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado. Lewis Miller was born on January 6, 1867 in Licking County, Ohio, and died on August 2, 1936 in Pueblo County, Colorado. Lewis Miller and Mattie Miller had 2 children:

Glenn Alton Miller (“Glen Alton Miller”, “Glen Miller” & “Glenn Miller”?) born about 1893, and who married a Hudson who was born about 1895. Glen Miller became a world famous band leader and was killed in an airplane crash. Glen Miller had a son named:

Stephen Miller (“Steven Miller” & “Steve Miller”) who has written a history of the Miller family which can be read at the website http://glennmiller.org/; and,

Elmer D. Miller (“Elmer Miller”) born on April 6, 1901 in Clarinda, Iowa;282 ;

ABIGAIL CAVENDER ("Abagail Cavender?) born about 1835 in Perry County, Indiana, and married David Gadis ("David Gaddis"? & "David Gatis"?) on December 23, 1850 in Perry County, Indiana and who was the son of James Gadis and a Catherine. In 1860, they were residing in Troy Township in Indiana. David Gadis and Abigail Gadis (“Abigail Gaddis”?) had 3 children:

Mary Gadis (“Mary Gaddis”?) born about 1854;

Daunt Gadis (“Daunt Gaddis”) born about 1854; and,

Amanda Gadis (“Amanda Gaddis”?) born about 1858;

AMANDA CAVENDER born in Indiana either about 1837 or about 1836481, and married Jesse Reed on June 19, 1857 in Perry County, Indiana;

ADELINE CAVENDER ("Adelia Cavender"?) born about 1834 in Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, married Clayton Hutchinson on August 9, 1838 in Perry County, Indiana, and died in July 1883 in Spencer County, Indiana. Clayton Hutchinson and Adeline Hutchinson had 1 child:


ZOPHAR DAVIS CAVENDER ("Zopher Cavender", "Zopar Cavender", "Zopar Cavender" & "Zoper Cavender") born on May 13, 1838 in Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, married Anna Woodroe ("Anna Woodward" & "Anna Woodrow"?) on October 9, 1857 in Perry County, Indiana,282 & 481 died January 3, 1922 in Taylor County, Iowa, and is buried in the Memory Cemetery in New Market, Taylor County, Iowa. Anna Woodroe was born on October 19, 1839 in Holytown, Glasgo, Scotland, and died December 18, 1921 in Clarinda, Iowa. In the 1870 census for Mason Township in Taylor County, Iowa (which is adjacent to Page County, Iowa) the family of Zoper Cavender was then age 32 and born in Indiana about 1838, his wife, Annie Cavender, was then age 30 and born in Scotland about 1840, and their children then comprised: Zopher Davis Cavender (“Zoper Cavender”, “Zoper D. Cavender” & “Z.D. Cavender”) then age 12 and born in Indiana about 1858; Bardine Cavender then age 9 and born in Indiana about 1861; Peter E. Cavender (“Peter Cavender” & “P.E. Cavender”) age 6 and born in Illinois about 1864; Jennie Cavender then age 4 and born in Illinois about 1866; and, Annie Belle Cavender (“A.B. Cavender”) then age 2 and born in Illinois about 1868. Zophar Cavender and Anna Cavender (“Woodroe Cavender”) had 9 children:

ZOPHER DAVIS CAVENDER (“Zoper Cavender”, “Z.D. Cavender” & “Zophar Cavender”?) born on April 19, 1858, married Alice Marion Lewis (“Alice Lewis”) on October 16, 1901, and died on August 19, 1941. Alice Lewis was born about 1878, and died about 1952;

BARDINE CAVENDER born about 1861 in Indiana, first married Florence Stotler on March 27, 1884 in Clarinda, Iowa, and next married Joan Vincent on March 27, 1884 in Clarinda, Iowa. Florence Stotler was born about 1864;

PETER EDWARD CAVENDER (“Peter Cavender” & “P.E. Cavender”) born on September 6, 1863 in Illinois, first married Isabelle Robertson who died about 1900, next married Leah Margaret Walter (“Leah Walter”), and he died in April 1958;

JENNIE CAVENDER (“Janet Cavender”? & “Jeanette Cavender”?) born about 1866 in Illinois, and married Jake S. Wells (“Jake Wells”) on January 11, 1888;

ANNA BELL CAVENDER (“Anna Belle Cavender”, “Anna Cavender” & “Ann Cavender”?) born about 1869 in Iowa, married LaFayette Cavender, and died about 1921 in New Market, Iowa. LaFayette Cavender was born about 1858, was the son of Franklin Cavender and Mary Mathis, and died on October 12, 1927 in New Market, Iowa;

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