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Warren Haas Constant (“Warren Constant”) born July 25, 1942 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and married Peggy Carolyn Robinson (“Peggy Robinson”) on July 30, 1966 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Peggy Robinson was born December 25, 1947 in LeCompte, Rapides County, Louisiana;

William David Constant (“William Constant”);

Peggy Montez Constant (“Peggy Constant”) born November 18, 1969 in Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas, and married Jonathan Rush White (“Jonathan White”) on October 16, 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jonathan White and Peggy White had 3 children:

Kayla Elizabeth White (“Kaylla White”);

Joshua Adam White (“Joshua White”); and,

Benjamin Joseph White (“Benjamin White”); and,

Carren Ruth Constant (“Carren Constant”) born September 9, 1971, and married James Hardin Lewis (“James Lewis”) on July 9, 1993 1981 in Bunkie, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. James Lewis and Carren Lewis had 2 children:

Ashley Marie Lewis (“Ashley Lewis”); and,

Austin Taylor Lewis (“Austin Lewis”); and,

Lt. William David Haas, III ("William Haas") born about 1923 who was killed on July 4, 1946 at the age of 23 when his plane which he was piloting crashed on his father's farm in Bunkie, Louisiana. He was on his way home from the University of Alabama;

Joseph William Cavender, Jr. ( Joseph Cavender", “Joseph W. Cavender” & “J.W. Cavender”) born December 28, 1876 in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee, married Annie O'Malley ("Annie O'Malley"), had four or more children, and then took his family away from Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky in 1910-1911 and was never heard from again. It is believed that he died about 1912;

Mary Alice Cavender ("Mamie Cavender", “Mary A. Cavender”, “M.A. Cavender” & "Mary Cavender") born April 15, 1878 in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee, first married Tobias J. Dinwiddie ("Tobias Dinwiddie"), was married a second time, still later was married for the third time to George W. Bent ("George Bent") who was a rancher and a mining engineer in Texas and Arizona, and died December 7, 1937 at her daughter's home in Phoenix, Arizona. Mamie Dinwiddie moved to Arizona for her second husband's health about 1907. Shortly thereafter her second husband died of tuberculosis. After her marriage to George Bent, she divided her time between the ranch near El Paso, El Paso County, Texas and her other home in Miami, Arizona. By her first marriage to Tobias Dinwiddie, Mary Dinwiddie had 2 children:

Helen Dinwiddie Harley ("Helen Harley" & "Helen Dinwiddie"?) born February 1, 1900 in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois, and died January 1985 in Hemet, California; and,

Thomas J. Dinwiddie ("Thomas Dinwiddie") born April 1, 1901 in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois and died November 5, 1983 in Hemet California;

Delah Catherine Cavender ("Delah Cavender" & “D.C. Cavender”) born October 12, 1879 in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee, married Joseph Albert Hamilton ("Joe Hamilton" & "Joseph Hamilton") about 1906, died about 1913 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, and is buried in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. Joseph Hamilton and Delah Hamilton had a son named:

Joseph Albert Hamilton, Jr. (“Joseph A. Cavender” & "Joe Hamilton" & "Joseph Hamilton") who was born March 31, 1908 in Wichita, Kansas, married Carrie Maddox of Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky in 1935 in Memphis, Tennessee, and had a son named:

Joseph Albert Hamilton, III born January 1937;

Silas Henry Cavender ("John Henry Cavender”, “Silas H. Cavender”, “S.H. Cavender”, “Johnny Cavender", "John Cavender" & "Silas Cavender") born October 12, 1882 in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee. He married Grace Marie Johnson ("Grace Johnson") on December 20, 1914 in Dwyersburg, Tennessee, lived at 200 Second Street in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky, and died March 27, 1961 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. Grace Johnson was born March 8, 1898 in Graves County, Kentucky and died June 23, 1973 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. In the mid 1952, Silas Henry Cavender, before his retirement in October 1952 after serving 49 years on the Illinois Central railroad, went to court in Hickman, Fulton County, Kentucky and legally changed his name to John Henry Cavender due to the difference spellings in his mother's Bible register and his life long vital records. The above John Cavender and Grace Cavender had 7 children:

Alice Elizabeth Cavender ("Alice Cavender", “Alice E. Cavender”, “A.E. Cavender” & “Alice E. Cooper”) born November 4, 1915 in South Fulton, Weakley County, Tennessee, and married James Renrick Cooper ("James Cooper") on April 26, 1942 in Globe, Arizona, and died on January 10, 2001 in Douglas, Arizona at the age of 85 years. James Cooper and Alice Cooper had 3 sons:

James Cooper;

Jerry Cooper; and,

William Cooper;

John Proctor Knott Cavender ("John Cavender", “John P. Cavender”, “J.P.K. Cavender” & "Proctor Cavender") born July 26, 1917 in South Fulton, Weakley County, Tennessee, married Mrs. Katherine Farnsworth Bartels ("Katherine Bartels") on July 26, 1943 and who was a widow at that time with 1 daughter by her previous marriage who apparently married a Baer. John Cavender died in 2001. Katherine's maiden name was Katherine Farnsworth. John Cavender and Katherine Cavender had the 2 following sons:

John Proctor Knott Cavender, Jr. ("John Cavender" & "Proctor Cavender") born August 1944, and died November 1944; and,

John Michael Cavender ("John Cavender" & “John M. Cavender”) born August 23, 1945, and lived in Highlands, North Carolina;

Jerry Porter Cavender (“Jerry P. Cavender”, “J.P. Cavender” & "Jerry Cavender") born December 3, 1920 in Paducah, McCranken County, Kentucky, married Bettye Louise Altman ("Bettye Altman" & "Betty Altman") on June 10, 1949 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, lived in Chicago, Illinois, and had 2 daughters;

Grace Louise Cavender ("Grace Cavender" & “Grace L. Cavender”) born October 9, 1924 in Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee, first married William VanDyke August 8, 1947 (“Grace Van Dyke”), and later married David Brooks in June 1960;

Joseph William Cavender (“Joseph W. Cavender”, “J.W. Cavender” & "Joseph Cavender" & ) born September 7, 1928 in Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee, and died May 27, 1937 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky;

Emma Ruth Cavender ("Emma Cavender", “E.R. Cavender” & “Emma R. Cavender”) born December 7, 1930 in Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee and married Kenneth A. Meredith ("Kenneth Meredith") on December 20, 1950 and who was from Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, and who was living in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky in 2001. Kenneth Meredith and Emma Meredith had a son and a daughter; and,

Larry Downs Cavender ("Larry Cavender", “L.D. Cavender” & “Larry D. Cavender”) born May 24, 1936 in Memphis, Tennessee, first married Patricia Horton June 1970 in Memphis, Tennessee, later married Josephine Barras (“Josephine Bannas”) in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky on February 13, 1982 and who was from Memphis, Tennessee. In 2001, they were living in Portland, Oregon. Both of his wives had a son by their former marriage;

Emma Marshall Cavender (“Emma M. Cavender”, “E.M. Cavender” & "Emma Cavender") born October 16, 1883 in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee, married Charles Brann on July 11, 1922 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky, and died June 7, 1957 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. At the time of his marriage to Emma Cavender, Charles Brann was a widower with 2 daughters;

Victor Thompson Cavender ("Victor Cavender" & “V.T. Cavender”) was born October 7, 1885 in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee, and died in the early 1950's just before his birthday in Los Angeles, California;

Samuel Lawrence Cavender ("Samuel Cavender" & “S.L. Cavender”) born June 8, 1888 in a covered wagon in route to Denver, Denver County, Colorado, and died in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky sometime after his 21st. birthday in 1909. The family lived in Denver, Denver County, Colorado for only 6 months and then returned to Tennessee; and,

Chester Weil Cavender ("Chester Cavender" & “C.W. Cavender”) born May 9, 1890 in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee, and died December 14, 1890 in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee;

Mary Jennett Haynes Cavender ("Mary Jenett Hanes Cavender", “Mary J. Cavender”, “Mary H. Cavender”, “Jennett Cavender”, “M.J.H. Cavender”, “M.J. Cavender” & "Mary Cavender") born March 15, 1848 in Lewis County, Tennessee which later became Maury County, Tennessee (see note above);

Sarah Clementine Cavender ("Sarah Cavender" & “S.C. Cavender”) born April 15, 1852 in Lewis County, Tennessee which later became Maury County, Tennessee (see note above);

Martha Matilda Jane Cavender ("Martha Cavender", “Martha Jane Cavender”, “M.M.J. Cavender”, Martha J. Cavender” & “M.J. Cavender”) born April 27, 1852 in Lewis County, Tennessee which later became Maury County, Tennessee (see note above);

Polly Cathy Cavender (“Polly Cathey Cavender”, "Polly Cavender", "Mary Cavender, "Mary Jane Catherine Cavender" & “M.J. Cavender”) born June 15, 1854 in Lewis County, Tennessee which later became Maury County, Tennessee (see note above); and,

Milly Abigail Cavender ("Milly Abigille Cavender", "Milley Cavender", “M.A. Cavender” & "Milly Cavender") born October 17, 1857 in Lewis County, Tennessee which later became Maury County, Tennessee (see note above). 97, 137, 151, 278 & 315

(9) SALLY P. CAVENDER ("Sally Cavender" & “S.P. Cavender”) who married Edward H. Trent ("Edward Trent") in Williamson County, Tennessee on either November 9, 1835 or November 12, 1835 by Joel Anderson, a ministers of the Big Harpeth Primitive Baptist Church with which Eulaley James Cavender and his family were apparently members. William Anderson was the bondsman and, on the same date, Mary McConnico was married to Spencer Buford by James King. Assuming Sally Cavender was 19-20 years old when she was married, then she would have been born in 1815-1816 and would have been 4-5 years old when the 1820 census was taken and would have been one of the two 0-9 year old females then living in the Eudaley James Cavender household;

(10) AN UNIDENTIFIED DAUGHTER who was the last of the two 0-9 years old females listed in the 1820 census and thus born about 1811-1820;

(11) PATRICK H. CAVENDER (“Patrick Cavender” & “P.H. Cavender”) who is believed to be the third one of the four 0-9 years old males listed in the 1820 census and thus born between 1811-1820. In the 1850 census for the 2nd. Subdivision, Davidson County, Tennessee, he is listed as then being 32 years of age and thus born about 1818.

The following is to be noted that in 1850 census for the 2nd. Subdivision, Davidson County, Tennessee, a family was listed as comprising Harrison Cavender age 28 and born in Virginia about about 1822 and his wife Julia Cavender age 27 and born in Tennessee about 1823, together with a James Harrison (“Cavender”) age 8 and born about 1842.

Also living in the same household was Patrick Cavender age 32 and thus born about 1817-1818, and further living in the same household was the family of James Cavender comprising himself age 38 and born about 1812, his wife Nancy Cavender age 35 and born about 1815, and their son Silas Cavender age 15 and born about 1835 and who may be the same Silas Cavender who married a Sarah (“Sarah Cavender”?) in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee on October 1, 1856.122 & 137

Further noted is that on April 20, 1848, James S. Cavender (“James Cavender” & “J.S. Cavender”), who was the son of James Eudaley Cavender ("James Cavender" & “J.E. Cavender”) and grandson of Hugh Cavender, married Nancy A. Underwood ("Nancy Underwood") in Williamson County, Tennessee. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. J.M. Burns and Patrick Cavender was the bondsman.76

Sometime between 1837 and 1840, James Cavender, Patrick Cavender, and John Cavender each brought a separate lawsuit against John G. Boyd ("John Boyd") in Williamson County, Tennessee. 94

Patrick H. Cavender ("Patrick Cavender" & “P.H. Cavender”) paid poll taxes in the 14th. District, Williamson County, Tennessee in 1838122; in 1839, he paid poll taxes in the 10th. District, Williamson County, Tennessee; and, in 1840 he paid poll taxes in the 10th. District of Williamson County, Tennessee. He does not again appear in Williamson County, Tennessee until 1850 when he was listed as living in the 15th. District, Williamson County, Tennessee and paid taxes on 1 poll.

(12) JOHN CAVENDER who was listed in the 1850 Williamson County, Tennessee census as being 30 years of age and born in Tennessee. Therefore, he was born in either 1819 or 1820, depending on whether his month of birth was before or after the census was taken, and could have been the last of the four 0-9 year old males listed as living in the household of Eudaley James Cavender when the 1820 census was taken. John Cavender's wife, Nancy, was listed as being 28 years old and also born in Tennessee and their daughter, Mary Cavender, was listed as being 3 years of age. Based on the age of their daughter, John Cavender and Nancy Cavender were probably married about 1846; and,

(13) WILLIAM CAVENDER born about 1821, married Mary E. Scruggs (“Mary Elizabeth Scruggs”? & "Marietta Scruggs"?) in Williamson County, Tennessee on June 2, 1847. The ceremony was conducted by S. H. Thompson ("H. Thomson"?), J.P., and Edward A. Truit ("Edward Fruit", "Edward Trait", "Edward Truit" or "Edward Truitt") was the bondsman.

According to the 1850 census, William Cavender then age 29 and born in Tennessee about 1821, was living in the Tenth District, Williamson County, Tennessee together with his wife Marietta Cavender age 25 and born in Tennessee about 1825, and their children, all born in Tennessee comprised: James T. Cavender ("James Cavender" & “J.T. Cavender”) age 5 and born about 1845; and Zach Taylor Cavender ("Zach Cavender", “Zackery Taylor”?, “Zachary Taylor Cavender”, “Z.T. Cavender” & "Zachariah Taylor Cavender"?) age 2 and born about 1848.174 As William Cavender was born about 1821, he was born after the 1820 census was taken in Williamson County, Tennessee.

According to the 1860 census for Maury County, Virginia, a William Cavender and his family was then living there and comprised himself age 39 and born about 1821 and thus he would have been married when he was 16 years old, and his wife then M.E. Cavender (“Marietta Cavender”?) age 35 and born about 1825.

The children of William Cavender and Marietta Cavender are believed to have included:

J. THOMAS CAVENDER ("Thomas Cavender", "James Thomas Cavender"? & “J.T. Cavender”) about 1845-1848;

ZACH TAYLOR CAVENDER (“Zach Cavender”, “Zachariah Cavender”? & “Z.T. Cavender”) born about 1848.

(It is to be noted that a Zacharia L. Cavender (“Zacharia Cavender”, “Zachariah Cavender” & “Z.L. Cavender”). It is to be noted that Zacharia L. Cavender (“Zacharia Cavender” & “Z.L. Cavender”) was then living in Webb, Reynolds County, Missouri and he was listed as being age 33 and born in Tennessee about 1847 and his father was born in Virginia and his mother was born in Tennessee. His wife was Martha C. Cavender (“Martha Cavender” & “M.C. Cavender”) age 31 and born in Missouri about 1849 and both of her parents were born in Missouri. Their children were: Samantha J. Cavender (“Samantha Cavender” & “S.J. Cavender”) age 10 and born in Missouri about 1870; Louis Mc Cavender (“Louis Mack Cavender”?, “Louis Cavender” & “L.M. Cavender”) age 5 and born in Missouri about 1875; Wilburn T. Cavender (“Wilburn Cavender” & “W.T. Cavender”) age 3 and born in Missouri about 1877; and, Lora Lee Cavender (“Lora Cavender” & “L.L. Cavender”) age 1 and born in Missouri about 1879;

J.H. CAVENDER (“James H. Cavender”?, "James Cavender"?, “John H. Cavender”?, “Joseph H. Cavender”?, “J.H. Cavender” & "John Cavender"?) a male then age 10 and thus born about 1850;

W.S. CAVENDER ("William Cavender"?, & “William S. Cavender”?) a male and then age 6 and thus born about 1854;

M.M. CAVENDER a female then age 5 and thus born about 1855;

L.S. CAVENDER ("Stephen Cavender"?) a male then 3 and thus born about 1857; and,

S.M. CAVENDER a female age 1 month and thus born about 1860;

(VI) HEZEKIAH CAVENDER who was born about 1772 in the Flat Creek (“Flatt Creek”?) area of Raleigh Township of Amelia County, Virginia near the Appomattox River. He may have been named after the Hezekiah Featherstone ("Hezekiah Featherston") who married Nancy Tarpley ("Ann Tarpley"), the daughter of James Tarpley, and who farm was adjacent to the farm of his father after the families moved to Charlotte County, Virginia, along with the Eudaleys.441

However, Hezekiah was also the name of the son of Ahaz, King of Judah, who was 25 years old when he began his reign in Jerusalem and reigned thereafter for 29 years (715-687 b.c.) and was considered one of the best kings of Judah.

In February 1816, Hezekiah Cavender of Williamson County, Tennessee and son of Hugh Cavender of Amelia County, Virginia and Charlotte County, Virginia, was listed as an object of charity in the care of Freeman Walker. In January 1829, Hezekiah was still listed as a pauper in the care of James Dupree.70 Apparently, a pauper was anyone who had some type of an affliction and/or could not care of himself/herself. It is to be noted that on January 6, 1810, Drury Pulliam sold 301 acres of land to William Thomas (“William B. Thomas”?) on the East side of the Big Harpeth River in Williamson County, Tennessee, which was adjacent to land owned and occupied by Oliver Williams and James Cavender, and excepting 3 acres which were previously deeded to Freeman Walker on June 5, 1805 by John McMurray. Thus, Freeman Walker apparently was a neighbor of Hezekiah Cavender's brother, Eudaley James Cavender. ("Eudaley Cavender"). Note that in 1803, Keziah McConnico (“Kezekia McConnico”?, “Hezekiah McConnico”? & “Kezekiah McConnico”?) and Jared McConnico either owned property or were res residing in Williamson County, Tennessee in 1803, and there is the possibility that Hezekiah Cavender may have also been named after Hezekiah McConnico. Additionally, a Jeremiah Fetherstone, an orphan of Charles Featherstone, chose Moses Eudaley as his guardian. Hezekiah Cavender’s mother was Frances Eudaley. Further, on September 2, 1805, Hezekiah Cavender’s brother John Cavender and then residing in Charlotte County, Virginia, sold to William Blake, Jr. of the same county 75 acres of land in Charlotte County, Virginia on the waters of the Horspen Creek which his brother had inherited from their father and on which tract of land their family resided. Of significance is the fact that the land was bounded by the lands of William Blake, Sr. whose daughter married Hezekiah Cavender’s oldest brother Joseph Cavender, and also was bounded by the lands of James Elmore and Hezekiah Featherstone. There could be a family connection between the Cavender family and the Featherstone family. 53 70 & 177 It is also to be noted that a James Elmore (minister) married Polly Hamlett (widow) on October 13, 1803 in Charlotte County, Virginia.

(VII) STEPHEN CAVENDER (“Stephen Cantrell Cavender”?) is believed to have been born about 1776 in the Flat Creek or Flatt Creek area of Raliegh Township, Amelia County, Virginia near the Appomattox River. The basis of the estimate of the date of birth of Stephen Cavender is that, on September 4, 1797, Thomas Chaffin, stated to be the guardian of a Stephen Cavender who was an orphan of Hugh Cavender, provided the court of Charlotte County with full receipts of his guardianship, apparently because the minor ward of the court had just become 21 years of age. Thus, Stephen Cavender must have been born about 1776 and therefore was about 16 years of age when his mother died about 1793. Additionally, in 1796, Stephen Cavender, believed to be the son of Hugh Cavender, paid estate taxes in Charlotte County, Virginia on only 1 white male adult over 21 (himself) and owned no livestock and must have been just turned 21 years of age when the tax collector made his survey, and therefore would have been born about 1775.393 As the date of birth of Stephen Cavender’s brother, John Cavender, is likewise believed to be about 1776, then there is a very good possibility that Stephen Cavender and John Cavender were actually twins sons of Hugh Cavender. In fact, their older brother, Eudaley James Cavender, apparently had twins sons named Stephen Cavender and James B. Cavender (“James Cavender” & “James Benjamin Cavender”?) who were born about 1798.

On June 9, 1794, Stephen Cavender’s widowed mother, then living in Charlotte County, Virginia, gave his brother, Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender") and his wife Betsy Cavender (formerly "Betsy Sammons" & "Betty Sammons"), a surrey and a bay coach horse just before Frances Cavender died. The Indenture was witnessed by James Sammons (believed to be Betsy's Sammons' brother), Edward Chambers, and Stephen Cavender (believed to be Eudaley James Cavender's brother).393 At the time Stephen Cavender witnessed the above Indenture, he was undoubtly over the legal requirement of 14 years of age to be able to witness a legal document.

On November 11, 1797, Stephen Cavender of Charlotte County, Virginia granted a legal power of attorney to Austin Clements of Charlotte County to collect money due him from the estate of his father, Hugh Cavender. The above power of attorney was witnessed by John R. Bedford and John Petty, Sr. and was first proved in Court on April 2, 1798 and was again proved in Court on January 5, 1801 by oath of Robert Bedford. This additional legal proceedings may have been necessary because Stephen Cavender may not have actually reached his 21th. birthday when he first signed the power of attorney.36 Eudaley James Cavender, ("James Cavender") first arrived in Williamson County in either late 1805 or early 1806 and which county is adjacent to Davidson County.

As Stephen Cavender paid personal estate taxes in Charlotte County, Virginia in 1797 on 1 adult male over 21 (himself) and owned no livestock and, again, would have been born about 1776. As no other Cavender then apparently lived in Charlotte County, Virginia at that particular point in time, then the older brother of Stephen Cavender named Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender") was then living next to his father-in-law James Sammons in 1797 and apparently had already moved to Lunenburg County, Virginia by that time. 393

In 1806, Stephen Cavender and his brother, James Cavender, paid poll taxes in Williamson County, Tennessee. Thus, Stephen Cavender must have gone with his brother and his family to Williamson County, Tennessee in the fall of 1805 as he married Elizabeth McCormack ("Elizabeth McCormick"?) on December 30, 1805 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

In 1812, Stephen Cavender apparently was still living in Davidson County in which the City of Nashville is located. 53, 122, 134, 279 & 355

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