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Mark W. Simon

 15 Trailwood Court, Northeast, Maryland 21901

 443.553.4279 

Engineering System Manager
Skilled Power Plant System Manager with expertise in planning, development, and maintenance implementation. Strong knowledge of quality compliance procedures and processes for reactor and steam plant systems. Adept problem solver who governs and oversees strict equipment and system compliance.
Professional Experience with Accomplishments
Exelon, Delta, PA

Senior Engineer –System Manager 2011–Present

  • Ensures reliable equipment performance within the plant design by thorough monitoring of site emergency diesel generators and power plant systems.

    • Analyzes and trends system operating parameters to verify optimal equipment performance, and initiates immediate corrective actions to address degradation or anomalies.

    • Perform Root Cause and Equipment Apparent Cause Investigations on failed or degraded equipment, with a consistent record of above average final product grading.

    • Evaluates industry operating experience and vendor information letters to eliminate system vulnerabilities and identify improvement opportunities.

    • Reviews and enhances current preventative maintenance strategies to support equipment reliability and business needs, resulting in reduced outage durations and earning recognition for a “Commitment to Excellence”.

    • Guarantees assigned systems meet or exceed industry and regulatory standards and expectations, resulting in a consistent rating of excellent.

    • Participates with industry peers during INPO Equipment Reliability visits, helping to ensure industry standards are maintained.

Operations Department Corrective Actions Program (CAP) Coordinator/

Department Training Coordinator (DTC) 2009–2011

  • Successfully managed the Operations department Corrective Actions Program performance by governing effective self-assessments and work improvements analysis.

    • Intermediary between the Operations and Training Departments, making sure results were translated well into appropriate staff development activities, thereby supporting program reaccreditation.

    • Responsible for daily CAP administration to ensure regulatory compliance and the implementation of timely corrective actions.

    • Conducted and oversaw department and site investigations in response to plant events.

    • Established and provided oversight of department self-assessment and benchmarking activities to implement industry best practices.

    • Liaison between Operations and Regulatory Assurance to ensure department compliance with INPO/NRC requirements.

    • Acted as Performance Improvement Analyst for the Operations department, helping to reinforce human performance standards and expectations.

M&T Training Program Specialist 2006–2009

  • Leveraged industry expertise in overseeing the planning, construction, and operation of the Mid-Atlantic Training Center, guaranteeing that all regional fleet departments were trained according to company and industry standards and expectations.

    • Managed the planning and construction of the Mid-Atlantic Training Center with an initial budget of $600,000, completed on time and under budget.

    • Participated in the development and implementation of a fleet-wide computer based training program for maintenance technicians, resulting in reduced instructor man-hours.

    • Executed regional assessments on training personnel and programs to ensure company standards and expectations were met, supporting industry accreditation and the ADDIE philosophy.

    • Supervised students and contract instructors during corporate-run training activities.

Corporate Mechanical Maintenance Lead Instructor 2005–2006

  • Responsible for schedule design/adherence, resource loading, and material readiness of the Mid-Atlantic mechanical training program.

    • Administered direction and oversight to fleet instructors during initial training implementation.

    • Instructed courses associated with entry level power plant workers (Rotating Equipment, Heat Exchanger Maintenance, Thermodynamics, etc.).

    • Evaluated trainee understanding in both a classroom and lab setting.

    • Responsible for maintaining required training equipment in a ready status to facilitate class productivity.

Constar International, Havre De Grace, MD

Maintenance Technician 2003–2005

  • Performed a critical role in the performance of emergent and preventative maintenance to meet all specified schematics and strict requirements in order to achieve consistent machinery efficiency.

  • Provided emergent response to factory blow molding and packaging equipment in order to fulfill customer orders.

  • Proficient in mechanical and electrical troubleshooting of production floor equipment; work resulted in minimal system down-time.

  • Supported the rebuilding and refurbishment of essential spare parts inventory.

US Navy (USS Hartford SSN-768), Groton, CT

Nuclear Machinist Mate 1999–2003

  • Earned the rank of Machinist Mate First Class with a secret security clearance. Received two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals for superior “personal motivation and devotion to duty” along with Captain and Admiral Letters for “superior performance”.

    • Performed mechanical maintenance to support design and material integrity, functionality, cleanliness, and reliability in compliance with rigid specification schedules and budgets, ensuring that a billion-dollar platform met its operational commitments.

    • Performed duties of Quality Assurance Inspector being personally responsible for the research and development of quality control work procedures. This included the proper use of parts, man-power and qualifications, and materials used on nuclear and steam plant equipment and support systems.

    • Developed maintenance procedures and supervised their implementation on both reactor plant and steam plant systems.

    • Performed duties of instrument calibration petty officer.

Master’s in Engineering Management

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
Bachelor of Applied Science and Technologies, with Concentration on Nuclear Engineering Technologies

Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ

Functional Skills
Quality Assurance and Control

  • Work to guarantee strict compliance of systems’ technical specifications in accordance with nuclear industry regulations, vendor data, and company standards.

  • Ensure consistent regulatory compliance by monitoring and validating operational process and administration.

  • Experienced in quality control administrator, who ensures design and material integrity, functionality, and reliability of finished products within schedule and budget constraints.

  • Commended for exceptional work in research and development of quality control work procedures, including proper use of parts, manpower and qualifications, and materials used on nuclear and steam plant equipment and support systems.

Maintenance Practices and Applications

  • Oversee various maintenance and technical training programs, ensuring that company certifications are maintained by adhering to industry regulations.

  • Proficient in maintaining operating equipment and executing mechanical/electrical troubleshooting of equipment when necessary, to maximize production and reliability.

Root Cause Investigations

  • Adept in problem solving and bridging gaps by way of thorough root cause investigations on equipment, process or human error events.

  • Entrusted to provide immediate response and well-executed site investigations that resolve various plant issues. Consistently producing investigative products with above average grading.

Engineering Principles and Applications

  • Skilled and consistent in the presentation of training materials as well as providing instruction to plant personnel on principles, theories, techniques, and analytical troubleshooting.

Professional Development


  • Exelon Nuclear Initial Instructor Training

  • Introduction to Brio/Hyperion

  • Instructor Evaluator Training

  • TapRoot Training

  • Root Cause Investigator

  • Fairbanks Morse Engine Overhaul Training

  • Windrock Engine Analyzer Training

  • Generator Concept Controls Training

  • C&D Lead Acid Battery Basics and Maintenance

Constar International

  • Pressco Technologies Intellispec Vision System Maintenance Training Program

  • Allen Bradley PLC/SLC Programming

United States Navy

  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Prototype

  • Naval Nuclear Power School

  • Basic Mechanical System Repair and Maintenance School

  • Quality Assurance Inspector/ Supervisor

  • Advanced Steering and Diving Hydraulic Systems

  • Machine Tool Operator

  • York 150 ton Refrigerant Maintenance Technician

  • Universal Refrigerant Handler from the EPA

  • Maxim Steam Evaporator Technician

  • Worthington High Pressure Air Compressor Advanced Maintenance

  • Thermometer and Pressure Calibration Training

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