English 7c english-speaking countries – Mini Project

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English-speaking countries – Mini Project

In this assignment, I would like you to choose an English-speaking country to write and speak about. If you think back to the culture quiz we did earlier, you will remember that the main English-speaking countries are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. You are also free to choose any of the countries that were previously under British rule such as Malta and India.

For this assignment, I would like you to write about 1 ½ - 2 pages about the country of your choice and also to prepare an oral presentation of about 3-4 minutes.

I would like you to write a fairly detailed description of the country, including such things as the size of the population, main exports, places of interest and famous people who originate from this country. You also need to consider the social, political and living conditions as well as the cultural traditions in your chosen country. What do you think it would be like to live in this country? How does it compare to Sweden? Have you ever visited the country of your choice?

Having completed the task, ask someone else in the class to read through what you have written. Pay special attention to the GRAMMAR– have you used the correct tenses? Is your SPELLING correct? Does your piece of writing sound English or does it sound like a translation? One tip is to look at English web-sites only, as translating from Swedish will disrupt the flow of your English and will not help you to learn any new words or expressions.

The purpose of this assignment is partly to increase your knowledge about the English-speaking countries and to learn about the cultural, political and living conditions in your chosen country. It is also intended to help you to expand your vocabulary and to help you to express yourself in writing and orally by relating, instructing, commenting, explaining and summarizing the most important facts related to the research you do.


  • Use English sites for your research.

  • Remember that the information you find has to be in YOUR OWN WORDS. You cannot cut and paste as you are then handing in someone else’s work.

  • Check the information you find against that in another site in order to check the authenticity of the information you find.

  • List your sources at the end of your essay.

You will be given time to work on this assignment in the lessons but the deadline is the 20th of October when we will be starting the oral presentations.

Centralt innehåll:

  • Levnadsvillkor, traditioner, sociala relationer och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelska används.

  • Olika sätt att bearbeta egna framställningar för att variera, tydliggöra, precisera och anpassa dem efter deras syften.

Kunskapskraven för E-nivå:

  • I muntliga och skriftliga framställningar i olika genrer kan eleven formulera sig relativt varierat, tydligt och sammanhängande. Eleven formulerar sig även med flyt och viss anpassning till syfte, mottagare och situation. För att förtydliga och variera sin kommunikation kan eleven bearbeta och göra välgrundade förbättringar av egna framställningar.

  • I muntlig och skriftlig interaktion i olika sammanhang kan eleven uttrycka sig enkelt och begripligt samt i någon mån anpassat till mottagare, syfte och situation. Dessutom kan eleven välja och använda sig av i huvudsak fungerande strategier som i viss mån löser problem och förbättra interaktionen.

  • Eleven diskuterar översiktligt några företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelskan används, och kan då göra enkla jämförelser med egna erfarenheter och kunskaper.

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