English phonetics and phonology

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Exam Topics

  1. English and its accents

Reference accents of English. General American. Received Pronunciation

  1. Phonetics and phonology

Definition. Scope of interest, basic difference

  1. Notation. Transcription symbols in English

  2. Articulatory, acoustic and auditory phonetics

  3. Organs of speech

7. Respiration, phonation, articulation

8. Sound and its perception. Qualities of tone

  1. Classification of sounds

  2. Vowels and consonants in general

  3. Cardinal Vowels

  4. Monophthongs – articulatory, acoustic and auditory aspect

  5. Diphthongs – articulatory, acoustic and auditory aspect

  6. Triphthongs – articulatory, acoustic and auditory aspect

  7. Quality and quantity of English vowels

  8. English consonants

Criteria of classification and basic description

  1. Plosives – phonetic and phonological characteristics

  2. Fricatives – phonetic and phonological characteristics

  3. Affricates – phonetic and phonological characteristics

  4. Nasals – phonetic and phonological characteristics

  5. Laterals – phonetic and phonological characteristics

  6. Approximants – phonetic and phonological characteristics

  7. Syllable, its structure and function

  8. Syllabic consonants

  9. Strong and weak syllables

  10. Aspects of connected speech

Assimilation, assibilation, affrication, elision and linking

22. Pronunciation styles in English

  1. Suprasegmental features – temporal modulation

  2. Suprasegmental features – force modulation

  3. Suprasegmental features – tone modulation

  4. Sress. Word stress and sentence stress

  5. Rhythm in English

  6. New English Gradation

  7. Strong and weak forms of some English words

  8. Tone of English sentence and its functions

  9. Intonation

  10. Functions of intonation

  11. Phonetics and phonology

  12. Phone, phoneme, allophone

  13. Phonological oppositions, distinctive features

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