Errata to Linux+ 2005 In Depth chapter 15 review questions

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Errata to Linux+ 2005 In Depth


(Please note that the answer key in Appendix D of the printed book still correctly applies. The publisher apologizes for any inconvenience.)

  1. Which port does the HTTP service normally use?

    1. 20

    2. 25

    3. 80

    4. 119

  1. Which zone configuration file contains the list of DNS zones and their type (master/slave) that the name daemon will manage?

  1. /var/named/

  2. /etc/named.conf

  3. /var/named/

  4. /var/named/named.local

  1. What FTP daemon is shipped with Red Hat Fedora Core 2?

  1. ftpd

  2. wu-ftpd

  3. rhftpd

  4. vsftpd

  1. The ____ command is equivalent to the route command.

  1. route -f

  2. netstat –r

  3. showrte

  4. traceroute

  1. Which of the following is an IDS that involves modifying the Linux kernel to increase process and file security as well as detect security breaches?

  1. Linux Intrusion Detection System

  2. Snort

  3. Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment

  4. PortSentry

  1. True or false? Stand-alone daemons are typically started at boot time.

  1. True or false? A Linux server cannot serve as a DHCP server.

  1. True or false? Network File System (NFS) allows UNIX and Linux computers the capability to share files transparently.

  1. True or false? By default, sshd uses Kerberos authentication.

  1. True or false? Routers only know the networks to which they are directly connected.

  2. Daemons identify which packets they should respond to by listening only for packets that have a certain ____ number.

  1. When a DNS server resolves IP addresses to FQDNs, it is performing a(n) ____ lookup.

  1. ____ is the world’s most common Web server.

  1. ____ can be used to coordinate common configuration files, such as /etc/passwd and /etc/hosts, across several Linux computers within an organization.

  1. You can use the ____ command to obtain root access only when you need to perform an administrative task.

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