Autolisp to Visual lisp: Design Solutions for Autocad instructor’s Guide Chapter One

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AutoLISP to Visual LISP: Design Solutions for AutoCAD

Instructor’s Guide
Chapter One


Syntax - The way commands are arranged inside a computer program.

Source Code - Is an ASCII text file containing a formal programming language. The source code file must be compiled, interpreted or assembled before a computer can use it.
Flowchart - incorporates the use of graphic symbols to describe a sequence of operations or events. They are used to describe everything from the process involved in the treating of wastewater to the sequence of operations for a microprocessor.
Pseudo-Code - A more natural way of preparing the source code for a computer program is with pseudo-code. In this method, standard English terms are used to describe what the program is doing. The descriptions are arranged in the logical order that they appear.
GUI - A Graphical User Interface allows the user to interact with a computer by selecting icons and pictures that represent programs, commands, data files, and even hardware.
Programming Language - The actual commands used to construct a computer program.
Machine Language – A program that is coded so that a computer can directly use the instruction contain within the program without any further translation.
Hardware - is defined as the physical attributes of a computer, for example, the monitor, keyboard, central processing unit.
Software - is defined as the programs or electronic instructions that are necessary to operate a computer.
Binary - A number system that consist of two numbers one and zero. It is used extensively with computers because of its ease of implementation using digital electronics.

Answers to Review Questions

2. This process allows the programmer to gather the necessary information used to construct the application. It also allows the program to start laying out the actual program before the source code is created. Thus allowing the programmer to ensure the quality and accuracy a program.


State the problem

List unknown variables

List what is given

Create diagrams

List all formulas

List assumptions

Perform all necessary calculations

Check answer

4. Flowcharts use graphic symbols to represent a sequence or operation in a computer program, where as pseudo code uses standard English terms to describe what the program is doing.

Flow Chart

Start Program

Prompt user for Information

Perform Calculations

Check Answers

Display Answers

End Program

5. AutoLISP programs can be loaded into memory using one of two methods (the AutoLISP LOAD function or the AutoCAD APPLOAD command). The AutoLISP load function is a command line function that can be entered from the AutoCAD command prompt or placed inside of an AutoLISP application, where as the APPLOAD command is dialog based program that is executed from the AutoCAD command prompt.
6. The compiler converts the source code from the language in which a program is created into a format that the computer can understand.
7. (Function1 Argument1)
8. The Rich Text Format contains special commands used to describe important formatting information (fonts and margins).
9. GUI and NonGUI. GUI systems include windows 95, 98 NT and 2000, just to name a few, where as nonGUI system include DOS, and OS400.
10. The operating system is a set of program that is designed to controls the computers components.
11. The operating system is a set of programs that manages stored information, loads and unloads programs (to and from the computer’s memory), reports the results of operations requested by the user, and manages the sequence of actions taken between the computer’s hardware and software.
12. A comment is the description placed in a program for the sole purpose of aiding the programmer in keeping track of what a program is doing.
Chapter Two

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