Escape from Atlantis using many rules from Survive A. J. Merritt's Variant Contents

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Escape from Atlantis using many rules from Survive - A.J.Merritt's Variant
1 Game board 6 Kraken 6 Sea Monsters 6 Sharks 6 Dolphins

48 People - 10 of which must have numbers written on the bottom (1x3. 2x2, 3x2, 4,5,6)

12 Ships 12 Sails 1 Spinner - not used in this variant

6 Fortresses 1 City 18 Sand Tiles 12 Forest Tiles

1 Blank dice marked up with creature types (extra component)

Dolphin or Kraken; Shark; Monster; Monster or Shark; Dolphin; Kraken;

Note - all the land tiles have symbols underneath, however in this variant the symbols are changed to be much more like those in Survive. See section at the end.
Note - I had access to Survive and Escape from Atlantis when writing up this rule-set. If you only have one or the other then I suggest getting to know the rules to the game you have first (it is a decent game in either case), and then looking through this for ways in which you can enhance your game further.
Game Objective
To lead your Atlantis villagers in the courageous escape fron the island of Atlantis, which is doomed to destruction, to security at the nearby coral islands. the winner is the one, who at the end of game has succeeded to save the most of his own villagers. The game ends as soon as someone succeeds to get all his surviving villagers in security.
Preparing to Play
1. Place the city and fortresses on the centre 7 spaces of the board. The city need not be at the very centre. Place the sand and forest tiles around them, these can be muddled up so as to provide variety - no need for all the sand to be on the outside. This should all be done without looking at the symbols underneath the tiles.
2. In turn each player puts one person on the board. Repeat until everyone has put 10 people on the board, leaving the two people with no numbers on in front of them to indicate their colour. Each land tile can hold up to 3 people, and after this initial placement players cannot look at the numbers under their own people, except as they move them.
3. Each player places one ship on the board in turn. They must be placed on an empty sea space next to the island during startup.
4. Each player places one sea monster on the board. It must go on an empty sea space at least 2 spaces from any boat, ie. min. 1 clear sea hex between a boat and a sea monster.
Goal of the Game
Each player tries to rescue his people from the sinking island. The safe locations are the islands in the corners of the board. The player with the highest value under their rescued people safe at the end of the game wins.
The Play
In each turn, each player does these three things:
1. Moves his people and/or ships.

2. Removes an island tile.

3. Rolls the die in order to move the monsters.
1. People and/or Ships move
You may move any number of ships or your people up to a total of three spaces.
Example: It's your turn, so you move one of your people two spaces and a ship one space.
Land Movement
The maximum number of people per land space is 3. Land -> land, Land -> Boat and Boat -> Boat movement is all fine. Boat -> Land movement is not allowed except to get onto a Safe Island.
You can only move your own people. A single person can move upto 3 spaces in a turn when using land movement.
Swimming people
People swim very badly, because they are somewhat worried about being eaten. People can become swimmers:
* by diving from an island tile to an adjacent sea space

* by being on a ship that sinks

* falling into the water from a sinking island tile.
Swimmers may never return to land (except for the safe islands).
Swimmers may move only one space per turn. They can, however, board a ship, if they are on the same space at the beginning of a turn. Climbing on board counts as one of a player's three moves. The ship

can be moved after the swimmer climbs on board if the player still has moves left. Many swimmers can occupy a single hex.

Jumping off a boat or land into the sea counts as a move – that person's one move that turn as a swimmer.
A swimmer with a dolphin gets to move the dolphin with it when moving (in phase 1). Note that if a dolphin moves in phase 3, the swimmer does not go along however!
Ship Movement
Ships may not move into sea spaces if there is already another ship there. A ship can be in a space with a shark or a dolphin without effect. Sea monsters destroy ships and eat the passengers. Kraken sink manned ships, making the passengers swimmers (they leave unmanned ships alone).
Each ship has only three spaces for people. A player may put one of his people on a ship if the ship is directly beside an island tile with the person and a space on the ship is empty.
People can move from ship to ship if they happen to be in neighboring spaces.
Any player may move an unmanned ship. If a ship has men on it, only players who own the most people on the ship may move it (equal highest is fine though).
2. Part of the Island sinks
After the phasing player takes his three moves, he picks an island tile to sink. The island sinks in this order: first all the sand tiles, then the forest tiles, then the fortress tiles. The only exception is that a tile must have at least one side next to the sea to be able to be sunk, thus it is possible for some tiles to have to be taken out of order.
If there were people standing on the tile you removed, place them in the water in new water space. They become swimmers.
Privately look at the symbol on the bottom:
If a Kraken, Sea Monster, Dolphin, Shark or Ship symbol is there, place the appropriate item on the board in the space where the tile was removed. If a creature is placed which attacks swimmers then the swimmers die immediately.
If a vortex symbol is there then all people, creatures, boats in that space and the neighbouring 6 spaces (if sea spaces) are destroyed and removed from the game.
If the tile indicates that the game ends, then the game ends immediately and scores are calculated.
All other tiles (with text) should be kept secret and used later:
Use the following at the start of your turn (ie. before movement) only:
Kraken / Shark / Sea Monster / Dolphin dives to any empty (sea) space.

These allow any one creature of the specified type to be moved to an empty sea space.

The following can either be used at the start of your turn or when someone else moves the appropriate creature to adversely affect a boat / swimmer:
Kill a shark / A Kraken is killed. In either case the appropriate creature is removed from the board and has no effect
3. Dice
The phasing player throws the creature dice in order to move the sea creatures on the board. Move one of the indicated creatures as specified below. If a choice of creatures is shown on the dice, the player chooses one creature of either type to move. If there are none of the indicated creatures on the board then no creature can be moved.
Creature Max Move Effect
Sea Monster 1 sea space Attacks swimmers, all boats

Shark 2 sea spaces Attacks swimmers

Dolphin 2 sea spaces Protects swimmers on the same space

from sharks and sea monsters

Kraken 3 sea spaces Attacks manned boats, passengers swim
If a shark is in a sea space with swimmers, they are devoured by the shark. A shark may be in the same space as a ship, but it cannot attack it or its contents.
If a Kraken is in a space with a manned ship, the ship is sunk (removed from the board) and the crew becomes swimmers. The Kraken stays in the space with the swimmers, but does not harm them. If a shark happens to be in the space, however, the swimmers are lunch. A Kraken cannot attack an unmanned ship.
Sea Monsters
Sea Monsters are particularly nasty. They eat any ships (manned or unmanned) and swimmers in any space they are in.
They are friends, as you can see by their smiling faces! If a dolphin is in a sea space with a swimmer the swimmer is protected against any attack (shark or sea monster).
If a space contains a swimmer, a dolphin, and a shark or sea monster, and the dolphin is moved away from the space, the swimmer gets eaten immediately. Dolphins may be in the same space as ships.
A dolphin + swimmer combination may move together one space a turn during the movement phase (Phase 1). During Phase 3, only the dolphin may move.
Important: Sea creatures may move onto any sea spaces including those with other figures.

The Safe Islands
If a person gets to one of the spaces between the red coral reefs in the corners of the board, either in a ship or by swimming, one more move will get him to safety onto an island.
If one of your swimmers as well as a dolphin reaches the "nearly safe space" and goes ashore, the dolphin remains on the "nearly safe space". It may be moved away only on the next turn. (Yours or another player's).
People may move from ship to ship, so if a ship is on the "nearly safe space", another can move to a neighboring space and people can jump onto that ship and then ashore.
End of game
The game ends if all players have brought their live people to safety, or if the End of Game tile is sunk.
Score up by adding the values on the bases of the people who made it to safe islands before the game ended. The highest score wins. People that were alive but not safe at the end of the game are worth nothing as the volcano explodes and kills them all, and destroys the remnants of Atlantis along with it.

Symbols Under Tiles – Manifest of My Set
In the main rules I have already said what the tiles do, but here is how they are distributed:
Symbol Sand Forest Fortress

Boat 2 1 -

Dolphin 2 2 1

Dolphin dives 2 - -

Kraken 2 2 1

Kraken dives 1 1 -

Kraken killed 1 - -

Shark 2 2 1

Shark dives 1 - 1

Shark killed 1 1 -

Sea Monster - 1 1

Sea Monster dives 2 - -

Vortex 2 2 -

Game Ends - - 1

Volcano - - 1 (The tallest piece in my set)

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