Ethical Foundations of Politics

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Ethical Foundations of Politics
Most people believe the knowledge about the ethics, society, history, politics, and economics they’ve been taught in school are factually correct, and contains all the necessary information they need. This may be a delusion.
These are all wrong reactions.
There hides some subtle cognitive deficiencies.
In a conservative society, democracy leads to violence of the majority.
You may think this is entirely untrue.
Here are some definitions.
Morality vs. Ethics
Morality is more related to accepted social norms and standards. May vary from time to time.
Ethics is more related to the principles of individual characters, and of specific situations.
Some people choose to mix the two, but the differences remain the same.
Compassion vs. Sympathy vs. Empathy
Compassion means awareness of other’s distress and a desire to alleviate it.
Sympathy means the ability of intellectually understanding other people’s feeling,
Empathy means emotionally experiencing other people’s feeling or suffering.
Have you ever realized, or bothered to think: these descriptions are incomplete?
They tell you it’s exhaustive.
Leave it as-is for now.
A very important question: Historically, which came first? Political methods? Or political ethics?
Of course, political method came first, and political ethics doesn’t exist under the present framework.

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