Life Boat Exercise

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The Life Boat Exercise

Your ship is sinking - sorry. There is one Lifeboat left that can only hold three people. As a group, you must choose who out of the remaining passengers gets a seat. You can’t choose yourself. The list you have is as follows:

1 An 86 year old

2 Nurse

3 16 year old

4 Doctor

5 Programmer

6 Banker

7 Teacher

8 Parent of two

9 War hero

10 Pastor

11 Person in a wheelchair

12 Chef

13 Hairdresser

14 Journalist

15 Captain

Passenger details:

1. _________________The 86 year old is a survivor of a concentration camp and an expert in survival techniques.

2. _________________The nurse, age 35, usually helps with new born babies at the hospital.
3. _________________The 16 year old is a young offender who regularly steals from old people.
4. _________________The Doctor is 28 and just finished medical school with a C average.
5. _________________The programmer is 21 and works at Facebook.
6. _________________The banker, age 44, has been blinded in one eye and writes comic books.
7. _________________The teacher, age 31, teaches third grade and has been recognized as teacher of the year.
8. _________________The parent of two is 63 years old with two children in their forties and

six grandchildren.

9. _________________The war hero, 30 years old, has survived two deployments in Iraq winning many awards and medals.
10. _________________The pastor, age 66, leads a church of 300 and runs a homeless shelter.
11. _________________The person in a wheelchair, 40 years old, is an Olympic rower who has won multiple gold medals.
12. _________________The chef, 56 years old, is an army cook used to making food go around and meals out of not much food.
13. _________________The hairdresser is 22 who does voluntary work for St Johns Ambulance

and has saved numerous lives.

14. _________________The journalist is 30 and writes a weekly sport column about the NFL.
15. _________________The captain of the ship is 45 and has never married.

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