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Listen to a conversation between a student and a professor. Hi, professor Scott, could I talk with you for a moment? Certainly. I have office hours now, so this is the perfect time to talk with me. What's your question? Well, I'd like to talk about the project for your political science class. You have a question, but we we talked about the project quite a bit today in class. Okay. Well, what's your question?Well, what you said was clear, but I'd like to do it a bit differently if I could.
What did you want to change?ell, you said we should get together with another student for the project, that two of us should work together, but I would rather work alone. I'd rather do the project by myself.
Well, I don't think that would work out very well, because, you know, you're supposed to choose an issue, one that's interesting to you, and then present the issue clearly so everyone understands it. Then I want you to have a debate where each one of you presents a different side of the issue, and you each argue on the issue from a different perspective. I was thinking I could present the issue and then discuss each side of the issue myself, talk about one side of the issue very thoroughly, and then talk about the other side just as thoroughly. I don't think that would work out too well, because I want you not just to present each side of the issue, I want you to actually discuss the issue, to debate it, and you really can't debate an issue yourself. But I really want to work on this myself, and I'm willing to prepare both sides of the issue in order to work on it alone.Well, that raises another argument, because I really want you to work with another student. This assignment isn't just about learning about an issue. It's about being able to work with another student to debate an issue convincingly with someone else. So I really need to find a partner her to work with? Yes, that's the assignment, and I'd really like you to do it as I assigned it. Here's a list of students from the class who are looking for partners for the project. Why don't you talk with some of them and see if you can find someone you'd like to work with?
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