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[00:00:00.250] - Speaker 1

Now listen to two students as they discuss the section of the syllabus. You're in the same political science class that I am, aren't you?

[00:00:08.600] - Speaker 2

Yes, I am. I saw you there this morning. My name is Kate.

[00:00:13.230] - Speaker 1

And I'm rich. Listen, did you read the syllabus the professor handed out this morning?

[00:00:18.290] - Speaker 2

Yes, I did.

[00:00:19.990] - Speaker 1

And did you see that part at the end? The part about outside reading?

[00:00:24.350] - Speaker 2

I certainly did.

[00:00:26.410] - Speaker 1

Could you believe that? I mean, I've never seen something like that on a class syllabus.

[00:00:31.990] - Speaker 2

I was actually expecting it.

[00:00:34.410] - Speaker 1

You were? Why?

[00:00:36.270] - Speaker 2

Well, my roommate took this class last quarter and I heard all about it.

[00:00:41.360] - Speaker 1

You mean the professor really does expect us to read several newspapers and magazines every day?

[00:00:47.690] - Speaker 2

Pretty much. And then we have a lot, lot of quizzes on current events.

[00:00:52.410] - Speaker 1


[00:00:53.580] - Speaker 2

Yes. Really often. You remember the part on the syllabus where the professor says that it's useful to measure how much we know about current events?

[00:01:03.110] - Speaker 1

Yes. So that means we're going to have a lot of quizzes.

[00:01:07.270] - Speaker 2

From what I've heard from my roommate, there will be lots of quizzes.
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