Face of this building was impressive. Edward Cullen’s face

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Exercise 1

Exercise 1. Translate the following sentences into Vietnamese paying attention to the different meanings of the words in bold type.

1. They say the best hotel for one customer is not the best for another, but even the face of this building was impressive.

2. Edward Cullen’s face was perfect, his lips flawless, his teeth brilliant, his voice irresistible.

3. Edward made a face when he kissed Bella, because he didn’t want to let her go.

4. Remember the most important thing in business is to save face no matter what happens.

5. They were standing face to face, I was afraid Edward would kill Jake.

6. “The bread has got hard, dad. How can you eat that?”

7. Michael Porter tells us about strategy’s job, but for some people it is really hard to understand how it works.

8. I saw that, Edward tried so hard to preserve his humanity.

9. Jacob is a person of hard language and witted mind.

10. “It looked like a flight or something how did you do that so fast? You wasn’t here”.

11. If you think that a simple flight will help you to solve these problems, you are deeply wrong.

12. It just a flight of folly, she will never love someone like me.

13. The airplane appeared undamaged, but would undoubtedly be washed down and inspected thoroughly before resuming its interrupted flight to Acapulco.

14. All along, he had believed that seventy-five thousand dollars was the top limit for airport-purchase insurance for an overseas flight.

15. We went up two flights of stairs on a dilapidated staircase that at one time must have been luxurious.

16. You have to believe to make it real, it’s the only way to get what you want to achieve.

17. I got it, you don’t want to spend the rest of you life like a normal, real person.

18. Charlie got us sitting together in my room, I was absolutely lost.

19. “I’ve got to break this connection, before it's too late”, – he whispered.

20. “You know, Scarlett, money will come by never comes to good and this house is proof of the axiom.

21. At the same time, the structure of deposits as part of broad money, indicates that other deposits in domestic currency grew at the highest rates (29.0 percent).

22. The model of the station won two Grand Prix awards at expositions in Paris (1937) and Brussels (1958).

23. She was not only a good model, but a good housewife.

24. It would help me fight like a wildcat or run like a deer.

25. Run upstairs and get the iodine.

26. He was running from danger, being terrified to death.

27. He was talking the other night about how much he hated Frog Point and being Brent Faraday and running for mayor.

28. The car ran along the highway.

29. This bus runs between New Haven and Hartford.

30. Let the water run before you drink it.

31. The river ran down the burning candle.

32. The news of his promotion ran all over town.

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