Promotion Mix of our Business

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Promotion Mix of our Business

Promotion Mix of our Business
 promotion mix is a set of different marketing approaches that marketers develop to reach a broader audience. And the four components of Promotion Mix are Advertising, Direct Selling, Sales Promotion and Public relations. We should make our services available for customers to help reducing poverty.
Promotion Mix of Ezy Home
We will run our ads on Print media because most of the poor people do not have availability of digital media. We will run ads on social media as well because it will be easy for people who will be offering their service through us
Direct Selling
Our marketing team will tell people about our services on a door-to-door marketing campaign. So many women who do not have much exposure to external environment can get benefit from our services
Sales Promotion
To increase the sales, we will offer discounts for our service providers. And we will offer payment on instalments to our registered customers.
Public Relations
We will ask for rating of services from the customers to create better Brand Image. And our team will always available to respond the reviews of customers. Our team will do activity for the welfare of community as a corporate social responsibility
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