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Job Description

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Motor Equipment Mechanic

Job Code: 8851 – Contract Classified
Department Introduction:

Transportation Services provides innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that facilitate the educational, research, cultural and service missions of the University. TS supports the UW campus with the following: Parking, Transit, Bicycling, Walking, Rideshare, Fleet Services, UW Shuttles, and Transportation Planning & Construction.

Job Purpose:

This position supports the university’s transportation requirements by performing equipment maintenance on a wide range of university-owned motor equipment to meet the needs and production demands of our clients. Perform journey-level work in the diagnosis, repair and service of automobiles, light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses, hydraulic systems, and diesel engines. The mechanic is responsible for preventative maintenance inspections and related repairs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Overhaul and repair gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel engines on equipment such as automobiles, trucks, and buses

  • Repair and maintain electric (EV), plug-in electric (PHEV) and hybrid vehicles

  • Overhaul axles, clutches, differentials, and transmissions and disassemble, repair, and replace related parts and components within proper tolerances utilizing required tools

  • Diagnose and repair all types of equipment problems including repair and/or rebuild engines and power train and related components and restore vehicles to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) tolerances and standards

  • Diagnose and repair: tires, chassis, cooling, electrical, brakes (including ABS), steering, fuel injection systems, emissions, gas analysis, steering, suspension systems, electronic systems including microprocessor based control systems and other related automotive systems

  • Ability to troubleshoot sensor and ground problems associated with fleet vehicles

  • Troubleshoot, maintain and repair lift gate and other hydraulic systems

  • Repair and replace window glass, interior and exterior trim, and accessories such as radios, antennas, power outlets, and lights

  • Apply touch up spray painting to vehicle bodies and equipment

  • Perform drivability diagnostics; programming on computerized engine and transmissions control systems to optimize performance; state required vehicle emissions testing; vehicle safety inspections; preventive maintenance service on mechanical systems, wiring and electrical system grounds, and tune ups; replace spark plugs, wires, and related ignition parts

  • Install and/or remove specialized equipment to meet department’s specific needs

  • Install bed liners, bumpers, ladder racks, tow hitches, and related accessories

  • Operate automated information systems for service and repair data retrieval, various diagnostic scan tools, scopes, meters, 4 gas infrared gas analyzers, PC connectable testers for data retrieval and service documentation, portable test equipment for service and repair data retrieval

  • Operate standard shop equipment including: computerized wheel balancer, wheel alignment equipment, tire changing equipment, electrical tester, brake lathe, brake washer, parts washer, 4 wheel alignment system, various hydraulic service lifts, jacks, jack stands, presses, cutting torch, gas welder, MIG welder, overhead fluid dispensers, and various hand tools

  • Operate OEM or designated troubleshooting equipment, hardware and software

  • Operate Volt /ohm meter, circuit tester and hand held diagnostic equipment, such as fuel injection, vacuum, cooling system and compression testers

  • Repair and maintain shop equipment

  • Clean shop floors, benches and equipment as needed

  • Properly use chemicals and solvents and understand hazardous communications, wastewater standards, fluid recovery, and disposal rules

  • Maintain service, maintenance, repair and other related records on an automated information management system

  • Complete vehicle maintenance work orders with a description of the maintenance needed, specific labor operation performed, amount of time expended for each operation, services performed, updated mileage, expense parts used, and other related comments

  • Knowledge and understanding of codes and formats for querying PCM's (OBD I & OBD II) and ability to follow precise diagnostic flow chart repair processes

  • Ability to read and interpret various manufacturer wiring diagrams, electrical schematics and similar drawings

  • Ability to keep up to date on increased sub-system complexity, wiring and control system revisions

  • Identify parts and components needed and, using proper nomenclature, complete written parts requests

  • Make service calls to rescue and repair disabled vehicles

  • Explain vehicle operation and safety/emergency equipment to customers

  • Performing new vehicle preparation and inspections (apply identification stickers, license plates, decals, and emergency equipment)

  • Prepare and inspect rental vehicles for interdepartmental transfer or outside sale

  • Provide technical assistance and direction to automotive apprentice and service attendants

  • Dispense fuel, wash and vacuum vehicles, transport vehicles to dealers and other service vendors

  • Perform other duties as assigned

  • Regular and predictable attendance is required

Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrate personal integrity and trustworthiness

  • Manage stressful situations and changing priorities effectively

  • Anticipate, recognize and resolve problems

  • Be responsible and accountable

  • Use organizational skills and provide attention to details

  • Maintain a positive, optimistic and success-oriented attitude

  • Exercise professional demeanor, which includes being tactful and courteous

  • Exhibit a professional work ethic

  • Continuously promote a safe work environment

Required Skills, Experience and Knowledge:

  • Completion of a recognized apprenticeship as an automotive or motorized equipment mechanic; OR full journey status as an automotive or motorized equipment mechanic in a union; OR four years of applicable work experience

  • Vocational training may be substituted for work experience on a year- for-year basis

  • Class B CDL with air brake and passenger endorsement or must obtain a Class B CDL with air brake and passenger endorsement by the fifth month of employment

  • All applicable CDL requirements including a pre-employment drug screening apply to this position

  • ASE certification in Automobile(Engine Repair A1, Brakes A5, Engine Performance A8) and Medium/Heavy Truck (Gasoline Engines T1, Diesel Engines T2, Brakes T4, Preventative Maintenance and Inspection T8)

  • Applicants without the required ASE certifications will be considered provided they are able to acquire the required ASE certifications within 180 days of employment

  • Must have a good driving record

  • Copy of DMV report may be requested

  • Steel Toe work shoes are required (at employer’s expense)

  • Demonstrate a strong mechanical aptitude

  • Demonstrated ability to continue education and training in automotive repair technology independently and as provided and directed by employer

  • This includes acquiring ASE and/or other industry certifications as required

  • Good customer service skills; computer or data entry experience

  • Have knowledge and understand of safe work practices and policies

  • Must be able to wear all proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required

  • Must be able to follow written and/or verbal instructions and communicate in English regarding the use of chemicals, supplies, and equipment; comply with safety policies and procedures

Desirable Skills, Experience and Knowledge:

  • High School Graduation or Equivalent

  • Master ASE certification

  • 5+ years’ experience in an automotive maintenance shop as a journey-level mechanic performing maintenance tasks equivalent to those defined for this position

Conditions of Employment:

  • Washington State Driver’s License or driver’s license recognized as valid by the State of Washington with excellent driving record

  • A satisfactory outcome from a criminal background verification will be required prior to hire

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