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Fall 2016

ARS 281

Cindy Khan

Final Project Proposal

Project Title:

In Desperate Need

Project Description:

To create a composite image using portrait photography, floral photographs and digital drawings. The style of the piece will be inspired by the Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. The reason for choosing Mucha to be my visual inspiration is because he uses drawing and portraiture in a different way. I wanted to incorporate my normal artistic materials and methods into this project to best reflect who I am as an artist. The posed imagery decorated with flowers, patterns, arches and frames of Mucha’s work appeals to me and I can visualize combining photography into this style. The theme of the piece will be about personal suffering and the yearning to grasp at happiness. On the left side will be a representation of the pain and sadness reaching her hand out in desperation to grasp at what would be a representation of happiness. This piece is extremely personal to me and it stems from my own issues with sadness and loneliness. When we were watching the abusive dance video, it resonated with me and suddenly I had to release some of my own frustrations. I will be printing the piece out in varying sized circles and creating a diffusion effect with the actual prints to emphasize the desperation and emotion of the piece. Some of the circles will overlap and there will be space in between the circles. The reason why I chose the circle as my shape of preference is because it is continuous. This appeals to my sensibilities, because for many years I had suffered because of the horrible experiences I have had, and it seemed at the time that this desperate need to be happy was constant.

Printed out in circles of different sizes

Mounted onto foam-core board

Laid out in a diffusion pattern

Method and Materials:


Clamp lights?

White sheet






Drawing Tablet

Using the materials previously listed I will create a composite image in Photoshop based off of pencil drawings. I will shoot the portraits in the poses based off the drawings and render the final image in Photoshop using a drawing tablet.


roduct details
Alphonse Mucha: Masterworks

Mar 1, 2007

by Rosalind Ormiston
Research Journal and Supporting Material:

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