First and last name: Hashim Habiballa Date and place of birth: June 27, 1976; Havirov, Czech Republic

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RNDr. et. PaedDr. Hashim Habiballa, Ph.D. et PhD. (*27.6.1976)

First and last name: Hashim Habiballa

Date and place of birth: June 27, 1976; Havirov, Czech Republic

Residence: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Occupation: Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava


  • University of Ostrava, Computer science, (Ph.D.-"Nonclausal formal logical system")(2007)

  • University of Ostrava, Computer science and technology, (RNDr.-"Information systems")(2006)

  • Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovak Rep.,(PhD. - "CS Education" ~ PhD.) (2004)

  • Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovak Rep., CS education (PaedDr. ~ EdD.)(2003)

  • University of Ostrava, Computer science and technology - information systems (Mgr. ~ MSc.)(1999)

  • University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science, Informatics (Bc. ~ BSc.)(1997)

Study visit

1998: University of Liverpool, Dept. of Mathematics, 3 months in the frame of EU Socrates mobility programme


Member of Association for automated reasoning (AAR); Organizer of regional round of mathematical Olympiad in programming; Participation in the ACM programming contest - CE region 1996, 1997; participation in support of several funds like PHARE programme, scientific and development programmes of Ministry of Education of Czech Republic and internal agency of University of Ostrava

Employment history

1999 - now: University of Ostrava, Dept. of Computer Science, Assistant Professor - teaching theory of formal languages, logic, logic programming, programming practice, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science; pedagogical advisor for master's degree; instructor of 10 finished bachelor's and master's degree theses;
1999 - now (part-time - 50%): University of Ostrava, Institute for research and applications of fuzzy modelling, Research assistant - programming of fuzzy modelling software (C++ under Windows)

Research interest

Theoretical computer science, Logic, Programming, Computer science education


22 articles in reviewed journals, 54 articles in proceedings of international and national conferences, 2 reviewed textbooks, 6 teaching texts, 6 graduation theses.
Important publications:
[A] HABIBALLA, H. Resolution Based Reasoning in Description Logic. Proceedings of ZNALOSTI 2006. 1.2.2006-3.2.2006 Hradec Králové : VŠB-TUO:Ostrava, pp.106-117, 2006.

[B] HABIBALLA, H. Non-clausal Resolution Theorem Proving for Fuzzy Description Logic. SOFSEM 2006 : Theory and practice of computer science – 32nd conference on current trends in theory and practice of computer science. Praha : Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, 2006, pp. 1-12.

[C] HABIBALLA, H. Mathematical Logic and Deduction in Computer Science. Informatics in ed.. 2008, roč. 7, sv. 1, s. 1-13. ISSN 0868-4952.

[D] HABIBALLA, H. Non-clausal Resolution in Fuzzy Predicate Logic with Evaluated Syntax (background and implementation). Publikováno: Proceedings of International Conf. The Logic of Soft Computing IV, 5-7.10.2005:Ostrava, pp. 51-54, 2005.

[E] HABIBALLA, H. Resolution strategies for fuzzy description logic. Proceedings of EUSFLAT 2007.

[F] HABIBALLA, H., KMEŤ, T. Theoretical branches in teaching computer science. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology. 2004, roč. 35, sv. 11, s. 829-841. ISSN 0020-739X.

[G] HABIBALLA, H. Resolution Strategies for Fuzzy Predicate Logic with evaluated syntax. Proceedings of ZNALOSTI 2007. 21.2.2007-23.2.2007 Ostrava : VŠB-TUO:Ostrava, pp. 201-212, 2007.

[H] HABIBALLA, H. INFERENCE STRATEGIES FOR FUZZY DESCRIPTION LOGIC. APLIMAT - Journal of Applied Mathematics. 2008, roč. 1, sv. 2, s. 411-422. ISSN 1337-6365.

[I] KLIMEŠ, C., HABIBALLA, H. Flexible computer science university studies. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin. 2006, roč. 38, sv. 9, s. 338-338. ISSN 0097-8418.

[J] DVOŘÁK, A., HABIBALLA H., NOVÁK, V., PAVLISKA, V. The concept of LFLC 2000 - its specificity, realization and power of applications. Computers in Industry. 03/2003(51), Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2003, pp.269-280.

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