First Web Edition 2006, Devoted to Engineering Community

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ISBN 81- 89090-00-3

First Web Edition 2006, Devoted to Engineering Community

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Index Dear Reader

Buildings Practice




Industrial Projects


An Overview

The objective of this work is to present to the engineering reader information about the practical aspects of Engineering involvement within Oil & Energy Industrial facilities promotion. These industries produce various types of gases in condensed form for the transportation through the pipelines for supply to the real consumer or the end user and also various petrochemical products as well as many bye products are produced. All disciplinary budding working engineers in the industry & particularly in the execution field shall be benefited by the information provided. The contents have been extracted from the practical experience earned in the field.

A brief on the description of the terms used has been included. It has been noted that experiences attained are usually not recorded on documents for the benefit of the incoming young engineers to learn from the seniors’ experience resulting adversely on that these budding engineers depend solely on their individuals exclusive learning in the field based on the university learning which is not virtually adequate for a fast progress achievement. Therefore, to fulfill the requirement to extend the learned resources to the incoming new engineers, this small work is presented to help those who intend to know in advance about an overall perspective of building new facilities or extending the existing one to further development.
The information has been given in text only. No photo or diagram could be incorporated as under the obligations of the contracts such information should not be revealed for a definite number of years from the contract commencement day to maintain the secrecy conduct clause on various contracts. This work may not provide with the in-depth specialized subjective knowledge but definitely, illumine with an idea how the procedures move in the field which knowledge cannot be drawn from the university.
This book might prove beneficial for the candidates aspiring to become certified professional engineers. Of course, the contents of the book are very boring but practical. The contents vary in nature including the usual procedures of the EPC nature of contracts involving in general types of Industrial jobs carried out in the industry. Also included certain statements & reporting procedures as well as contract matters generally adopted. It is uncommon among engineers to be used to reading this type of work but practically, it is necessary. It is hoped that reader shall enjoy the work.
I am grateful to Cdr Eng A K Poothia, The Secretary & Director general of The Institution of Engineers (India) for commending this work & extending most useful advise for which attempts were made to incorporate to some extent. Attempts shall continue to incorporate the readers’ suggestions as much as practically feasible.

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