Required: rct3, Soaked & Wild!

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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Park Project

Required: RCT3, Soaked & Wild!
Official Park Opening: July 1st 2007

Construction Start: October 7th 2006

Construction Finish: June 24th 2007

Park Company: Six Flags Park International

Park Name: Six Flags Over D.C. Resorts 07

Located: Washington D.C., USA

Park Event: 4th Of July American Celebration Fireworks, The Scream Scare Festival(Starts: September 23rd Finished: November 5th), Christmas Festival Celebration(All Ride Open but not the water ride) Starts: November 20th and Finished: January 10th.

Resorts Name: The White House Presidential Resorts & Six Flags D.C. Resorts.

WaterPark: Yes!
Park Events Fireworks Show Song:

The Scream Scare Festival Fireworks Songs List:

  • Happy Hallowishes(Long Fireworks Show: 16 Min) Between the Entrance of the Park.

  • Halloween Movie Series Song (Halloween, Friday the 13th & The X-Files (Normal Version & Techno Mix)

  • Creepy Techno Music (E-Nomine: Mitternacht: Club Mix, Extended Version & Normal Version)

  • Cradle Of Filth (Castlevania: Bloody Tears Laser & Fireworks.)

The Christmas Festival Celebration Songs List:

All Traditional Christmas Song & The Polar Express Soundtrack!

Six Flags Destination World Place.

  • 1- The Dragon Force (Outdoor & Indoor Corkscrew Coaster)

  • 2- The Ninja Fight (Suspended Floorless 2 Seats Coaster)

  • 3- The Samurai Forest Adventure Fight (Twisted Coaster)

  • 4- The Yeti Escape Ride (Like: Raging Bull @ Disney Tokyo)



  • 7- Medusa Revenge The Ride (Floorless Twisted Coaster)

  • 8- The Adventure Of Atlantis Ride (Giant Flume Boat)

  • 9- Poseidon The Ride (Giant Water-Coaster)

Gotham City:

  • 10- Batman The Ride

  • 11- Joker Jinks The Ride (LIM Coaster Type)

  • 12- MR Freeze The Jail Escape Ride (Extended Coaster Type)

  • 13- The Penguin Freeze Splash Plunge (Splash Boat Ride)

Metropolis City:

  • 14- Superman Ultimate Flight (Flying Coaster B&M Type)

  • 15- Superman The Escape Ride (Inverted LIM Coaster Type)

  • 16- Lex Luthor: LuthorCorp Power Spin Ride

  • 17- Kryptonite Scramble Explosion (Scramble Ride Type)

Hollywood Movie Studio Place:

  • 18- Extreme Stunt Driver Action Explosive Show!

  • 19- Six Flags Movie Studio Backlot Tour

  • 20- Hollywood Spectacular Fireworks Show

Six Flags D.C. Action Zones :

  • 21- Goliath The Ride (Hyper-Twisted Coaster)

  • 22- The Boomerang Coaster (Reversed Corkscrew Coaster)

  • 23- Tower Of Power (Four Launched Free-fall Tower)

  • 24- The Wave Swinger (Swinger Chair)

  • 25- The Giant Swing Ride (Like MaxAir @ Cedar Point)

  • 26- The Log Flume Adventure Ride (Small Log Flume Ride)

  • 27- The Xcellerator Coaster (Like Knott’s Berry Farm Style)

  • 28- The RipCord (Like Xtreme Skyflyer Style)

  • 29- The Spinning Wild Mouse Coaster Ride

  • 30- The Space Adventurous Coaster (Like Space Mountain@ Disneyland)

Six Flags Hurricane Harbour(@ Washington D.C.)
The Adventure Island Water Slide:

  1. The Mount Everest Slide (90th Feet High Body Slide)

  2. The Caribbean Hole Slide

  3. The Jungle Lazy River Ride

Medieval Island:

  1. The Escape Of The Dragon Slide Ride

  2. Dungeon & Dragon River & Slide Ride

  3. The Dragon Island (Lots of Mini Water Slide For Kids)

  4. The Witches Bowl Ride (Like Tornado @ Six Flags MM)

Kids island:

  1. The Racer (5 Water Slides Race)

  2. The Black Out Slide

  3. The Spiral Slide Ride

Coaster Company: Vekoma, Bolligard&Molligard and etc…

Park Acres: 200 X 200.

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