Flight from one of Atlantic Airways' destinations and return

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Participation fee EUR 300 per person includes:


- Flight from one of Atlantic Airways' destinations and return 

  Denmark/Copenhagen and Billund. Return flight to Reykjavik, Edinburgh and Bergen.
- Bus transfer from Vagar Airport to hotel and return 
- Hotel accommodation incl. breakfast 28 April to 1 May 
- Get-together party, seminar/workshop, lunch and evening dinner & dance 
- Excursion


Registration deadline 1 February. Please note that there will be no refund for cancellations after 1 February.


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Arrival* (Choose A or B):

A: 28 April, RC453, depart CPH 12:55 – arrive FAE 14:05

B: 28 April, RC459, depart CPH 18:50 – arrive FAE 20:00

Departure* (Choose A, B, C, D, E or F):

A: 1 May, RC450, depart FAE 9:00 – arrive CPH 12:05
B: 1 May, RC456, depart FAE 14:55 – arrive CPH 18:00
C: 1 May, RC470, depart FAE 14:05 – arrive BLL 17:05
D: 2 May, RC430, depart FAE 8:00 – arrive BGO 10:20
E: 2 May, RC401, depart FAE 12:35 – arrive REK 13:00
F: 2 May, RC414, depart FAE 17:15 – arrive EDI 18:40

Accommodation* (Choose one):

Hotel Føroyar
Hotel Hafnia
Hotel Tórshavn
Hotel StreymTop of Form

Download 6.08 Kb.

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