For immediate release acs expedited Solutions Signs Five-Year Extension with ambest; Remains the Largest Truck Stop Scanning Network dallas, texas

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ACS Expedited Solutions Signs Five-Year Extension with AMBEST; Remains the Largest Truck Stop Scanning Network
DALLAS, TEXAS: July 27, 2009 – Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (NYSE: ACS) today announced a five-year extension to its agreement with AMBEST for the placement of TripPak Truck Stop SCANNING services and TripPak EXPRESS drop boxes at all participating AMBEST locations.
“This extension supports the growth and sustainability of our extensive truck stop scanning and drop box network,” said Kelley Walkup, division vice president and general manager for ACS Expedited Solutions. “With nearly 540 locations, ACS continues to provide the best and largest truck stop scanning and drop box networks to drivers and carriers, creating convenience in document delivery.”
ACS, the recognized leader in business process improvement and IT solutions in the truckload market segment, is also the leader in providing truck stop scanning and document delivery services through TripPak Truck Stop SCANNING and TripPak EXPRESS.
“We are always looking to partner with key industry vendors to support our members’ efforts to better service their customers,” said Steve Allen, AMBEST president. “AMBEST is excited to extend our long term relationship with ACS TripPak SERVICES® for an additional five years. We know that document scanning will continue to grow as a service that our customers are looking for, and ACS provides an excellent solution for this service.”
In addition to TripPak Truck Stop SCANNING®, TripPak EXPRESS® and TripPak OVERNIGHT are other services currently offered at participating AMBEST locations.
TripPak Truck Stop SCANNING is the 100 percent imaging solution for outsourced scanning. Through the Capture AnyWare approach, carriers can utilize one, all, or a combination of the following submission methods for receipt of their mission critical documents: TripPak EXPRESS delivery, terminal scanning, fax, email, in-cab, or full service truck stop scanning. With the scanning options offered by ACS, companies can have delivery of trip documents within minutes.

“Our continued partnerships with organizations like AMBEST are a key component of the services we provide,” said Walkup. “We are dedicated to making the most of these partnerships and continuing to create a better bottom line for our customers.”

The work of ACS touches millions of people’s lives every day. Each year, ACS makes moving people and products around the world easier by processing approximately 10 million travel transactions for 12 major passenger airlines; helping over 900 trucking companies make deliveries; and processing two million documents every day for a worldwide shipping and logistics leader. Whether it’s helping consumers make airline reservations, purchase hotel and vacation packages or assisting companies in managing their accounts, providing customer support or streamlining planning and scheduling, ACS keeps the world moving.
About ACS

ACS, a global FORTUNE 500 company with approximately 74,000 people supporting client operations reaching more than 100 countries, provides business process and information technology solutions to world-class commercial and government clients. Learn more about ACS at


AMBEST, a Nashville, Tennessee based member owned truck stop and service center organization, is currently owned by 90 independent truck stop and travel plaza owners and 43 service centers in 36 states. The company was founded in 1988.  For a complete list of locations visit the company’s website at AMBEST supports its members as a sales, marketing and purchasing co-op.

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Priscilla Peters

Marketing Director

ACS Expedited Solutions

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