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San Diego Supercomputer Center Image File Format Conversion Tools Release Notes Binary Release 1.0 March 1991 1. Introduction Binary release 1.0 of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) image file format conversion tools includes the following: imconv Convert between various image file formats imfile Determine the image file format used by one or more files imformats List the attributes of supported image file formats 2. Binary Release This is a binary release. Host types supported in this release include the following: alliantfx80 Alliant Computer Systems Corp. FX/80 minisupercomputers alliantfx2800 Alliant Computer Systems Corp. FX/2800 minisupercomputers crayy Cray Research Inc. Y-MP supercomputers sgi4d Silicon Graphics Inc. 4D workstations sun4 Sun Microsystems Inc. Sun4 and SPARC workstations A separate release tar or cpio file is generated for each host type. March 11, 1991 - 2 - 3. Image File Formats This release supports the following 20 image file formats: cgm Computer Graphics Metafile gif Compuserve Graphics image file hdf Hierarchical Data File iff Sun TAAC Image File Format mpnt Apple Macintosh MacPaint file pbm Portable Bitmap file pic PIXAR picture file pict Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT file pix Alias image file ps PostScript file ras Sun Rasterfile rgb SGI RGB image file rla Wavefront raster image file rle Utah Run length encoded image file rpbm Raw portable Bitmap file synu Synu image file tiff Tagged image file x Stardent AVS X image file xbm X11 bitmap file xwd X Window System window dump image file For most formats, multiple variants exist to handle different image depths and compression schemes. You can obtain information on the supported vari- ants by executing the imformats command with the -long option. For instance: % imformats -long -hdf hdf Hierarchical Data File a.k.a.: df, ncsa Creator: NCSA Read support: 8-bit color index images, un- and RLE-compressed. 16-, 24-, and 32-bit color index images, un-compressed. 24-bit RGB, un- and RLE-compressed, un-, scanline- and plane-interlaced. Raster image groups as well as older Raster-8 files. Write support: 8-bit color index images, un- and RLE-compressed. 16-bit color index images, un-compressed. 24-bit RGB, un- and RLE-compressed, un-, scanline-, and plane-interlaced. Ras- ter image group and older Raster-8 tags included. Also refer to the man pages for the relevant image file format (see "Docu- mentation", next). March 11, 1991 - 3 - 4. Documentation Man pages describe the tools and all supported image file formats. nroff source is provided in files with .n filename suffixes and should be pro- cessed through tbl and nroff. For instance: tbl imconv.n | nroff -man > imconv.1l or tbl imtiff.n | nroff -man > imtiff.3l Post-nroff versions of the man pages in files with .1l and .3l filename suffixes have also been provided for sites without access to tbl and nroff. 5. Bug Reports and User Registration This software is supported by the San Diego Supercomputer Center, and we want to hear from you. If you find bugs (heaven forbid), or want to be put on our mailing list for future software releases, please fill out and send us a bug report and/or user registration form. These forms may be obtained by executing one of our tools with the -feedback or -register options. For instance, to generate a bug report feedback form for imconv, type: % imconv -feedback The feedback (bug report) form is written to a file named imconv.fbk.0 in the current directory. When generating a feedback form, the tool dumps the form and exits without doing anything else. To generate a user registration form for imconv, type: % imconv -register Like the feedback form, the registration form is written to a file named imconv.reg.0 in the current directory. When generating a registration form, the tool dumps the form and exits without doing anything else. User registration is not required, but we'd like to hear from you anyway. We'll put you on a mailing list for notification of future releases of SDSC software tools, and read with interest who you are and what you are doing with our software. After you have filled out the form, please send the form, and any accom- panying data, source fragments, sample output, or whatever, to SDSC: March 11, 1991 - 4 - E-mail: Surface mail: Software Products Information San Diego Supercomputer Center P.O. Box 85608 San Diego, CA 92138-5608 FAX: (619) 534-5152 If you have questions about this form or any of our software products, please contact us via any of the above methods or call us at: (619) 534-5100 8am-5pm, Pacific time 6. Features that may cause confusion - While the GIF read code can handle multi-image GIF files, the write code can only write out GIF files with one image to a file. - CGM reading uses the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's gplot program, as modified by SDSC. gplot interprets the CGM geometry and creates an HDF image file that is then read back in by the SDSC tools. See the imcgm man page for more details. If your site does not have gplot installed, CGM translation won't work. - PICT files are always mapped to RGB images during conversion. A command line like the following will result in an RGB Sun Rasterfile instead of the expected color index Rasterfile: imconv image.pict image.ras - IFF format files are Sun's TAAC images, not Amiga images. Both Sun and Commodore used the same mnemonic for their image files. - Mac PICT handles PICT2 as well. - Wavefront RLA handles RLB as well. - PBM handles all three ASCII variants of the format: pbm, pgm, and ppm. RPBM handles all three raw binary variants of the format: rpbm, rpgm, and rppm. 7. Known Bugs - XWD files work sporadically on the Cray. March 11, 1991 - 5 - 8. Future Directions The SDSC image tool suite is built atop a portable image manipulation library that will be released in binary form in the near future, and in source form soon thereafter. This project is an ongoing concern of SDSC. Plans for expansion include extending the depth of support for the current set of image file formats: - 32-bit Sun Rasterfiles (RGB + Alpha) - Monochrome and RGB X Window System XWD files. XY and Z pixmaps. - Multi-image GIF file write. - Color PostScript. - HDF IMCOMP compression Additional file formats that we are considering include: fbm (Fuzzy Bitmap) flux (apE) fps (SDSC) icon (Sun) ilbm (Amiga) pcx (PC Paintbrush) tga (Targa) viff (Khoros) vst (Vista) 8. Copyright Users and possessors of the files of this release are hereby granted a nonexclusive, royalty-free copyright and design patent license to use this code in individual software. License is not granted for commercial resale, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from SDSC. This release is provided "AS IS" without express or implied warranty of any kind. 9. Conclusion Use these tools and send us feedback: let us know what you like and what you don't like about this software. We will consider seriously your com- ments when we create future updates. We look forward to hearing from you. 10. Release File List Binary release 1.0 of the SDSC image file format conversion tools is con- tained in a tar or cpio archive. When untared, or uncpioed, the archive builds the following directory tree of files: March 11, 1991 - 6 - README INDEX imtools/ bin/ imconv imfile imformats man/ Makefile imconv.1l imconv.n imfile.1l imfile.n imformats.1l imformats.n libim/ man/ Makefile imcgm.3l imcgm.n imgif.3l imgif.n imhdf.3l imhdf.n imiff.3l imiff.n immpnt.3l immpnt.n impbm.3l impbm.n impic.3l impic.n impict.3l impict.n impix.3l impix.n imps.3l imps.n imras.3l imras.n imrgb.3l imrgb.n imrla.3l imrla.n imrle.3l imrle.n imrpbm.3l imrpbm.n imsynu.3l imsynu.n imtiff.3l imtiff.n imx.3l imx.n March 11, 1991 - 7 - imxbm.3l imxbm.n imxwd.3l imxwd.n release/ release1.0.doc release1.0.n The imtools directory tree includes the image file format conversion tool binaries and their man pages. The libim directory tree only includes the file format man pages for the underlying image library. The library itself is not included in this release (coming very soon). In the next release the libim directory tree will include the object library, include files, and man pages. The release directory tree includes this document. March 11, 1991

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