Friends of the conway public library board meeting

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August 20,, 2014
Present: Anne Smith, Eileen Brochu, Pat Hoffman, Shirley Young, Susan Pfeil, David Smolen, Cynthia Melendy, Betty Parker, Janet Kucera, Connie Brown, Shannon Davenport (after her being voted onto the Board as Treasurer).
Anne Smith called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm.
Shannon Davenport was nominated as a Board member & to serve as our Treasurer. She was unanimously accepted….welcome Shannon!!!!
Secretary’s Report: The minutes from our July 16, 2014 meeting were unanimously accepted.
Treasurer’s Report: Anne Smith has been serving as a stand-in Treasurer. She reported we received a check for $1,019.95 from the TD Bank Affinity Program. Anne suggested we move our account to TD Bank as they support us with this program, along with free bags for the book sale, and great pens. We all voted yes, as long as it is convenient for Shannon, our new Treasurer. Anne presented a financial report for July with the withdrawals & deposits since Amy Snow has left us. The Margolis Fund donation of $15k has been deposited. The summer book sale took in $1,055.00 and raffle baskets took in $712.50. The Friends purchased a mailbox for the library for $490.87 and the librarians are very happy, as they no longer have to run to the post office daily. The report was unanimously accepted.
Library Report: David Smolen reported that the library’s Summer Reading Program has been very successful, with online registration of 86 kids with book reviews at 200+. They ran out of prizes and next year will need more sponsors to donate. Storyland gave us 80 passes along with Pirates Cove, Dairy Queen and other businesses being good to the library in donations.
He also thanked the Friends for the new mailbox at the library’s driveway!
Trustee’s Report: Coleen Hill reported the Trustees did not meet in July. The trash shed will be built by Glen Builders and installed near the flagpole & hedges; it will be picked up by the town’s Parks Dept. Monday, Sept. 15th will be the next meeting of the Trustees, at 4:30 pm.
Eileen Brochu reported that the book sale set up & day of the sale went very well this year. We had a total of 241 boxes of books. Much of this was due to Eileen’s great work & Betty supplying community work volunteers. Thanks to husbands Karl Pfeil, Bill Brochu for tent raising & taking down; Kirk Smith for clean up & boxes/book storage & removal; and all the volunteers and especially to Eileen for running it.
We need a Friends Board member to attend the Trustee meetings. Cynthia Melendy volunteered to do this.
Pat Hoffman has volunteered to do membership and thank you letters from now on.
Betty Parker presented a letter from the “Amazon Smile Foundation”. It is a program that when people sign up, they can purchase items through Amazon, and we get a % of the dollars spent. Sounds very much like the TD Bank Affinity Program, which brings in a good amount of dollars for not much work to the Friends. We will discuss further at another meeting.
Pat Hoffman presented a list of local library’s that might have similar Friends organizations to “network” with. She also drafted a letter inviting these libraries to a “sharing session” at our library. We discussed and decided that Wed., November 5th at 10 am would be the best day/time for the first meeting. We can supply coffee/tea & goodies for this get together. Pat will send out the invite letter to all local libraries and hope for the best for attendance. Great job Pat!
Annual meeting & program: Shirley has the program for annual meeting all set. Our meeting will be at 6 pm, followed by the Susan B. Anthony program at 6:30 pm. Everyone needs to bring goodies.
Meeting was adjourned at 5:19 pm
Important Dates to Remember:

  • Friends’ annual meeting: Wed. September 17 at 6:00 pm & Susan B. Anthony program following at 6:30 pm.

  • Friends network get together: Monday, November 5 at 10:00 am.

  • Flatbread Fundraiser: Tuesday, December 30 from 5pm til closing.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Pfeil, Secretary

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