Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

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plantation on Stock Creek where Henry Blevins formerly lived thence along
path to the Flag Pond until it intersects a path Orville Rice said Robert D.
Young opened to go to the Suplhur Spring
, thence along said path to the road
that goes from Rogersville to the Sulphur Spring, thence with said road
crossing the stone!
  mountain to the Sulphur Spring on little poor valley creek, down said
creek to the saltworks gap in Pine mountain, through the gap to Powell's
thence with road to top of Clinch mountain at lick gap thence with
the top of the mountain east to the corner of District No. 9 to little war
gap road east of Spencer Acuff's house thence with road and line of District
9 crossing through Molsby's gap to the Stanley Valley road and with said
road to John Carmack's Spring Branch then down branch to Big Creek.
Election to be held in Rogersville.


guardian of Widow ARMSTRONG; Haynes AMIS; Charles ANDERSON; Charles D. ALVIS; Rachel ARMSTRONG; Spencer ACUFF; Wm M. ALEXANDER; Joel ACUFF; Joseph BESHER; Samuel BROWN; Charles BESS; John BROWN; James BRADLEY; Martin BOAL;
Elisha BROWN; Wm C. BROWN; George C. BRADLEY; John BEAL SR; John BURNS;
George BEAL; Jacob BEAL; Abram BLEVINS; John D. BLEVINS; Christopher BENCH;
William BURNS; Morgan BRYANT; David BIGGS; James BROOKS; George BEAL (son of John); Reuben BRIANT; Michael BAUGH; William CARMACK; Edward COBB; John CARMACK; Robert C. CRAWFORD; Epps CARMACK; James Y. CRAWFORD; Carwell CRAWLEY; Robert CORDEN (sic); Daniel CARMICHAEL; Charles A. COFFIN; Daniel COFFIN; John COATNEY; Joel COATNEY; James CARMACK; COFFIN & McKINNEY;
Russell COATNEY; heirs of James CARDEN (sic); John A. CANSON; Wm E. COCKE;
Nancy DALZELL; F.S. DEWOLF; John DAWSON; F.B. EVANS; Daniel FLORA; Richard G. FAIN; Nicholas FAIN; ____FLETCHER;
Jacob FLORA; heirs of Jacob FLORA; P. R. FARRIS; John B. FINDLEY; Elijah FAULKNER; Jacob FRY; Wiat FARRIS (sic); Martha FARRIS; Joel GILLENWATERS;
John GROVES SR; John GROVES JR; Andrew GOULDY; William GALBREATH; Archabald GREEN; Daniel GREEN; David GILLENWATERS; Pleasant GILLENWATERS; heirs of Joel GILLENWATERS; Joel GILLENWATERS; Henry HAMBLIN; John HAGAN; Thomas A. HAGAN; heirs of James HAGAN; George HALE; Elizabeth HUNTER; Peter HART;
Richard HUMPHRIES; Philip J. HALE; Joseph HICKS; John HARLEN; Joseph HUFFMASTER; Robert & Noll JACKSON; George JOHNSON; James JOHNSON; Mary JOHNSON; Joseph JOHNSON (son of Mary; Jas JOHNSON (son of George); Thomas JOHNSON; Robert H. JACKSON; Abner JOHNSON; Isaac JOHNSON; Samuel JONES;
Edward JTSON (sic); Absolem KYLE; heirs of Wm KING; Rodham KENNER; Charles KING; Markham KINNER (sic); Jacob ! KLEPPER; Wm C. KYLE; John H. KESHNER; Robert KING; Malinda KINNER "err or in giving in"; William KLINE; Joseph LACKEY; G. & L.A. Rogers McCROW;
NEILL & SIMPSON; Edward NUGENT; Haynes NUGENT; Jacob NUGENT; Robertson OWENS; heirs of Levi PANTER; Joseph PANTER; John PANTER; heirs of Joseph PARKS; Samuel POWEL; Thomas POWEL; George R. POWEL; James POINDEXTER; John PILANT; David PATTERSON; Wm PATTERSON; Thomas PHIPPS; Samuel PETTYBONE;
Riley PORTON; John M. REECE; Wiet M. REECE (sic); Allen RUSSELL; Charles M. RENEAU; Joseph RUSSELL; John A. ROGERS; Thomas ROGERS & heirs; Moses RICE;
Hiram SAMPULL; heirs of John H. SMITH; Joseph SEAVERS; James S. SIMMONS;
Jacob WON; Aaron WILLIAMS; James WOODS; John WEST; S. D. WINTERBOWER; John WILSON; Reverend George WHITE; Wm A. WALKER; Hugh WALKER; Joseph WRIGHT;
George WHEELER; John WILLIAMS; George WILLHELM; Montgomery WOODS; Stephen WEAR.

Children of Martha Strode and Morgan Bryan are:



Joseph Bryan was born Abt 1720 in Chester, Pennsylvania, and died Bet Nov 1804 and Mar 1805 in Floyd's Fork, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States. He married Hester Simpson. He married Alice "Aylee" Linville Bef 1738, daughter of John Linville. She was born Abt 1722 in Westminster, Virginia, and died Abt 1807 in Floyd's Fork, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States.



Elinor Bryan was born Abt 1722 in Chester, Pennsylvania, and died 1792 in Maadison, Kentucky. She married William Linville in Orange, Virginia. He died 1766 in Killed By Indians On Hunting Expedition With His Son..



Mary Bryan was born Bet 1722 and 1723 in Chester, Pennsylvania, , and died 1742 in Orange, Virginia,.

She married George Forbes.

She married Thomas Curtis 1740 in Orange, Virginia. He died Bef 7 Jan 1741 in Virginia,.



Samuel Bryan was born Bet 1724 and 1725 in Chester, Pennsylvania, and died 15 Aug 1798 in Rowan, North Carolina,. He married Elizabeth Margaret McMahan. She was born 1737 in Rowan, North Carolina,. He married Elizabeth Enochs. She was born Aft 1730 in Swedesboro, NJ.



Morgan Bryan was born 20 May 1729 in PA, and died Bef 3 Jul 1804 in Fayette, Kentucky, USA. He married Mary Forbush.



John Bryan was born 9 Apr 1730 in Orange, Virginia, and died Bef 1801 in Rowan, North Carolina, He married Sarah Unknown. She was born 1730 in Rowan, North Carolina, , and died Aft 1793.



William Bryan was born 10 Mar 1734 in Orange Or Frederick, Virginia, was christened 6 Mar 1734, and died 30 May 1780 in Elkhorn Creek, Fayette, Kentucky, United States.

He married Mary Boone 1755 in Rowan, North Carolina, , daughter of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan.

She was born 14 Nov 1736 in Exeter Twp, Berks, Pennsylvania, , and died 1819 in Bryan's Station, Fayette, Kentucky, United States.



James Bryan was born Bet 1735 and 1736 in Orange, Virginia Will Book 1. Administered By Father And Brother, Joseph. Names Same Siblings As Morgan Lists In His Will., and died 18 Aug 1807 in St. Charles, Missouri Terr., Missouri, United States.

He married Rebecca Enochs Nov 1756 in Rowan, North Carolina,. She was born 1732 in Prince George, MD, and died 1768.



Thomas Bryan was born Abt 1738 in Orange, Virginia, and died 1776 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Hunt.



Ann (Nancy) Curtis was born circa 1738 at Virginia; married Edward Morgan.1,2 

Married Name

As of circa 1758,her married name was Morgan.1 


She married Joseph Morgan circa 1758 at Frederick, Virginia.1 


Joseph served in the Rev War from Burke County, North Carolina; a family narrative says that he served with his wife's brothers, i.e., Thomas and Jonathan Curtis. 


Ann (Nancy) Curtis and Joseph Morgan appeared on the census of 1800 at Burke, North Carolina, page 770, 1 female under 10, 3 males 16-25, 1 male and 1 female over 45.3 


This again is mine and Pegs Boone lines which will marry McElyea families ( which will marry into the Eli Thomas Curtis Familes of Hurricane Creek)


Researchers Notes: The Bryan Families came off North Mountain lands ( see Johnson and Allied familes of North Mountain) this is where the Seveir family came from that will own lands on Big Creek and with Thomas Flippen whose family is the McAdoo Families of Rowan Co NC that will be founding in Dickson Co. TN and in Humphreys Co. Tn
MARY BOONE (SARAH; MORGAN, EDWARD 1) was born November 03, 1736 in Berks Co., PA, and died 1819 in Bryan's Station, Fayette Co., KY. She married (1) CHARLES SMITH. 2nd to William Bryan


He was with the party which explored the north fork of the Elkhorn River in Kentucky 1774-5 near where Bryan's Station was later located. He was one of the four Bryan brothers (with James, Morgan and Joseph) who brought their families to Byran's Station 1775-6. He was killed by Indians. He was a gunsmith. He was a member of the first Boone-Bryan expedition to Kentucky, Sept, 1773 and together with his brothers James and Morgan, founded Bryan's Station on Elkhorn Creek, scene of the siege which preceded the Battle of Blue Licks. Wm. and Mary had 10 children. One was Mary, b. 1777 who married Joseph Ingels, son of James Ingles and Catherine Boone DeHart of Harrison Co., KY

Children of MARY BOONE and WILLIAM BRYAN are:

i. WILLIAM BRYAN, d. 1780, KY.

ii. SAMUEL BRYAN, b. 1756, Rowan Co., North Carolina; d. March 04, 1837, Southport, Marion Co., IN.

iii. DANIEL BOONE BRYAN, b. February 10, 1758, Rowan Co., NC; d. February 1845, Fayette Co., KY.

PHEBE BRYAN, b. 1763.

HANNAH BRYAN, b. 1765.

JOHN BRYAN, b. 1768.

SARAH BRYAN, b. Abt. 1769.

viii. ELIZABETH BRYAN, b. 1771; d. 1810, Flat Gap, TN.

ix. ABNER BRYAN, b. 1772.

x. MARY BRYAN, b. January 07, 1777.


She married (2) WILLIAM BRYAN 1755 in Rowan Co., NC, son of MORGAN BRYAN and MARTHA/MARGARET STRODE.

Researcher Notes of Tony L .Johnson: Need to re check William Morgan 1560 who married Elizabeth Winter, as this is reported to be the lines of Ceciley Reynolds husband Samuel Jordan, and Joan Jordan who married Thomas Palmer ( Palmers are families of Middleton and Johnson) Ceciley Reynolds comes from the Norton families of Sir John Norton
Researcher Notes of Tony L .Johnson: 1776 Born Sarah Boone died Oct. 21, 1855 married in East Tennesee to John McElyea. Sarah's father, Hezikiah Boone was a first cousin of the famous Daniel Boone. John McElyea was a soldier from TN in the war of 1812.He and Sarah came to Orange Co IN in 1828 buying ground in section 31 in 1829. John and Sarah had 12 children
Researcher Notes of Tony L .Johnson: Hezekiah Boone born Jun. 2, 1735 Berks County
Pennsylvania, was the son of George Boone & Deborah Howell; and was a first cousin to Daniel Boone. 

James BRYANT, (probable Baptist from ex-Quaker family)(not on Draper's list)

James appears to be the son of John Bryan and Sarah/Elizabeth Frances Battle. John Bryan was born Opequon Creek, Frederick Co., VA and is the son of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode. Thus, if this deduction is correct, the James Bryant on the Swift list is the first cousin of Daniel Boone's wife Rebecca Bryan.

Thomas Huey on the later Swift list is his brother-in-law. The Bryans are well-known to have been involved in the Regulator movement. The Bryans were originally a Quaker family, but like the Boones became Baptist in North Carolina. James' family is not on Worldconnect, if he had one. There are requests for information about people with this last name from Grayson Co., VA on the Genforum, but they have gone unanswered. Note a Mary Bryant m. the son of one of the non-Quaker Williams on the Swift musters. This Bryan family also had at least one prominent Tory leader in near-by North Carolina.

The Bryant family that came to Cane Creek MM from Carteret Co., NC and then is found in the Wesfield MM records should be investigated. There are no James in this family on Worldconnect, but this family does intermarry with the Davis and Lundy families of the Chestnut Creek community of Grayson County in the 1790s. The John Bryan (b. 1742, s/o Nicholas) from this line married Lydia Allen 1760 in Carteret County and they both die in Grayson County. Their daughter Hope m. John Simcock 1796 in Grayson County and in turn Rebecca Simcock b. 1815 married Mounce Gore, an ancestor of Vice President Al Gore.

To do: Examine pension applications of John Bryan (Wilkes), Reuben Bryan (Surry), Robert Bryan (Wilkes), Thomas Bryan (Surry)

Quaker Records: New Garden MM: John received from Carteret Co., NC; Garner Bryant, son of John, Surry Co., m. Hannah Davies dt. Thomas, Montgomery Co., VA, 30-10-1782, at Tom's Creek Mtg. Witnesses, John Bryant, Thos. Davis, Charles Davis, Caleb Sumner, Moses Grigg, Daniel Beales, Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Ballard, Sarah Beales, Phebe Sumner, Mary Sumner, Mary Ballard.; 1782 Rebeckah d/o John of Surry Co., NC m. Thomas Davis. Westfield MM: 1797 - Thomas Bryant of Grayson Co., VA (s/o John Bryant and Lydia) m. Priscilla Lunday, In 1789 a Lydia Bryant m. John Davis.

1767-1771 Regulator petitions: John Bryan

1782 Montgomery Co. tax list: 1 tithe, 0 slaves, 1 horse, 0 cattle. He has 3 horses and no blacks in 1793. He is not listed on the 1793 Wythe county land tax list (there is a John Bryant with 170 acres worth 17 pounds)

James Bryant was not fined by Capt. Swift for not participating in the militia company. http://www.newrivernotes.com/va/swift/swiftbio.html

Thomas HUGHEY:

Thomas Huey m. Mary Bryan (daughter of John Bryan b. 9 April 1730 Opequon Creek, Frederick Co., VA, and she was a first cousin of Daniel Boone's wife.). This Bryan family was known to have participated in the Regulators. They were, like the Boones, originally Quaker, but had become Baptists in North Carolina. Thomas was the son of John Huey and Elizabeth Morgan. The Huey family is from Rowan Co., NC and married with the Bryan family that also intermarried with the Boones. The Hueys had come from the Opequon Creek, Frederick Co., VA area with the Bryans. It does not appear that the Hueys were Quakers, but they seem to associate with them. Some of this family migrate to Clinton Co., IL from Iredell Co., NC. Thomas' children were Elizabeth, Maria, John, Joseph, James, Samuel and Rebecca.

1782 Montgomery Co tax list: not present. 1793 Wythe list not present. http://www.newrivernotes.com/va/swift/swiftbio.html

Thomas Curtis, son in law of Morgan Byran
There is also new info found that Thomas Curtis who married Mary Bryan dau.
of Morgan & Martha is the one listed 1719 West Nottingham, Chester CO PA tax
list where Alexander Ross is listed partner of Morgan Bryan. All clues now lead
to a possable finding for Morgan Bryan in these tax listings for Nottingham,
PA. http://newsarch.rootsweb.com/th/read/COPE/2003-07/1058042157
The tax lists of Orange County for the year 1739 contain the name of Thomas Curtis http://genforum.genealogy.com/bryan/messages/4637.html
Thomas Curtis, 418 acres, probably in what is now Berkeley County, W. Va. http://genforum.genealogy.com/bryan/messages/4637.html
The Orange County (Va.) records show that Mary Curtiss was appointed administratrix of the estate of Thomas Curtiss July 23, 1741, with Morgan Bryan and Joseph Bryan as bondsmen.
The will of Mary Curtiss was probated in Orange County, February 25, 1742. She makes bequests to her daughter Mary Curtiss, and mentions her father Morgan Bryan and her mother Martha Bryan [sic]. Her brother Joseph Bryan is named as executor.
1741 Thomas Curtiss Part of index to Orange County Wills and Administrations (1735-1800) p. 164-165. Adms. bond rec. 23 July 1741. p. 190-191. Inv. & appr. rec. 25 Feb. 1741 Will Book 1, 1735-1743 (Reel 23)
Richard Beeson is listed on the estates' of Mary Curtis and Thomas Curtis Orange/Frederick CO VA court. http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/COPE/2005-05/1117391916

Note: Isaac Beeson son of Richard Beeson & Charity who marr.

Phebe Strode dau. of Samuel Strode are on a 1761 Rowan CO NC tax list with Joshua CURTIS, Benjamin ELLIS, John ELLIS (wife Rachel) taxed with him are James and William ELLIS, Benjamin Beeson , Christopher Nation - he is on the Frederick CO VA deeds. http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/COPE/2005-05/1117391916
Thomas Curtis died on 23 July 1741 at Orange, Virginia; Mary Curtis was appointed administratrix of his estate with Morgan and Joseph Bryan Bondsmen. The inventory of his estate was returned to the court 25 Feb 1741/42 with a total valuation of 100 pounds, 18 shillings. http://fieldgenealogy.com/p895.htm
1741 Mary Curtiss Part of index to Orange County Wills and Administrations (1735-1800) p. 125. Accounts rec. 28 May 1748 Will Book 2, 1744-1728 (Reel 23)
The will of Mary Curtis in 1741 and the will of Morgan Bryan in 1763 both give the same list of children of Morgan. Mary names her brothers as: Joseph, Samuel, Morgan, John, William, James and Thomas and sister Ellinor Linville. Morgan lists the sons in the same order which leads me to believe that is their birth order. He also names daughter Ellinor Linville. I have seen reports of a Sarah and a Rebecca as children but can't find proof of a connection. http://genforum.genealogy.com/bryan/messages/4638.html
The will of John Hood, who lived near Thomas Curtis on the Potamac River, named Jonathan Curtis as executor and was witnessed by Thomas Curtis. [Orange County, Virginia Court Book 3, pages 166, 379, 448, quoted by O'Dell] The widow produced the will 22 July 1742, but no witnesses appeared. The will was not entered in the record book and no copy survived http://fieldgenealogy.com/p895.htm
IN 1748, Morgan Bryan took up new land in Lord Granville's extensive holdings in North Carolina. left behind permanently near Winchester were the graves of Morgan and Martha Bryan's daughter Mary and her husband Thomas Curtis. The young couple, married only a year or two, died in the early 1740s, leaving their infant daughter to be raised by grandmother Martha. Seven-year-old Mary Curtis was among several children who made the trek to North Carolina down the Great Wagon Road, a trip of approximately three months http://fieldgenealogy.com/p895.htm
Mary Bryan was born Bet 1722 and 1723 in Chester, Pennsylvania, and died 1742 in Orange, Virginia,. She married Thomas Curtis 1740 in Orange, Virginia. He died Bef 7 Jan 1741 in Virginia, did she marry George Forbes. Or was this the daughter Mary Curtiss that married him?

Martha Bryan

Grant's Creek

Michael Warren

Edward Hughes

James Carter


Sold to



DEED BOOK 17, Page 130

23 September 1799
This indenture made the twenty third Day of September in the year of our

Lord one thousand seventeen hundred and ninety-nine Between ALEXANDER

MARTIN, Esquire of the County of Rockingham in the State of North

Carolina of the one part; and Barnard Cryder of the town of Salisbury,

in the State aforesaid Taveron Keeper of the other part. Witnesseth that

the said Alexander Martin, Esq. for & in consideration of the sum of one

hundred pounds current money to him in hand paid by the said Barnard

Cryder at or before the sealing & Delivery of these presents hath given,

granted, bargained sold and conveyed and by these presents doth give,

grant bargain sell & convey unto the said Barnard Cryder his heirs and

assigns all that certain parcel of land being one fourth part of a lott

situate lying & being in the town of Salisbury in the State aforesaid

Known and distinguished in the plan of the said Town by the name of

Number One in the East Square thereof which said one fourth or a quarter

part of said Lott begins at the end of six poles down Corbin Street from

the West corner of said lot, and runs north East three poles along said

Street to the corner of Johnson’s late quarter, now said Cryders

aforesaid lot, thence with said John Johnsons or Cryders line South East

twelve poles to the line of the lott Number Nine, thence with the line

of said lott South West three poles to the corner of Paul Barringers

half of said lot. Number one now Richmond Pearson, Esq. thence with

said Barringers line North West twelve poles to the Beginning Containing

thirty six square poles which lot was granted by James Carter & Hugh

Forster Commissioners of said Town by Deed to James Bowers by the said

James Bowers to John Brevard, Esq. and by the said John Brevard to the

said Alexander Martin, reference to all which will more fully appear,

together with all & singular the appurtenances and all the Estate right

title interest property claim and Demand whatsoever of him the said

Alexander Martin of into or out of the same or any part thereof. To

have & to Hold the said land that is to say one fourth part or quarter

of a lot No. one hereby granted or meant mentioned or intended to be

granted with the appurtenances unto the said Barnard Cryder his Heirs &

Assigns to & for his and their only proper use benefit and behoof

forever, And the said Alexander Martin & his heirs, Execrs. And

Administrators covenant promise grant & agree to & with the said Barnard

Cryder & his heirs one fourth or quarter of lott number one and premises

against him the said Alexander Martin and all other persons whatsoever

claiming or to claim by from through or under them or either of them,

shall & will well & truly warrant and forever defend by these presents.

In Witness whereof the said First Party to these presents hath hereunto

set his hand and seal the day and year herein first before written.

Alex: Martin {seal}

Sealed and Delivered

In the presence of us} Henry Giles Conrad Gillam


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