Game 6 Match Report Saturday 21st May, 2016 U/14 Nova Shooting Stars V w/l huskies

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Game 6 Match Report - Saturday 21st May, 2016
U/14 Nova Shooting Stars V W/L Huskies
Well it was a bit of a disappointing loss this week with the girls going down in a frustrating game 33-22. The girls gave it their all out there but it was just one of those games where we didn’t play our own game and as a result we got a bit lost and made some silly mistakes. We had a great start, up by 1 going into the 2nd quarter but a few positional changes and we just seemed to lose our way a bit. It was quite a physical game with both teams getting frustrated and unfortunately it seemed to affect us a little more than them. We had a good start with Molly and Izabel combining well in the circle. Our mid court of Amy, Jacinta and Lara worked hard through the midcourt in both attack and defense but we sometimes didn’t capitalise on our possession. Zara tried her best and continues to give her all each week in both WA and GS but came up against some strong defense this week. Our defense combination of Emelie, Ruby and Lara continue to step up week after week and give their best with some impressive team work in the circle. Some areas to work on at training this week are definitely our passing and positional play through the midcourt as well as our passing and positioning in the shooting circle. The girls just need to shake this week off and head into next week with their usual positive attitude. Keep your chins up girls you are doing great!!
GOALS: Izabel Miller – 9, Zara Horton – 7, Molly Clifford - 6
Player of the Week: Amy Smart
Encouragement Award: Lara Berry-Hughes

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