Gap Analysis for Technology-Enabled Learning (tel) at Citi Polytechnic

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GAP analysis

Gap Analysis for Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) at Citi Polytechnic

1.Implications of the Vision:
Services: The vision emphasizes the best possible learning experience, requiring excellence in both on-campus and online support services. This implies a need to enhance learner support services to meet the expectations of a seamless learning experience.
Staffing: Achieving the vision necessitates a significant uplift in the capabilities of teaching staff, particularly in learning design and online facilitation. Major adaptations to teaching practices are expected, requiring a robust staff training and development program.
Resources: The institution may need to invest in additional resources, such as hiring a team of learning designers, upgrading technological infrastructure, and allocating budgets specifically for TEL initiatives.
2. Weaknesses Compromising the Vision:
Learning Design Capability: The current weakness in learning design capability could compromise the achievement of the vision. The institution is currently offering staff training, but there is a need to significantly boost these efforts.
Online Capability of Staff: Insufficient online capability among staff may hinder the vision. Besides training, hiring a team of learning designers to work with teaching staff as subject matter experts can address this weakness.
3. Threats to the Vision:
Economic Recession: The threat of an economic recession impacting government finances is a significant concern. While financial management systems are being upgraded, there is a need to prioritize TEL expenditure in budgets and consider potential cuts in other areas to ensure financial sustainability.
4. Strengths Important for the Vision:
Excellent On-campus Learner Support Service: The institution's strength in providing excellent on-campus learner support services is crucial. To maintain and enhance this strength, additional staff can be hired to develop online support services, leveraging the existing foundation.
5. Opportunities Aligning with the Vision:
Providing Online Learning for Large Businesses: An opportunity to offer online learning for regional businesses aligns with the vision. This not only generates revenue but also builds expertise and contributes to achieving the vision.
Commonwealth of Learning Facilitation Training: Taking advantage of the free online facilitation training with the Commonwealth of Learning can enhance the online facilitation skills of teaching staff.
The gap analysis highlights critical focus areas for achieving the TEL vision at XYZ Institution. Key actions include:
- Enhancing learner support services for a seamless learning experience.
- Significantly boosting staff training and development programs, with a potential focus on hiring learning design experts.
- Prioritizing TEL expenditure in budgets to mitigate the impact of potential economic threats.
- Expanding online support services by hiring additional staff.
- Exploring revenue-generating opportunities, such as providing online learning for businesses.
- Leveraging free online facilitation training to enhance staff capabilities.

This concise gap analysis provides a strategic roadmap, outlining essential actions to bridge gaps and move closer to realizing the institution's vision for Technology-Enabled Learning.
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