Genealogy of the thomas boaz, christopher wayne miller

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John K. Boaz Geneology

Genealogy of the








Relating to
Trevor John Boaz and
Allison June Boaz

Compiled by John Knox and Mildred Ellen Meyer Boaz November, 1991 Updated most recently November, 2011

THE THOMAS BOAZ FAMILY IN AMERICA The following genealogy traces family relationships from Thomas Boaz (1714-1780) through the male line to Trevor John Boaz (2001- ) and Allison June Boaz (2001- ). The information included here is largely drawn from The Thomas Boaz Family in America See, Sources, Si The Thomas Boaz Family in America
, Hiram A. Boaz] with information collected and prepared by Bishop Hiram Abiff Boaz, second president of Southern Methodist University, and published by the Parthenon Press, Nashville, Tennessee, in 1949. As Bishop Boaz acknowledges in the preface to this volume, John DE. Boaz, great-great- grandfather of Trevor and Allison Boaz, began gathering information about the Boaz family. He traveled extensively and collected considerable data from government records, wills, land grants, and family Bibles. He intended to publish a Boaz family genealogy but became discouraged and gave upon the idea. Instead, he paid Bishop Boaz a visit and offered the material he had compiled. Bishop Boaz later extended upon that research and published the volume. Robert V. Boaz compiled over forty years a volume completed in 1999, The Boaz Family
Ancestors and Descendants [See, Sources, Si The Boaz Family

Ancestors and Descendants, Robert Boaz]. He used Bishop Boaz’s book as a point of departure in seeking to piece together his own forebears. He states, My original intent was to verify the work of the Bishop, not to differ with him. However, when I have found differences, I have tried to document those differences and my conclusions with reference to the many other published works, census records, tax records, Bible records, vital records, etc. that I have searched. Most notably Bishop Boaz and Robert V. Boaz differ on where and when Thomas was born, where and when he died, and to whom he was married. With compelling evidence and argument he disputes Bishop Boaz’s claim that Thomas Boaz was born September 27, 1721, in Scotland, died September 13, 1791, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and was married in Ireland to Agnes and had four children before coming to America.

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