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Cola Wars Continue Case Questions
REFF2021 Group29

Cola Wars Continue Case Questions
1. Identify the industry that Coke and Pepsi compete in. Analyze the attractiveness of this industry using Porter’s Five Forces model.
(Note - analyze each force separately discussing the relevant factors behind each force and conclude whether the force is HIGH, MODERATE OR LOW. Ultimately, take a position on whether the overall industry is attractive or not and why)
2. Are there alternate ways to think about the industry Coke and Pepsi belong to in question #1?
Specify two such alternate “definitions” of the industry.
3. Will the industry attractiveness change depending on an alternate identification of industry in question #2? Why or why not? Pick one such alternate definition and support your reasoning using concepts from the Porter’s five forces model.
(Note: This can be less detailed than your answer to #1)

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