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University of Central Florida Computer Vision

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University of Central Florida Computer Vision lab University of Chicago Vision and Robotics group

University of Cologne Pattern Recognition group University of Copenhagen - Image Research Group

University of Costa Rica - Image Processing and Computer Vision Research Laboratory (IPCV-LAB) Our current research projects include image segmentation, pose, shape, color, motion and mimic estimation of real objects for robotics, on-line inspection, in-situ microscopy and video compression.

University of Edinburgh - Machine Vision Unit University of Erlangen - Computer Vision, Image Processing and Analysis University of Essex - Vision Group face recognition, autonomous vehicle navigation, motion and occlusion, edge finding

University of Exeter - Pattern Analysis and Neural Networks Group Pattern Analysis and Neural Networks

University of Florida Center for Computer Vision and Visualization

University of Freiburg - Chair of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing University of Geneva Vision Group University of Genova - LIRA-Lab Laboratory for integrated advanced robotics

University of Georgia - Visual and Parallel Computing Laboratory The goal of the VPCL is to advance the state of the art in the theory and applications of Visual Computing and Parallel Computing. Current projects deal with machine vision for inspection and production planning, image analysis of DNA microarrays, pattern recognition problems in DNA analysis, analysis of motion in video sequences and applications of parallel computing to the above problems.

University of Glasgow - 3D-MATIC Research Laboratory By combining the science of 'photogrammetry' with digital camera technology, it is now possible to capture 3D models of people, animals and objects that are both metrically accurate and photo-realistic in appearance. Ongoing research within the Partnership is also exploring 3D data extraction from still images and movie sequences and the extension of the imaging technology to capture images in real time.

  University of Granada - Computer Vision Group Specializes in image representational models, distortion measures, target distinctness and image compression University of Granada Digital Image Analysis group University of Guelph - Robot Vision Group of Intelligent Systems Lab We are interested in exploring real-time dynamic visual processes (e.g., tracking, optical flow, binocular vision) cast in a particle filter framework. We also explore using these visual processes for autonomous robot control in conjunction with markovian planning techniques for various applications such as elderly or disabled aids, search and rescue robotics, intelligent automobiles,... University of Hannover - Institute for Photogrammetry and GeoInformation specialises in photogrammetry, remote sensing, and aerial image analysis, in connection with geographic information systems University of Hannover Institut für Theoretische Nachrichtentechnik und Informationsverarbeitung (TNT)

University of Hawaii at Manoa - Image Sequence Processing Group Specializes in the application of vision models (particularly local frequency representations and segmentation-based models) to image and image sequence processing and computer vision. University of Heidelberg - Digital Image Processing Group Scientific Applications

University of Illinois Chicago - Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Robotics and Computer Vision University of Iowa Division of Physiologic Imaging

University of Jena Digital Image Processing group University of Koblenz Image Recognition lab University of Ljubljana - Computer Vision Laboratory University of Louisville - Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab Computer vision and Medical Imaging research University of Maryland Computer Vision Lab

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Computer Vision Laboratory University of Massachusetts Amherst - Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics University of Melbourne Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence lab University of Messina - Vision Lab Still image segmentation and real-time image analysis University of Miami - Underwater Vision and Imaging Laboratory

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Image Processing Laboratory

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Imagelab

University of Montreal - Computer Vision & Geometric Modeling Lab University of Nevada - Computer Vision Laboratory

University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Vision Group We are currently working on areas such as Gesture recognition, Vision based tracking for VR, and Skin Detection studies

University of Nottingham - Image Processing and Interpretation Research Group The Image Processing & Interpretation (IPI) Research Group addresses basic issues in image processing and analysis, machine vision and artificial intelligence. The group combines theoretical and applied research, working within forcing domains provided by real problems and applications.

University of Otago - Computer Vision Research Group University of Ottawa - Video, Image, Vision and Audio Research Group Categories include: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Video and Audio Processing and Coding. University of Oulu Machine Vision and Media Processing Group University of Paraná - Computer Vision and Image Processing Group Our current research focuses on range image segmentation, 3D modeling from range images, medical images processing, visualization and content-based image retrieval. University of Pavia - Vision Lab Specializes in visual attention mechanisms; includes human-computer interfaces

University of Pennsylvania - Vision Analysis and Simulation Technologies Laboratory We do research in computer vision (shape and motion estimation), computer graphics and medical image analysis

University of Pennsylvania GRASP lab

University of Pennsylvania Medical Image Processing Group University of Pisa - Industrial Vision Lab Artificial vision applications to manufacturing processes and product quality control.

University of Plymouth - Robotic Intelligence Laboratory The lab focuses on problems related to the design of intelligent domestic and helper robots. These include artificial vision for object recognition and vision for spatial navigation, actions planning and sequencing, and natural language instruction dialogues with the user. University of Politecnica Madrid - Computer Vision Group Automatic visual automation in manufacturing three-dimesional vision visual information management systems

University of Reading - Computational Vision Group University of Rochester - Vision and Robotics research Lab

University of Rochester Center for Electronic Imaging Systems

University of São Paulo - Creative Vision Group Specializes in person recognition using video sequences University of São Paulo Cybernetic Vision Research group at the Instituto de Fisica de São Carlos University of Saskatchewan Computer Vision University of South Florida Image Analysis Research Group

University of Southampton - Image, Speech, and Intelligent Systems

University of Southamton Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems Group (ISIS)

University of Southern California - Visual Processing Laboratory

University of Surrey Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing Group

University of Sussex COGS Vision Research

University of São Paulo - Image Computing Group, Medical Physics

University of Technology, Sydney - Computer Vision and Cluster Computing Lab Focusing on cluster-based computer vision within the Spiral Architecture. University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Imaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems lab University of Toronto - Computational Vision Group University of Twente - Laboratory for Measurement and Instrumentation

University of Udine - Machine Vision Lab

University of Ulster Computer Vision and Image Processing Research group

University of Utah - Center for Scientific Computing and Imaging

University of Utah Robotics and Computer Vision University of Verona - Vision, Image Processing, and Sound Laboratory University of Virginia Computer Vision Research (CS)

University of Washington - Information Processing Lab

University of Washington Image Computing Systems Lab

University of West Florida Image Analysis/Robotics Research Laboratory

University of Western Australia Robotics and Vision research group University of Wisconsin Computer Vision group

University of York Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

University of of California, San Diego - Computer Vision & Robotics Research Lab

University of of Plymouth - Centre for Intelligent Systems

University of of Texas - Laboratory for Vision Systems

University of of Zagreb Image Processing Group

University of the Balearic Islands - Computer Graphics and Vision Group University of the West of England - Machine Vision Group Specialize in surface inspection Utrecht University - Image Science Institute Focus is on medical imaging

Vanderbilt University Center for Intelligent Systems Vienna University of Technology - Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group Object recognition, 3D Computer Vision, Graph theory in CV, AI methods in CV

Computer Vision Group at Vietnam National University of HCMC - Univ of Natural Sciences Our research are concentrated on Object detection, recognition, tracking, Human activity recognition and tracking.

Vincent Torre Lab at SISSA

Virage, Inc.

Computer Vision Group at Virginia Tech Applied research in computer vision and pattern recognition. Vision Systems Laboratory, RINCE/DCU: Centre for Applied Imaging and Vision Systems Research group

Washington University St. Louis - CVIA Lab specializing in medical computer vision

Weizmann Institute of Science - Computer Vision Lab

Wright State University Intelligent Systems Lab Wright-Patterson Model Based Vision Lab Yale School of Medicine Image Processing and Analysis Group

Vision Lab at York University Research in the Vision Lab at York University concentrates on theoretical and applied aspects of computer vision, with a particular emphasis on stereo and motion analysis. York University - Center For Vision Research carries out research into sensory and motor processes, perception, and computer vision.

York University Vision, Graphics and Robotics

eyeTap Personal Imaging Lab The ePI Lab is a is a computer vision research and development lab focused on the area of personal imaging, mediated reality and wearable computers.

  Statistical Learning & Image Processing Genova University Research Unit Our research focuses on: (1) the study of mathematically sound methods for solving classification problems (2) the development of techniques for extracting visual information from images. Laboratory for imagery, vision, and artificial intelligence a team of multidisplinary reserachers on the field of artificial vision, pattern recognition, image processing, learning algorithms, genetic computing, artificial intelligence, and perception

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