Generic computer vision methods General image segmentation methods

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Khoral Research, Inc creators of Khoros

Kiel Cognitive Systems group

King's College London - Image Processing Group Image processing and analysis

Korea University - Center for Artificial Vision Research Specializes in biologically motivated computer vision

Korean Research Groups in Visual Information Processing

  Laboratory of Motion Analysis and Virtual Reality Specialized in analysis and synthesis of human motion through image processing. Laval University Computer Vision and Systems Lab

Lawrence Berkeley Lab Imaging and Distributed Computing

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Imaging and Collaborative Computing Group Algorithms and software tools for scientific imaging applications.

Le2i - Laboratory of Electronics, Computer Science and Image Processing Webpage of the Le2i, a french research lab on computer vision and image processing

Leeds University - Computer Vision Group Our specialities are in the areas of tracking and behaviour modelling, medical imaging, the use of colour in image coding and compression, and OMR and handwriting recognition.

Lehigh University - Image Processing and Pattern Analysis Lab Mammogram Analysis, Image Database Retrieval, Gesture Recognition and Industrial Inspection.

Lehigh University - Vision And Software Technology Laboratory Research includes 3D vision, real-time tracking, omni-directional processing, remote reality and teleoperation, super-resolution imaging, medical-imaging, multi-res imaging/algorithms, image-oriented user interface issues, IUE, CORBA, and DCE.

Leiden University Imaging and Multimedia group

Linköping University Division of Computer Vision

Luebeck University of Medicine - Institute for Signal Processing Medical and industial image processing, pattern recognition and classification bio-signal processing, Lund University - Mathematical Imaging Group Computer vision, image analysis and tomography from a mathematical perspective.

MIT - CS & AI Lab Vision Research

MIT - Perceptual Science Group MIT-Media Lab Vision and Modelling Group McGill Centre for Intelligent Machines

  Michigan State Pattern Recognition and Image Processing lab Microsoft Research

Middle East Technical University - Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Group Middle East Technical University - Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory University of Minnesota Artifical Intelligence, Robotics and Vision Laboratory Specializes in human activity monitoring, intelligent transportation systems, and distributed robotics. NEC Computer Vision and Image Processing NRC (National Research Council of Canada) - Computational Video Group Stereo processing from off-the-shelf cameras, camera path computation (as seen on the logo), recognition and tracking from video, reconstruction from multiple cameras, ubiquitous video

Nanyang Technological University - Vision and Control Research Program - vision-guided automation National Research Council of Canada - Visual Information Technology Group 3-D laser range sensing; geometric image processing; object and environment modeling of shape and reflectance; applications in computer graphics, manufacturing, robotics.

National Technical University of Athens Computer Vision, Speech Communication and Signal Processing Group Multiscale image analysis, enhancement, feature extraction and object detection with algebraic, geometric and statistical methods. Analysis and modeling of shape, texture, color, and motion. National University of Singapore - Computer Vision Research Group

New York University - Vision Research concentration on human vision Niigata University - Yamamoto-Hoshino Laboratory North Carolina State University - Image Analysis Laboratory Northwestern University - Image and Video Processing Laboratory Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Signal Processing Group

Notre Dame Vision-Based Robotics using Estimation

Ohio State University - Computer Vision Laboratory Specializes in human activity analysis Ohio State University - Signal Analysis and Machine Perception Laboratory Perceptual organization, 3D vision, stereo. Ohio State University - Vision and Learning Group Oxford University - Robotics Research Group Active Vision, Projective Geometry, Medical Image Analysis

Oxford University - Visual Geometry Group Specializes in visual reconstruction from uncalibrated image sequences. Oxford University Active Vision lab, and Robotics Research group

Parma University Computer Vision Penn State Computer Vision

Politecnico di Milano - Image and Sound Processing Group

Politecnico di Torino - Computer Graphic and Vision Group Postech Computer Vision Group - Pohang University of Science and Technology

Precision Digital Images Purdue Robot Vision lab

Purdue University - Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER)

Queen Mary and Westfield College Vision group Queen's University of Belfast - Centre for Image and Vision Systems

RADIUS - Research and Development for Image Understanding Systems

Real-Time Vision Group at Fraunhofer IIS Real-Time Face Detection, Face Biometrics, Camera Tracking and 3D Reconstruction, Mobile Robot Vision

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Computer Science Vision Group

Ritsumeikan University - Computer Vision Laboratory

Rovira i Virgili University - Intelligent Robotics and Computer Vision Group Research Lines: Disassembly Planning, Multiagent Systems, Planning and Scheduling, Image Analysis and Processing, 3D Modeling, Real-Time Systems, Computer Architectures Rutgers University Image Understanding Lab SRI International 's Perception Program at its AI Center

SUNY at Stony Brook - Computer Vision Lab

Statistical Visual Computing Laboratory research in both fundamental and applied problems in computer vision, image processing, machine learning, and multimedia.

Sarnoff - Vision Technology Group

Seoul National University - 3D Visual Information Procesing Lab Computer vision research, especially in range image processing, object recognition.

Sheffield Hallam University - Microsystems & Machine Vision Laboratory Sheffield Hallam University - Microsystems and Machine Vision Laboratory Microrobotic systems and real-time computer vision (Kindly remove previous link with regards to on the list)

Sheffield Hallam University Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Group Research on 3D image acquisition, surface reconstruction, and image registration and fusion

Simon Fraser University Computational Vision lab

Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute Stanford University - National Biocomputation Center Focus is on 3D imaging and visualization technologies for biomedical applications. Stanford Vision Lab Stanford Vision and Imaging Science and Technology Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Computer Vision Group Computer vision group performs research in the fields of medical image analysis and visualization, shape modeling and visualization, and remote sensing. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Vision@IPM Group Specializes in vision-based quality control of industrial processes and automated, model-based image analysis.

  Swiss Group for AI and Cognitive Science

TU Munich - Image Understanding Group TU Munich - Robot Vision Group vision for autonomous robots Technical University Denmark - Dept of Mathematical Modeling Section for Image Analysis Development and use of methods and theory in practical applications: Biomedical Imaging, Industrial Vision, Material Science, and Remote Sensing.

Technical University of Lisbon - Image Group

Technical University of Vienna Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Technion Center for Intelligent Systems Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology Technion-Israel Institute of Technology - Vision Research and Image Science Laboratory Main fields of interest: Pattern recognition, Analysis of color images, Clinical applications of imaging systems, Image segmentation, Biological and computational vision systems, Computer graphics, Robot vision research, Virtual reality and stereoscopic vision.

Photogrammetry Division - University of Tehran - Iran we work on vision systems in intelligent vehicles, vision metrology systems, softcopy workstations for mapping, Feature extraction in LIDAR or ALS data and we are interested in anythings which related to photogrammetry and comuter vision. Tel Aviv University - Computer Vision

Telecom Paris - Image Processing and Understanding Group

Trinity College Computer Vision and Robotics Group UBC Lab for Computational Intelligence UC San Diego Computer Vision and Robotics Research lab

University of Houston's Visual Computing Lab USC Computer Vision

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Mathematical Analysis of Images We are interested in applications of Partial Differential Equations to Computer Vision, Image Denoising and Enhancement, Optic Flow , Dense Disparity Map, 3-D Geometry Reconstruction, Medical Imaging, Mutiscale Analysis, etc..

University College London - Laboratory of computational vision Computational, theoretical, and psychophysical Studies of biological and artificial visual systems

University Jaume I - Computer Vision Group

University Jaume I - Computer Vision Group Research on several areas of image analysis and pattern recognition. University Jaume I - REGEO Geometric Reconstruction Group Studying the problem of automatically generating 3D models from 2D sketches.

University of Aberdeen - Parallel and Image Processing Research Group

University of Algarve Vision Laboratory University of Amsterdam - Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group

University of Amsterdam - Intelligent Sensory Information Systems The central research themes of ISIS are image databases and computer vision, particularly where the two themes meet. We do strategic and fundamental research regularly in a multi-disciplinary and applied setting

University of Antwerp - Vision Lab University of Autonònoma de Barcelona Computer Vision Center University of Bern Research Group on Computer Vision and AI University of Bielefeld - Applied Computer Science Group research in the area of pattern analysis, computer vision, and speech understanding and applications to bioinformatics and natural sciences

University of Bielfeld - Neuroinformatics Group University of of Birmingham - Digital Systems and Vision Processing Group basic research in motion analaysis, unsupervised segmentation, model-based image interpretation, reconfigurable and novel architectures for image interpretation, speech analysis, speech synthesis and its application in medicine, industrial inspection and education.

University of Bologna - Biometric Systems Lab The main research effort of the Biometric Systems Lab is devoted to develop efficient automatic systems for classification, identification and recognition of human characteristics, such as hand shape, fingerprint and face. Our ongoing contacts with industrial partners ensure that our research results will be tested in real applications. University of Bologna- Vision Mathematics Group Our team works at the use of topology and geometry in computer vision and robotic applications. We are mainly interested in the use of Size Functions and Size Theory for shape comparison.

University of Bonn CSD III Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition group University of Bonn Institute for Photogrammetry University of Bremen Institute for Neurophysics

University of Brighton - Applied Image Processing Resource Unit University of Bristol Image Processing and Computer Vision Group University of California Berkeley Computer Vision group University of California Irvine Computer Vision lab

University of California Irvine Vision Research University of California San Diego Visual Computing lab University of California Santa Barbara - Four Eyes Lab Research in "imaging, interaction, and innovative interfaces" (four I's) - primary focus on computer vision, HCI, and augmented reality.

University of California Santa Barbara - Image Processing & Vision Research Labs University of California, Los Angeles - Vision Lab University of California, Riverside Visualization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory (VISLab) University of Cape Town Image Processing lab 

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