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IBM® Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure

Getting Started with

Maximo Anywhere 7.5

Document version 3.0

Anna Biazeti

STSM, Smarter Infrastructure Architecture
William Cary

Solution Architect Council Leader
Bradley K. Downing

Senior Managing Consultant



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Introduction 3

Technical Overview 3

Architectural Principles 3

IBM Worklight mobile application platform 4

IBM Worklight Components Overview 5

Worklight Studio 5

Application Center 6

Worklight used by Maximo Anywhere 7

Maximo Anywhere Components 8

Recommended Deployment Scenarios 9

Product Licensing Metric and Compliance Considerations 9

Use Scenarios 10

License Limitations Pertaining to Worklight 10

Recommendations and Best Practices 10

System Requirements and Supported Configurations 12

Installation Procedures 12

Worklight Server/DB2/Multi Instance 13

Worklight Server/DB2/Multi Schema 15

Worklight Server/Oracle/Multi Instance 19

Worklight Server/Oracle/Multi Schema 21

Maximo Anywhere Install/Deployment 23

Installing and Configuring Work Light Studio 25

SSL Configuration 27

Enabling Data Encryption for Maximo Anywhere 28

Post Installation Query Configuration 28

Cautions and Limitations 29

Troubleshooting 30

Logging 30

Known Problems / Explanations or Solutions 31


IBM Maximo Anywhere 7.5

Maximo Anywhere 7.5 is built on IBM’s Worklight mobile development platform. This development approach enables the Maximo Anywhere mobile roadmap to include all of IBM’s Smarter Infrastructure (SI) solutions. The core of IBM SI includes Maximo, Maximo Industry Solutions, SmartCloud Control Desk, and TRIRIGA. With this single mobile solution, all of these tools can be enhanced with mobile capabilities to satisfy mobile strategies across your entire enterprise

In this initial release of Maximo Anywhere, the Android mobile operating system 4.x or later is supported for Maximo Work Management. Our strategy involves the eventual support for all of the more popular mobile operating systems (Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows operating), thus allowing you full freedom to utilize the most appropriate devices for your industry. The Maximo Anywhere product will support all variations of the connected and disconnected environments that you work with today.

The new technology in Maximo Anywhere provides a configuration tool set which allows you to be in total control of how your users access IBM SI Solutions. You will be able to configure our mobile apps to suite your users specific roles and enterprise business requirements.

The intent of this guide is to provide a condensed, straight forward step by step approach to deploying Maximo Anywhere in your enterprise. Since there is considerable documentation available through IBM’s InfoCenter, Support documents, and DeveloperWorks Wiki’s and more, this document will leverage those resources as references when you may like additional information. This document may be printed to simplify use in an installation scenario but may be most valuable when used online where the links can be accessed.

Additional Resources:

Maximo Anywhere Wiki on DeveloperWorks

Maximo Anywhere Documentation on InfoCenter

Technical Overview

Architectural Principles

IBM has developed several architectural principles to enhance the user experience. These principles employed in the platform and application development process

Mobile Device and Experience

IBM chose the Worklight Platform as the starting point for Smarter Infrastructure (SI) Mobile Solutions. The SI Mobile Apps are Hybrid Applications (Web Standards + bridge to native features). IBM Seeks to employ Persona and Task based apps that are simple & intuitive.

Connectivity and Data Synchronization

IBM took great care in considering when the device connects to ensure data integrity through the synchronization process while maximizing device battery life, by leveraging the Worklight 5.0.6 data management APIs for local storage. The SI Mobile solution uses these APIs and augments the solution with planned and intermittent disconnected scenarios.

IBM Worklight mobile application platform

Accelerate Development

  • Web, hybrid, and native development: open, flexible, standard-based, multi-screen/omni-channel

  • Functional testing

  • Development lifecycle tools and integration

Facilitate App Security and Trust

  • Server-enforced authentication

  • App authenticity and user-app-device binding

  • Secure and syncable on-device storage

  • App version enforcement

Enable User Engagement

  • Unified push and SMS notifications

  • Geo-location and context collections and intelligence

Support Mobile Analytics

IBM Worklight goes beyond mobile app UI creation to deliver mobile optimized, standards-based, middleware and tools for enterprise-grade mobile applications and services creation

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