Grade Myrtle Beach Trip Time to get ready for the trip of a Lifetime! The 6

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6th Grade Myrtle Beach Trip

Time to get ready for the trip of a Lifetime! The 6th Grade of Moore Square GT/AIG Basics Museums Magnet Middle School will be taking a journey to experience WonderWorks, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Medieval Times. WonderWorks is an interactive attraction combining education and entertainment! WonderWorks features over 100 hands on exhibits that will spark the imagination and challenge the mind. At Ripley’s Aquarium, students will find themselves immersed in a watery world of sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish, and incredible hands-on learning experiences. Traveling on moving glide paths, visitors enter the ocean realm and come face to face with thousands of fascinating fishes and menacing sea creatures, everything from barracudas, to rays, to jellyfish, octopi, moray eels and giant sharks! Then the students will be tranformed and taken back to a period in history of grandeur and opulence where Knights, Kings, Queens, and Nobles knew the lay of the land. Students will surrender to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed. From ringside seats, the students will discover a rousing live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry, while being served a four-course meal fit for royalty.

Date: March 3, 2017

Cost: Approximately $129 .00 per person. A deposit of $30 is due by October 10, 2016 with 3 additional payments received by January 10, 2017.

M2M3 6th Grade Myrtle Beach Trip Information

We are ready to start collecting money for our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC that will be taking place on March 3, 2017. Below you will find information regarding the trip. Please direct any questions to Mrs. Langston or Mrs. Csider

The Trip:

The trip is being booked through Holbrook Field Trips. This will be our schools 7th year using this tour operator and the experience has been extremely positive. Holbrook has been very attentive to our needs and their arrangements have been excellent. For your information, their website is The cost of the trip will be approximately $129.00 and the cost includes:

  • Private Coach bus to and from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  • 1 day of tour with a professional tour guide

  • Admission and interactive exhibits at Wonderworks

  • Admission and interactive exhibits at Ripley’s Aquarium

  • Admission, Dinner, Tournament, and Show at Medieval Times

Please see Wonderworks, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Medieval Times sheet for more details.

Student Eligibility:

We expect all of our 6th grade students to participate in this extended study trip, but we do have high behavior expectations. Noncompliance with the schools ROAR expectation policy may result in a parent needing to accompany their student on this trip.

Parent Chaperones:

We will need parent chaperones to attend this trip for a variety of reasons. The more chaperones that we have, the better the educational and social experience the students will have. We will need at least 30 parent chaperones to accompany us on our field trip, the parent fee is the same as the students ($129). Please notify Mrs. Langston and Mrs. Csider as soon as possible if you can commit to being a chaperone for this trip. All chaperones must be registered with Wake County Schools. An informational meeting for chaperones will be forthcoming as we near the trip date.


The final cost of the trip will be determined by the number of students who are able to go. Our current estimate is $129.00; this price includes all travel, dinner, and admission fees. Spending money is up to each individual family.

A trip of this size and duration takes many hours of advance planning, so it is imperative that we have plenty of notice about who is attending. The tour operator requires deposits, and confirmations of the number of students attending the dinner, show, and exhibits. Because this advance notice is required by the tour operator, we require the first deposit to be made no later than October 10, 2016 in order to reserve each student’s place on the trip. Please make checks payable to Moore Square Middle School with a subject line of 6th grade Myrtle Beach trip. If you will be paying in cash, exact change is greatly appreciated. Each payment will receive a receipt. Please save these receipts for your records. You will also have the option to pay ONLINE through our school’s website anytime. Mrs. Langston and Mrs. Csider will be handling the collection of monies for the trip and will be accepting payments before school and during homeroom on the following days October 10th, November 10th, December 9th, January 10th. Deposits are non-refundable except in extreme, unavoidable circumstances. School administration will determine whether any refunds will be made before February 5, 2017. After February 5, 2017, Holbrook Field Trips considers all payments non-refundable.

  • If any family is able to contribute to help support another student, we welcome all donations!!!!

Payment Due Dates:

Payments of deposits need to be made by the following dates to ensure that we have an accurate count of students attending the trip and to meet our payment deadlines with Holbrook Field Trips. Please remember, YOU CAN PAY ONLINE ON THE SCHOOL’S WEBSITE. To pay online, go to the school’s website, scroll to the bottom of the homepage, on the left side of the screen you will see a section called QUICK LINKS. Under Quick Links you will see a link titled ONLINE PAYMENTS, after you click this link you will see the 4 deposit dates as well as a Full Payment link if you would like to go ahead and pay at one time. If you are chaperoning you can make a double payment and indicate by your students name that you are making a chaperone payment.

October 10, 2016 - $30.00

November 10, 2016 - $30.00

December 09, 2016 - $30.00

January 10, 2017 - Final payment of $39.00 or final balance.

Wonderworks, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Medieval Times

Below is a brief overview of some exhibits the students may take part in at Wonderworks. Wonderworks has over 100 interactive exhibits and more details can be found at

Inversion Tunnel Defy Gravity!!! As you approach WonderWorks, it is obvious that the building landed upside-down. Professor Wonder and his staff of Brilliant Scientists invented the Inversion tunnel to realign and invert your orientation so that you can defy gravity and play with all the exhibits and experiments.

Disaster Zone One of history’s most renowned events, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake stopped baseball’s World Series and collapsed a freeway. It is recreated in the laboratory. Guests will feel for themselves what an earthquake that measures 5.3 on the Richter scale actually feels like. Then enter the Hurricane Hole and be blown away by 71mph winds.

  • Must be 36" tall to ride Earthquake.

Wonder Brite Have fun with the oversized version of lite brite and create designs with the lightsticks.

Tesla Coil Become a human lightning rod as you place your hand through the glove and touch 100, 000 volts of electricity.

Speed of Light Move like the speed of light to press the buttons on the light matrix to win points and beat the clock.

Light and Sound Zone Dance to the beat at Recollections and watch the light patterns move with you. Then strike a pose and leave your shadow behind. Next create music with your feet on the Giant Piano. Jump from key to key as you play your favorite song. Stomp out the aliens in Alien Stomper.

Space Zone Explore your way through the depths of outer space in the Space Zone. Explore the life size replica of an Astronaut Space Suit and Mercury Capsule. For a memorable souvenir, you can take your picture inside these phenomenal pieces of history.

Bed of Nails Feel the sensation of 3,500 SHARP nails rise up from under you while lying on this bed of nails. Any good scientist knows pressure is the application of force over a certain area. The area of a single nail is VERY small; this is why if you step on one nail, it will easily break your skin. Your foot puts a large amount of force on a small area – the nail. On the bed of nails you learn why you can be lifted up by 3,500 nails without feeling the pressure of them.

Velocity Ball Have you ever thought what it would be like to be on the mound and stare down a Major League Baseball player at the plate? Now you’ve got your chance with WonderWorks™ Velocity Ball. Select a player to pitch to from Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, Sammie Sosa, or Barry Bonds. Take your windup and throw a pitch. Then hear Ball, Strike, Home Run as the speed of your ball is displayed on the screen. “Batter Up!”

WonderCoasters Explore the latest in virtual reality as you design the roller coaster you’ve always wanted to ride but couldn’t find at any fair or amusement parks, then ride it! The Wonder Simulator has the ability to turn 360° in every direction. If you prefer not to be flipped upside –down, explore the ocean in a virtual submarine adventure.

  • Must be 42" tall with chaperone, 48" without

  • 250lb weight limit

Bubble Lab Kids of all ages (1-101) love bubbles! This exhibit is just for the fun of it! Put yourself inside a gigantic bubble that you created! Bubbles do not have their own color. They reflect and refract the light around the bubble. The colors you see on a bubble actually show the thickness (or thinness) of the bubble wall.

Mind Ball A challenging bio feedback game for two based on EEG technology. Players will wear a headband with electrodes and relax their minds in order to use their brain waves and move the ball across the table to the opposing side. Mindball is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept. Instead of activity and adrenaline, Mindball relies on calmness to measure participants’ success. The most relaxed player wins! The same technology is used as a training tool for cadets at The United States Military Academy at West Point. Officers are not only trained to be alert but also to control their thought process and remain calm in high-pressure situations.

How Cold Is It? In this exhibit, feel the icy cold water as it was the night the Titanic sank. How long can you keep your hand in the water once the timer begins?

Far Out Illusion Gallery Enter a new dimension of reality and explore the unknown. Discover how perception and perspective are used to help you look at the world in a WHOLE NEW way. Throughout the Far Out Illusion Gallery in WonderWorks, the unexplainable will come to life and unusual will be the norm.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Below you will find more information about our upcoming Ripley’s Aquarium experience. If you would like more information, details can be found at


Students will find themselves immersed in a watery world of sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish, and incredible hands-on learning experiences. Ripley’s Aquarium offers a varied selection of programs designed to meet the curriculum standards set forth by state and national educators in the areas of Science, Math, Social Studies and English. Ripley’s strive to ensure that the experiences provided will be an extension of what is learned in the classroom, and to provide students with a deeper understanding of why it is important to protect and conserve our ocean’s environment.

Some Exhibits

Banana Slugs My my my, what Marvelous Mucus you have! These Banana Slugs have to stay slimy to survive, so they secrete a nice mucus coating that seals in their moisture so they never dry out. They are able to breathe through their skin! Slugs can’t walk, so to get around they get to glide on a speedy carpet of slime. How fun is that?! Slip n’ Slide slime! Their slime trail is even a love potion to attracts mates, but be careful- to their predator it’s poison!

American Lobster Two words– PEE. SHOOTER. That’s right! Male lobsters pick their fights by peeing in their opponents face to establish dominance. I think this goes without saying, but you should not try this at home. The American lobster has a urine nozzle under each eye. Female lobsters find this behavior irresistible! So how do they get the attention of the male lobster? You guessed it– she pees in HIS face. Nothing says love like a little bit of urine!

Mudpuppies Look at that Mudpuppy in the window. The one with the thick, slimy tail! The mucous glands in their skin ooze out creating a waterproof shield to protect them. That mucus coating also increases their swimming speed making it nearly impossible for a predator to catch them. Why are they called “Mudpuppies”? They are found on muddy bottoms and make barking noises! They never develop into adults, making them permanent puppies!

AS THEY GLIDE BY In this shallow lagoon guests can reach out and touch rays as they glide by. Their skin is smooth and touching them will not hurt you or the rays. Rays do, however, have strong jaws in their mouths so touching them should be limited to their dark top-sides!

Horseshoe Crabs Horseshoe crabs are not true crabs; they are related to spiders and scorpions. They lay their eggs on beaches, have copper-based blue blood that is used by scientists to diagnose diseases, and they are considered living fossils as they have been on Earth for over 200 million years!

Jellies Commonly called jellyfish, jellies are not fish, but cnidarians. Most jellies move about by jet propulsion. Some have tentacles, and some, like Australia’s box jellies, are extremely venomous. Jellies come in many sizes and shapes. They are more than 99% water no matter how big they are!

Spotted Eagle Ray The Spotted Eagle Ray can be easily identified with its unique rounded snout and white polka-dots along its dark purple colored back. They can reach a length of 16 feet and a wing span of 10 feet when fully grown. Their crescent shaped teeth are used to grind up shrimp, crabs, squid, and small fish. They are schooling rays and can usually be found in large groups worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. These rays are a Near Threatened species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Southern Stingray Like all stingrays, they have anywhere from 1-6 venomous spines with serrated barbs located along the base of the tail. These barbs are only used as a means of passive defense. Southern Stingrays often visit cleaning stations where bluehead wrasses and Spanish hogfish will eat the parasites and mucus from the stingray’s bodies. These rays can grow to over 6 feet in length and can be found along the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean. They prefer shallow coastal waters and typically hide under the sand.

Piranha The piranha family is divided into two subfamilies – carnivorous piranha and herbivorous pacu. Many people are familiar with the piranha, known for their ferocity and fearlessness. The herbivorous pacu are less well-known, but grow much larger and can reach up to 44 pounds! Frequently, piranhas in the wild become stranded in pools due to drought conditions. When this happens, they have been known to attack cows, crocodiles and even humans, and can strip flesh off their prey in minutes.

Arapaima Native of the Amazon and its tributaries, the Arapaima is one of the largest fresh water fish in the world. Specimens of 10 feet in length and weighing 400 pounds are common. Enormous specimens of 15 feet and 1,000 pounds have been reported. The Arapaima can make an exhale breathing sound that can be heard 100 feet away. Its tongue is so rough that natives use them to grate food.

Sandtiger Shark Recognized by its exposed teeth and its ferocious appearance, the Sandtiger Shark is the largest shark in the aquarium. Native to warm waters the Sandtiger can reach lengths of 10 feet.

Medieval Times

Below you will find more information about our upcoming Medieval Times experience. If you would like more information, details can be found at

What is this place, anyway?

Medieval Times is a chance to step back into the 11th century for dinner and a grand production! The students will take in some period-friendly grub (using the oldest of utensils to eat – your hands), while watching the peasants appease the King and Princess with their talents – falcon flight, graceful horse training, and more. And finally, the draw and appeal of the event, you see the six brave knights joust and sword-fight their way into your heart!

Once you arrive and show your ticket you are given special cards with your table number and “color” (which corresponds to a section in the main arena). You are also given a “crown” to wear with your colors. It is always important to know who your friends are – and your opponents.

Once the time arrives, the large arena doors are opened and you are called by color to find your seat. After everyone is seated, your server introduces himself and gives you the lay of the land.

While you are eating, the “pre-show” begins. The King and his Princess are introduced and seated. There are elaborate horse tricks, and an amazing falcon flying demonstration. The 6 knights are introduced, and you get the opportunity to cheer for your section’s knight! They show off their talents by doing awesome demonstrations with their spears and horses. Knighthood, chivalry and honor are exemplified as knights on horseback compete in authentic jousting tournament games of skill.

Shortly after dessert (about an hour into the show) the tempo of the show changes. The knights challenge each other for the King’s favor. And of course, there is a super-villain who must be fought!

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