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Advanced Placement Programme
Subject Groupings

Group A subjects

Group B subjects


Calculus AB

Calculus BC


Physics (half points awarded to courses B and C)

Chinese Language and Culture

English Literature and Composition

English Language and Composition

French Language

French Literature

German Language

Italian Language and Culture  

Japanese Language and Culture

Latin Literature

Latin: Vergil

Spanish Language

Spanish Literature

NOTE: Foreign Language and Literature AP courses typically require 4 prior semesters of study.
European History

United States History

World History

Art History

Studio Art (Drawing Portfolio)

Studio Art (2-D Design Portfolio)

Studio Art (3-D Design Portfolio)
Computer Science A (a one-term course)

Computer Science AB  (a two-term course)

Environmental Science
Government and Politics: Comparative

Government and Politics: United States

Human Geography


Music Theory

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