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A Reader's Guide to Ancient Egypt By Stuart Wier First appeared as: A Bibliography of Ancient Egypt, October 1993 Revision history: December 1993; revised March 1994 Revised and renamed: The Reader's Guide to Ancient Egypt, January 1996 and March 1996 Revision history: March 1996 Edited and revised as an online publication by Bill Cherf: April 2013 Thanks to: Judy Greenfield, Bob Hanawalt, James Lowdermilk, Robert Lowdermilk, Dennis McDonald, David Pepper, Harriette Peters, Frank Pettee, Mary Pratchett, Andrea Preyer, Troy Sagrillo, Ted Snook, and Jill Taylor, all members of the Egyptian Study Society, Kathie Gully of the Library of the Denver Museum of Natural History, Emily Tetter, and Richard Wilkinson, who all provided help and encouragement. Denver Museum of Nature and Science (formerly Denver Museum of Natural History) The Egyptian Study Society of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is an association of persons organized for the purpose of learning about the culture and history of Egypt, supporting and engaging in educational programs relevant to Egyptian history, promoting Egyptian programs of the Anthropology Department of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and rendering of financial support for, but not limited to, acquisitions, exhibitions and programs related to Egypt within the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The Egyptian Study Society The ESS presents monthly programs, receptions for visiting archaeologists, and other activities. To learn about ESS programs or to become a member, write The Anthropology Department, Denver Museum of Nature and Science History, 2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80205, or call (303) 370-6388. Contents Introduction General Accounts of Ancient Egypt Akhenaten & the Amarna Period Architecture & Building Methods Art Special Topics Biographies of Modern Figures & Personal Accounts Biography of Ancient Figures Boats & Ships Books, Children – Nonfiction Children - Fiction Young Adults – Fiction Adult Fiction – Ancient Settings Modern Settings Science Fiction Coinage Ptolemaic Kings: 336 to 30 BC Roman Egypt: AD 14 to 305 Conservation of Artifacts Chronology Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Exhibit Catalogs & Museum Guides Exploration of Egypt & Early Travels Films: Documentary Hieroglyphs & the Egyptian Philology – Basic Books Philological Topics Histories – General Histories of Ancient Egypt Predynastic & Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom, First & Second Intermediate Periods New Kingdom & Later Periods Jewelry Literature of Ancient Egypt Miscellaneous Mummies Music Natural Setting (Animals, Plants, Climate, Geology, etc.) Priesthoods Pyramids & Related Structures - Popular Accounts & Overviews Investigations & Reports Reference Religion & Mythology Technology & Science (Astronomy, Chronology, Medicine, etc.) Society (Social Life, Foreign Relations, Military, etc.) Societies, Journals & Magazines The Sphinx Sun Temples Syntheses & Reflections Temples & Religious Structures Scholarly (or hard to find) Thebes, including Karnak, Luxor & west of Thebes Tombs, other than Pyramids or Tombs at Thebes Travel Guides Tutankhamun Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens Introduction “The question is not, why am I interested in ancient Egypt, but why isn't everyone interested in ancient Egypt?” - Barbara Mertz Something about ancient Egypt will interest or delight almost everyone. Egypt offers mystery, intellectual and scholarly challenge, buried treasure, art and craftsmanship of the highest quality, awe-inspiring ruins, and human drama extending over 3000 years. The story of the exploration of its remains combines hard work under very demanding conditions with great intellectual triumphs as well as dazzling tangible discoveries. And the story of ancient Egypt is by no means complete. This Reader's Guide to Ancient Egypt is an invitation to read the best popular books and selected scholarly works about ancient Egypt in English. A reader of any level, from complete novice to up to university student, should be able to find suitable works listed here, including the latest information on all but the most obscure topics about ancient Egypt. In the past two centuries some twenty thousand books have been written about ancient Egypt in all languages. Many of the best are by men and women who made a career studying the remains and culture of ancient Egypt, and who worked extensively in Egypt. These authors have knowledge, insight, and notable writing ability. Many works have beautiful illustrations. The problem is to discover the titles and authors of the books that suit your interests. Publishers print few copies and rarely keep them in print for long. The demand is not large enough to support good selections in most libraries; most bookstores only have some of what is in print at the moment, a tiny fraction of even the best titles. This guide attempts to list all the best popular works in English, and selected scholarly publications which are especially good for their topics. We include obscure works when they are the best thing on a subject, but have not included excellent rare books whose material is well treated in easier-to-obtain volumes; this is not a guide for collectors of rarities. A few older books have been listed because of past prominence in Egyptology, or for lasting insights, even if they are now somewhat dated. Books are included if they are readable, or at least not too arcane, and represent the consensus of scholarship on ancient Egypt. Books which are good general introductions or overviews of a topic are noted with the symbols DDD. The time period for the guide extends from earliest human habitation in Egypt until the death of Cleopatra, the last resident ruler of Egypt following the ancient culture. Most of the books pertain to sometime between 3000 B.C. and 1000 B.C. We hope this guide helps enthusiasts of ancient Egypt sustain their interest and find the information they are looking for. Most books listed here have their own bibliographies. A single recent book on a topic can be a key to all the research on that subject. Stuart Wier March 20, 1996 Introduction Copyright © 1996 Stuart Wier It has been some seventeen years since Stuart Wier wrote those words, and as one might imagine, a considerable amount of scholarly industry has been churning in the interim. There is simply no way that one individual can begin to keep up with it all, but I have made a modest start, one which I sincerely hope that others will only add to. Bill Cherf April 2013 Back to Contents General Accounts of Ancient Egypt Immortal Egypt. Invited Lectures on the Middle East at the University of Texas at Austin. Denise Schmandt-Bessart, ed. Undena Publications: Malibu, California, 1978. Pharaohs and Mortals. Torgny Säve-Söderbergh. Trans. By Richard E. Oldenburg. Barnes & Noble: New York, 1958. Discovering Ancient Egypt. Rosalie David. New York, N.Y.: Facts on File Publications, 1993. 192 pages, illustrated. Includes sections on "the discoverers" and "outline of Egyptian history." Old World Civilizations. The Rise of Cities and States. Goran Burenhult, ed. Harper Collins, 1994. 239 p. Many professional contributors. Through European iron age. 21 pages on ancient Egypt. Cradles of Civilization: Egypt. Jaromir Malek, ed. Univ. Oklahoma, 1993. 192 p. 324 color illus., 61 black-and-white photos, 9 maps. Ancient to modern period. The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt. Stephen Quirke and Jeffrey Spenser. Thames and Hudson, 1992. 240 p. "excellent" "profusely illustrated" Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs. Lost Civilizations series. Alexandria Virginia: Time-Life, 1992. 168 p. 186 illus. From a series of books about archaeology. Well done; a good starting point for the beginner. Good review of past work and also up-to-date; well produced; good photographs. One of best introductory books for a complete beginner. [DMNS Lib.] The World of the Pharaohs. Christine Hobson. Thames & Hudson, 1987. Many photos and diagrams; special sections on hieroglyphs, temples, site descriptions, what to see in Egypt, short biographies of Egyptologists, and much else. A good introduction. The Egyptians. Cyril Aldred. Thames & Hudson, 1984 revision. Another good introduction. Rather intellectual British vocabulary. Not quite as excellent as Aldred's book on art. Does not describe field work or archaeologists. [DMNS Lib.] Atlas of Ancient Egypt. John Baines and Jaromir Malek. New York, N.Y.: Facts on File Publications, 1980. 240 p. illus. Lots of detail, organized by locations, with maps, diagrams, photos, etc. One of the best references, but not an introduction or narrative history. An Introduction to Ancient Egypt. T.G.H. James. British Museum, 1979; Harper and Row 1990. 287 p. James is an excellent writer and knowledgeable in all aspects of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt Discovering its Splendors. Karl W. Butzer et al. Washington: National Geographic Society, 1978. 256 p. Excellent photos & diagrams. Chapters by I.E.S. Edwards, W. K. Simpson, Barbara Mertz, and others. Came with an actual piece of modern papyrus. The First Great Civilizations: Life in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Egypt. Jacquetta Hawkes. NY: Knopf, 1973. 465 p. 92 illus. A "beautifully written" introduction. The Pyramids and Sphinx. Desmond Stewart. Newsweek, 1971. 172 p. Actually a fine short history of Egypt. Includes some history since ancient times, and special section "The Pyramids and Sphinx in Literature" with extensive quotes from Herodotus to G. B. Shaw, some very entertaining. Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient Egypt. Barbara Mertz. Coward-McCann 1964; Bendick 1990. 349 p. Easy reading; has freshness and enthusiasm. More inspirational than comprehensive. The Splendor that was Egypt. Margaret Murray. London 1964; rev. ed., New York: Praeger, 1969. Egypt of the Pharaohs: An Introduction. Sir Alan Gardiner. Oxford 1960; 1966. 460p. Detailed and a little serious, but by an expert on ancient Egypt and its language. "classic authoritative work." Includes translations of several important texts. The Horizon Book of Lost Worlds. Leonard Cottrell. New York: American Heritage, 1962. 431 p. Large size, and a good selection of color photos. Good summary of Egyptian history. Includes Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Crete, and others. Good introduction for a complete beginner. Tombs, Temples & Ancient Art. Joseph Lindon Smith. Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1956. The Glory of Egypt. Samivel. translated by J. E. Manchip White. NY: Vanguard, 1956. Photos by Michel Audrain. 229 p. 115 photographs. A "lovely book" of photographs. Back to Contents Akhenaten & the Amarna Period The God’s Father Ay. Otto von Schaden. PhD. Dissertation. University of Minnesota. 1977. University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI. Thebes in the Time of Amunhotep III. Elizabeth Riefstahl. University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, 1971. Fine description of the capital and court. Three Amarna Essays. Mario Liverani. Trans. By Matthew L. Jaffe. Undena Publications: Malibu, California, 1979. Iknhaton. Legend and History. F.J. Giles. Fairleigh Dickenson University Press: Rutherford, Ohio, 1970. Another interpretation of Akhenaton. The Amarna Age. A Study of the Crisis of the Ancient World. James Baikie and Stanley A. Cook. MacMillan Company: New York, 1926. Old, but interesting. The Amarna Letters. edited and translated by William L. Moran. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992. 393 p. Translations of the nearly 400 cuneiform Tell el-Amarna tablets. Akhenaten's Sed-festival at Karnak. Jocelyn Gohary. London; New York: Kegan Paul International; New York, NY, USA: Distributed by Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1992. 238 p., 110 p. of plates A Bibliography of the Amarna Period and its Aftermath: The Reigns of Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun, and Ay (c. 1350-1321 BC). Geoffrey Thorndike Martin. London; New York: Kegan Paul International, 1991. 136 p. The Private Chapel in Ancient Egypt: a study of the chapels in the workmen's village at el Amarna with special reference to Deir el Medina and other sites. Ann H. Bomann. London; New York: Kegan Paul International, 1991. 144 p. Amarna Letters (2 vols.) (96 p. 156 ill.; 128 p., 176 ill.); 1990; 1992, available from KMT magazine; address listed below. Essays on the times before, during, and after Akhenaten. Boundary Stelae of Akhenaten. William Murnane. Quseir el-Amarna: the tombs of Pepy-ankh and Khewen-wekh. A. el-Khouli and N. Kanawati. Sydney: Australian Centre for Egyptology, 1989. 57 p. Akhenaten: King of Egypt. Cyril Aldred. Thames and Hudson, revised edition, 1988. [DMNS Lib.] New information on the King's temple at Karnak. Akhenaten: The Heretic King, Donald B. Redford. Princeton University. 1984. "Perhaps the best single book on this controversial figure." [DMNS Lib.] The author excavated the Akhenaten temple at Karnak. Amarna: City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. J. Samson. 2nd ed., Aris and Phillips, 1979. Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Cyril Aldred. Viking 1973. 231 p. Exhibition catalog of 175 items. "One of the best books on the subject." Akhenaten: Pharaoh of Egypt - A New Study. Cyril Aldred. McGraw-Hill, 1968. 153 illustrations. The Age of Akhenaten. Eleonore Bille-DeMot. McGraw-Hill, 1966. Amarna Reliefs from Hermopolis in American collections. John D. Cooney. Mainz a. Rhein von Zabern 1965 110 p. A publication of the Department of Ancient Art, the Brooklyn Museum. The Chronology of the Amarna letters, with special reference to the hypothetical coregency of Amenophis III and Akhenaten. Edward Campbell. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press 1964. 163 p. Ancient Egypt; the New Kingdom and the Amarna period. Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt. Photographed by F. L. Kenett. Greenwich, Conn., New York Graphic Society 1960. 33 plates. Nefertiti Lived here. Mary A. Chubb. London, 1954. "An amusing and partly fictional book" on work at Amarna. Tell el-Amarna. J.D.S. Pendlebury. London, 1935. A popular account of British work here. The Mural paintings of El-Amarneh. Henri Frankfort. London: Egyptian Exploration Society, 1929. 74 p. 21 plates. 8 plates in color. A key book on Amarna, and rare. The City of Akhenaten. 3 vols. T. Peet and J.D.S Pendlebury. London 1922-1935. Reports. Die El-Amarna Taflen. 2 vols. J. A. Knudtzon. Leipzig, 1907-1915. "The definitive study." Tell El Amarna. W. M. Flinders Petrie; with chapters by A. H. Sayce, F. L. Griffith, and F. C. J. Spurrell. Warminster, Eng.: Aris & Phillips; Encino, Calif.: J. L. Malter, 1974 46 p., 24 plates. Reprint of the 1894 ed. published by Methuen, London. Back to Contents Architecture & Building Methods The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Near East. Henri Frankfort. Penguin Books: New York, 1954. Ancient Egyptian Architectural Design. A Study of the Harmonic System. Alexander Badawy. Berkeley, 1965. Fascinating design insights into Egyptian temple construction. Building in Egypt Pharaonic Stone Masonry. Dieter Arnold. Oxford University Press, 1991. 316 p. Excellent; superb diagrams, by one of the top experts in the subject. "An Old Kingdom Basalt Quarry at Widan el Faras and the Quarry Road to Lake Moeris in the Faiyum, Egypt." J.A. Harrell and T. M. Bown. Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, 32, 1995. Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture. Somers Clarke and R. Engelbach. New York: Dover Publications, 1990. 242 p. An unabridged republication of the work originally published in 1930 by Oxford University Press, under the title Ancient Egyptian Masonry. The Builders' Craft. Building Construction before Mechanization. John Fitchen. Cambridge (MA) and London, 1986. Ancient Egyptian Architecture. James Phillips. Monticello, Illinois: Vance Bibliographies, 1982. Brick Architecture in Ancient Egypt. A.J. Spencer. Aris and Phillips, 1979. 159 p The Master Builders: A History of Structural and Environmental Design from Ancient Egypt to the Nineteenth Century. Henry J. Cowan. New York: Wiley, 1977. 299 p. Ancient Architecture: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Crete, Greece. Seton Lloyd, Hans Wolfgang Muller, and Roland Martin. New York, H. N. Abrams 1974 415 p. The Buildings of Ancient Egypt. Helen and Richard Leacroft. New York: W. R. Scott, 1963. [DMNS Lib.] Architecture of the Ancient Civilizations in color: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Bodo Cichy. [Translated from the German by A. K. Bakker] New York, Viking Press 1966 424 p. Architecture in Ancient Egypt and the Near East. Alexander Badawy. Cambridge, M.I.T. Press 1966, 1972. 246 p. The Eternal Present: The Beginnings of Architecture, S. Giedion, 583 p., Pantheon 1964. Part of the Andrew W. Mellon Lectures in Fine Arts for 1957. Discusses Egypt and Mesopotamia; mostly Egypt. Looks good for the serious student of Egyptian architecture and sculpture. Egyptian Ornament. M Vilimkova and P. Fortova-Samalova. London: Wingate, 1963. 163 p. 84 Color plates of design elements in tombs, temples, and monuments done in watercolor paintings. "Most beautiful." Egypt. Jean-Louis de Cenival and Henri Stierlin. ("Architecture of the World" series). Benedikt Taschen, 1963. 193 p. Survey of ancient Egyptian architecture with excellent black and white photos and diagrams. Egypt: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, K. Lange and M. Hirmer, 4th edition, London: Phaidon Press, 1961. 364 p. 260 photographs. "A great book." The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, W. Stevenson Smith, revised by William Kelly Simpson, 501 p., Penguin, 1958, 1981. Still in print. Illustrations are only in black and white, otherwise excellent. Not light reading but very thorough. A History of Egyptian Architecture, vols. I - III, Alexander Badawy, Giza 1954, reprinted by Histories and Mysteries of Man Ltd.; 1 Battersea Bridge Road, London SW1. "Dated but complete and scholarly." "A great book." Egyptian Architecture, W. F. M. Petrie. Back to Contents Art Egyptian Art. Cyril Aldred. Thames & Hudson, 1980. Fine writing and photos; also a good introduction to ancient Egypt by way of this topic. The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt. W. Stevenson Smith. 1958, revised by William Kelly Simpson. Penguin, 1981. 501 p. paperback. Still in print. Illustrations are in black and white, otherwise excellent. Not light reading but very thorough. "Best survey of art." [DMNS Lib.] Egyptian Sculpture: Cairo and Luxor. Edna R. Russmann; photographs by David Finn. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1989. 230 p. Big book with lots of photos. The Canonical Tradition in Ancient Egyptian Art. Whitney Davis. Cambridge University Press, 1989. 272 pages. Principles of Egyptian Art. H. Schaefer, translated by J. Baines. Oxford: Griffith Institute, 1986. 498 pages. Egyptian Painting and Drawing in the British Museum. T.J.H. James. British Museum, 1985. [DMNS Lib.] The Representations of Statuary in Private Tombs of the Old Kingdom. M. Eaton-Krauss. Wiesbaden: Otto Harroassowitz, 1984. Egyptian Sculpture. T.J.H. James and W. V. Davies. Harvard University Press, 1983. 72 p. Survey of the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery of the British Museum. [DMNS Lib.] Egyptian Wall Paintings: The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Collection of Facsimiles. C. K. Wilkinson. New York, 1983. [DMNS Lib.] Great Sculpture of Ancient Egypt. Kazimierz Michalowski; translated from the Italian by Enid Kirchberger. New York: Morrow, 1978. 191 p. 192 photographs; complement to his Art of Ancient Egypt. Egyptian Drawings. W.H. Peck and J. G. Ross. New York, Dutton, 1978. 208 p. 148 plates of Egyptian drawings; many of them are preliminaries to paintings. "Lovely." Ancient Egypt Three Thousand Years of Splendor. Warner Hutchinson. Grosset & Dunlap, 1978. 116 p. 125 photographs of wall paintings and relief carvings. Principles of Egyptian Art. H. Shafer. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1974. Scholarly, but a standard work for the serious student. Monuments of Civilization: Egypt. Claudio Barocas. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1972. 192 p. 115 Color photos, including tomb and temple paintings and sculpture. "Stunning." Art of Ancient Egypt. Kazimier Michalowski. [Translated and adapted from the Polish and the French by Norbert Guterman] New York: H. N. Abrams 1969; Thames and Hudson 1985. 600 p. [DMNS Lib.; 2 copies]. 145 color illus. "Magnificent." Egypt: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, K. Lange and M. Hirmer, 4th edition, London: Phaidon Press, 1968. 364 p. 260 photographs. "A great book." Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture of Ancient Egypt. Wolfhart Westendorf. New York: H. N. Abrams, 1968. 260 p. Translation of Das alte Agypten. "Succinct and handy reference with great illustrations." Gods, Men and Pharaohs The Glory of Egyptian Art. Irmgard Woldering. NY: Abrams, 1967, 276 p. 249 illus. "A most beautiful book." Egyptian Art in the Egyptian Museum of Turin. Ernesto Scamuzzi. Abrams, 1965. [DMNS Lib.] The Development of Ancient Egyptian Art from 3200 to 1315 B. C. Cyril Aldred. London: A. Tiranti, 1965. Contains the author's three previous short works Old Kingdom Art in Ancient Egypt, Middle Kingdom Art in Ancient Egypt, and New Kingdom Art in Ancient Egypt, with an additional introductory preface. The Art of Egypt. The Time of the Pharaohs. Irmgard Woldering. New York: Greystone, 1962. Egyptian Wall Paintings from tombs and temples. UNESCO. Intro. by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt. New York: New American Library of World Literature, 1962. [DMNS Lib.] Egyptian Sculpture of the Late Period, 700 B.C. to 100 A.D. B. V. Bothmer. New York: Brooklyn Museum, 1960. Exhibit catalog. Author is a top expert in this period. Tombs, Temples, and Ancient Art. Joseph Smith. ed. by Corinna Smith. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1956. Les Chefs-d'Oeuvre de la Peinture Egyptienne. Andre Lhote. Paris: Arts du Monde, Hachette, 1954. "stunning color photos of tomb paintings." 190 plates, many in color. A History of Egyptian Sculpture and Painting in the Old Kingdom. William Stevenson Smith. London and Oxford, 1949 2nd ed., 422p. "Still important." Ancient Egyptian Paintings. Nina M. Davies and Alan Gardiner. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1936. Egyptian Sculpture. Margaret Murray. London: Duckworth 1930. 207 p. 55 plates. One of many fine books by the first full-time woman archaeologist. Back to Contents Special Topics Symbol and Magic in Ancient Egypt. Richard H. Wilkinson. Thames and Hudson, 1994. 224 p. Proportion and Style in Ancient Egyptian Art. Gay Robins. Austin: Univ. of Texas Press, 1994. "Artists and Artisans in Pharaonic Egypt." R. Drenkhahn. in Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, eds. J. Sasson et al. New York: Scribners, 1994. "On the Status and Purposes of Ancient Egyptian Art." John Baines. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, vol. 4, no. 1, April 1994. pp. 67-94. Reading Egyptian Art Richard H. Wilkinson. Thames and Hudson, 1992. 224 p., 450 illus. A dictionary of some 100 signs most often used in painting and inscriptions, with extensive discussion of each. "Proportionality in Mind and Space in Ancient Egypt." Barry Kemp and Pamela Rose. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, vol. 1, no. 1. April 1991. pp. 103-129. The Art of Amenhotep III: Art historical analysis: papers presented at the international symposium held at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, 20-21 November 1987. edited by Lawrence Michael Berman. Cleveland Museum of Art in cooperation with Indiana University Press, 1990. xii, 92 p. Ancient Egyptian designs for artists and craftspeople. Eva Wilson. New York: Dover Publications, 1987. 100 p. Dover pictorial archive series reprint. Originally published as Ancient Egyptian designs, London British Museum Publications, 1986. (British Museum pattern books). Pharaohs and Mortals: Egyptian art in the Middle Kingdom. catalogue by Janine Bourriau; with a contribution by Stephen Quirke. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press; Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum, 1988. Exhibition organized by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 1988. "This is an excellent treatise on Middle Kingdom art, which seeks to weave the art of the period into the historical development of the Middle Kingdom." Through Ancient Eyes: Egyptian portraiture: an exhibition organized for the Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama, April 21-July 31, 1988. Donald Spanel. 159 p. Ancient Egyptian Art in the Brooklyn Museum. Richard A. Fazzini et al. Brooklyn, N.Y.: The Brooklyn Museum and Thames and Hudson, 1989. "Wonderful collection." The Road to Kadesh: a historical interpretation of the battle reliefs of King Sety I at Karnak. William J. Murnane. 2nd ed. Chicago, Ill.: Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 1990. Africa in Antiquity: the arts of Ancient Nubia and the Sudan. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Brooklyn Museum, 1978. Catalog of the exhibition held at the Brooklyn Museum, September 30-December 31, 1978 Canon and Proportions in Egyptian Art. E. Iverson, 2nd ed. Aris and Phillips, 1976. "very scholarly" Decorative Patterns of the ancient world for craftsmen. W. M. Flinders Petrie. Dover, 1974. [DMNS Lib.] Ancient Egyptian Art: the Cults of Osiris and Amon. E. Otto, Photos by Max Hirmer. New York, Abrams 1967 144 p. Amarna Reliefs from Hermopolis in American collections. John D. Cooney. Mainz am Rhein, von Zabern, 1965. 110 p. "A publication of the Department of Ancient Art, the Brooklyn Museum." Interconnections in the Ancient Near-East; a study of the relationships between the Arts of Egypt, the Aegean, and western Asia. William Stevenson Smith. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1965. 202 p. Tomb sculpture; four lectures on its changing aspects from Ancient Egypt to Bernini. Erwin Panofsky. Edited by H. W. Janson. New York: H. N. Abrams 1964 319 p. 446 illus. Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries. Alfred Lucas. 4th ed., rev. and enlarged by J.R. Harris. London: Edward Arnold, 1962. 523 p. Lucas worked on conservation of materials from the tomb of Tutankhamun, among other things. This book is still a standard reference. Includes chemical analysis of pigments used in paintings. Ancient Egypt as Represented in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. William Stevenson Smith, curator of Egyptian Art. 4th ed., fully revised. Boston, 1960 215 p. Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Reliefs, and Paintings. Bertha Porter and Rosalind Moss. Oxford: Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum. Including the following titles: Volume I part I. The Theban Necropolis Private Tombs. 520 p. 8 maps. Volume I part II. The Theban Necropolis Royal Tombs and Smaller Cemeteries. 440 p. 20 maps. Volume II. Theban Temples. 622 p. 49 maps and plans. Volume III Part I. Memphis. Abu Rawash to Abusir. 422 p. 40 plans and maps. Volume III part II. Memphis. Saqqara to Dahshur. 657 p. 36 maps and plans. Volume IV. Lower and Middle Egypt. 320 p. 33 plans, 6 maps. Volume V. Upper Egypt Sites. 315 p. 32 plans. 4 maps. Volume VI. Upper Egypt Chief Temples. 283 p. 40 plans. Volume VII. Nubia, The Deserts, and Outside Egypt. 488 p. 63 plans, 8 maps. Coptic Art and Archaeology. The Art of the Christian Egyptians from the Late Antique to the Middle Ages. Alexander Badawy. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 1978. Wonderful introduction into a poorly understood and documented period of Egyptian history.

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